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leonard cohen discography

Leonard Cohen was a Canadian singer-songwriter and poet who was active...

wikipedia - 12 Nov 2016
Leonard Cohen was a Canadian singer-songwriter and poet who was active in music from 1967 until his death in 2016. Cohen released 14 studio albums and eight live albums during the course of a recording career lasting almost 50 years, throughout which he remained an active poet. His entire catalogue is available on Columbia Records. His 1967 debut Songs of Leonard Cohen earned an RIAA gold record; he followed up with three more highly acclaimed albums: Songs from a Room (1969), Songs of Love and Hate (1971)
leonard cohen discography

Seven of The National's unsung delights

DIY Magazine - 29 May 2018
As a result, and to get you ready for the band's 2018 return, we've dug through their discography and found a series of unsung gems that they might just dust off for this weekend's fest. And if not, it's still a good excuse to dive deeper into the back ...
leonard cohen discography

Iceage Leaves Nothing to Luck

talkhouse.com - 30 May 2018
This pervasiveness of assuming an appropriate cultural identity has crept in with each new achieved, personal joy. Around age 20, my obsession with music brought me to love the Brooklyn noise-rock band Ex Models while simultaneously falling in love ...
leonard cohen discography

Leonard Cohen Albums From Worst To Best

Stereogum - 15 Nov 2016
Leonard Cohen was terrible at album titles. Just hilariously bad. It's the first thing a new listener will notice about his discography. The titles frequently contain the word “songs” and often just seem to state the obvious: Songs Of Leonard Cohen ...
leonard cohen discography

Leonard Cohen's 14 albums: from (relatively) worst to best

Telegraph.co.uk - 24 Sep 2014
If your idea of Leonard Cohen adheres to the notion of a miserable bedsit poet of depression and suicide, this is the album for you. His picked acoustic guitar shines above gloomy orchestral strings, his vocal strains at the fragile edges of his ...
leonard cohen discography

Watch The National cover Leonard Cohen track 'Memories'

DIY Magazine - 11 Dec 2017
The National are currently out on a huge North American tour on the back of new album 'Sleep Well Beast', and have been dropping regular covers into their set. The band have taken on versions of tracks by Cat Power, The Ramones and more, and have ...
leonard cohen discography

Every Leonard Cohen Album, Ranked

Observer - 25 May 2017
A reading of Cohen's complete discography reminds us that he strove to live in the space beyond bipartisan division, beyond identity politics and divisive rhetoric, so that's just one of the reasons Observer Music compiled this long, exhaustive list ...
leonard cohen discography


Pitchfork - 13 Feb 2018
The bookends of this progression, 2012's Inner Hue and 2016's breakout Petrol, act as counterweights within Anenon's discography. Petrol is a culmination, a study in the intersection of intelligent dance music and the melodic repetition of minimalist ...
leonard cohen discography

A K-Pop Flash in the Darkness

Hyperallergic - 24 Mar 2018
It's not a deliberately plotted goodbye like David Bowie's Blackstar or Leonard Cohen's You Want It Darker, though; it's just the next album he'd recorded. Although it's sharper, sweeter, and more confident than his debut, She Is (2016), and the few ...

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