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'Book Nerd' finds love at Parnassus

The Tennessean - 02 Jan 2018
For his latest album, "Thousand Springs," folk singer Korby Lenker eschewed the studio entirely. Instead, he recorded songs at places that were important to him, ranging from his undertaker father's mortuary to one of his favorite Nashville haunts ...
leo tolstoy

Looking to Fiction for Insights on Suicide

Pacific Standard - 16 Jan 2018
Suicide has been a literary obsession going all the way back to the ancient Greeks; in more recent centuries, classic works by William Shakespeare, Leo Tolstoy, Gustave Flaubert, and many others have explored the topic in great detail. For a better ...
leo tolstoy

Criticism aside, this Star Wars had force

Shoreline Times - 18 Jan 2018
Rather than a straight narrative, Wright confected a highly stylized, jewel box-scale compression of Leo Tolstoy's novel that, while unconventional, wound up being improbably appropriate for distilling the dauntingly dense source material. Wright's ...
leo tolstoy

Imaginary Wish List: Anna Karenina

Vanity Fair - 15 Jan 2018
The fabled tale of Anna Karenina may pivot around the central themes of vengeance, religion and family but at its core is the ever-impeccable style of the eponymous and doomed heroine. From the first time we meet her as she steps off the train in St ...
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Moscow painter quietly creates internationally-recognized art

Moscow-Pullman Daily News - 16 Jan 2018
In the meantime, Beda has been experimenting with something he calls Sequential Installments - a series where he sends a buyer a new painting once a month for six months. Since the buyer can't see the art before he or she subscribes, the person will ...
leo tolstoy

The Value of a Good Book

Dartmouth Review - 18 Jan 2018
Since my sophomore winter, I have explored nineteenth century German pulp fiction, twentieth century Soviet literature, and the collected works of the legendary Leo Tolstoy. Before I knew it, one of my major focuses in my university studies had become ...
leo tolstoy

Let Me Ruin This for You

The Smart Set - 15 Jan 2018
About halfway through his essay “Lear, Tolstoy and the Fool,” George Orwell offers a startling explanation for Leo Tolstoy's notorious antipathy towards Shakespeare: Tolstoy is “trying to rob others of a pleasure he does not share.” Further, “Tolstoy ...
leo tolstoy

How I wrote a symphony about the changing Canadian Arctic

The Conversation CA - 15 Jan 2018
From Beethoven's 9th Symphony to Leo Tolstoy's War and Peace, art has captured the spirit of the time, reflected the community's thoughts and helped shape the locale's cultural identity. During my limited time in the Arctic, I spent days and nights ...
leo tolstoy

WINTER THEATER SPECIAL Winter classics "true and reimagined

Windy City Times - 17 Jan 2018
This one finds British Upper Class Twit Bertie Wooster caught between a diamond heist and a marriage scheme, from both of which his resourceful and unflappable manservant, Jeeves, must extract him. Adapted by Margaret Rather. Info/tickets: ShawChicago ...
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Why I left Daily Times in 1992, by Amu-Nnadi

New Telegraph Newspaper - 17 Jan 2018
I saw her reading the book Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy, in a shop. This was in 1994. I was surprised; I didn't know someone so young would spend time reading Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy, considered as one of the greatest works of literature. And in ...
leo tolstoy

Five Rules for Writers

National Review - 13 Jan 2018
The Guardian recently assembled its own list, drawing on William Faulkner, Leo Tolstoy, and others. Muriel Spark's input: “Get a cat.” (I currently have four, plus a dog.) My favorite list is George Orwell's. It comes at the end of “Politics and the ...
leo tolstoy

Retired From the Brutal Streets of Mexico, Sex Workers Find a Haven

New York Times - 09 Jan 2018
She mentions “Les Misérables” and “Lolita” and the works of Pablo Neruda and Leo Tolstoy. But her own experiences could fill a book, because she has not had an ordinary life. And Casa Xochiquetzal is no ordinary house: It is a shelter for retired or ...
leo tolstoy

A personal case for letting in refugees

Tidewater News - 13 Jan 2018
Enter my wife's great-great-grandfather, J. Moses Bayuk, a visionary, a brilliant activist/scholar and fan of the great Russian writer [Leo] Tolstoy. Bayuk and others, in fleeing what is now Poland, persuaded groups including the Alliance Israelite ...

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