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lest we forget


Illawarra Mercury - 17 Aug 2018
For as long as we live and regardless whether the Australian Army and personnel were conscripted or enlisted to go to VN on their free will, we have a responsibility and duty to remember their sacrifices along with the soldiers and personnel from the ...
lest we forget

Lest we forget the SAS's bravery

The Australian - 17 Aug 2018
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lest we forget

Lest we forget the habit of remembering well

Eternity News - 15 Aug 2018
I've had the privilege just recently of a week of intensive study at one of the world's great universities. Now I have to remember what I learnt. There's no chance that I'll remember everything; and it's a little unpredictable whether I'll remember the ...
lest we forget

Historian delves into the impact of war on New Mexicans

Albuquerque Journal - 19 Aug 2018
ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — David V. Holtby's new history book, “Lest We Forget – World War I and New Mexico,” is an achievement of scope and detail. David Holtby. Holtby, an Albuquerque-based historian, probes the lives of New Mexicans – soldiers ...
lest we forget

Lest we forget: dementia is a woman's burden

Business Day - 04 Aug 2018
Nothing made the oft-repeated Women's Day messaging around preparing for retirement more real for me than my recent frequent visits to a home for the frail. In it the women outnumber men six to one. And the percentage of the women suffering from ...
lest we forget

TV review: Lest we forget....it's all about the script

Express.co.uk - 29 Jul 2018
But this writer doesn't tread water, acknowledging, “I am a bit of an obsessive”. He also has a new ITV drama, Dark Heart, going out in the autumn, and the fashionable and money-bags streaming channel Netflix has come looking for content. He obliged ...
lest we forget

Paul Sparkes: Lest we forget

The Telegram - 06 Aug 2018
If you can forget about the demanding nature of a walk through woods enveloped in a steam bath, then your imagination may well allow you to visualize Beothuck people foraging for berries among these trees. There are soft mosses all around for a child's ...
lest we forget

EDITORIAL COMMENT: Lest we forget, let's honour our heroes

Chronicle - 12 Aug 2018
TODAY Zimbabwe commemorates Heroes' Day, a day set aside to honour the gallant sons and daughters of the soil who paid the ultimate price in their quest to ensure majority rule and self-determination for the country. Ceremonies will be held in all 10 ...
lest we forget

The Left Should Blame Itself

Haaretz - 19 Aug 2018
Lest we forget, if not for the enemy within of the time, the despised “cosmopolitan” and “rootless” elites such as the novelist Émile Zola, the socialist leader Jean Jaurès and the liberal newspaper editor Georges Clemenceau, Dreyfus would have rotted ...
lest we forget

Mystic Mantra: Lest we forget

Deccan Chronicle - 05 Aug 2018
On this day, August 6, 1945, America dropped a nuclear bomb on Hiroshima. The deaths, destruction and after-effects of nuclear radiation are too gruesome to describe in gory detail. The memorial monument at the Hiroshima City of Peace Dome proclaims: ...
lest we forget

Unknown Warrior's rose features in national mourning exhibition

The Guardian - 22 Jul 2018
The exhibition, Lest We Forget, deals with the proliferation of memorials after a war that touched every household in the country, from grand official monuments to mantelpiece shrines of photographs and cherished personal possessions returned from the ...
lest we forget

Emancipation: lest we forget

Royal Gazette - 31 Jul 2018
This is Cup Match week. The teams have been selected, Somerset Cricket Club and its grounds are being made to look smart, and revellers are at the ready for festivities all over the island. The buzz of excitement is palpable. The hope is that we have a ...
lest we forget

Vietnam Veteran day commemorated in Mount Isa

The North West Star - 18 Aug 2018
Lest we forget. “My hope is that gatherings like this help in the healing and reconciliation process for the Veterans and fought in Vietnam and indeed Veterans in all conflicts in which our troops have been part of.” Australian troops were first sent ...
lest we forget

Lest We Forget: August 1918 The black day of the German army

Wilmslow.co.uk - 12 Aug 2018
Astride the Somme river the British advanced in the rougher terrain to the north and the Australians, Canadians and French over much flatter and less uneven ground to the south. At 4.20 am we went over the top in a thick fog. We advanced well over 10 ...

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