Liberalism is a political philosophy or worldview founded on id... -

Liberalism is a political philosophy or worldview founded on id...

wikipedia - 11 Nov 2016
Liberalism is a political philosophy or worldview founded on ideas of liberty and equality. Whereas classical liberalism emphasises the role of liberty, social liberalism stresses the importance of equality. Liberals espouse a wide array of views depending on their understanding of these principles, but generally they support ideas and programmes such as freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of religion, free markets, civil rights, democratic societies, secular governments, gender equality

Progressive liberalism - 14 Aug 2018
Do people really understand what progressive liberalism is? For one thing, it no longer views self-preservation as a rational goal of the nation. It insists that self preservation and national security must be subordinate to openness and diversity ...

The ideas of liberalism's greatest thinkers

The Economist - 02 Aug 2018
Starting in the early 1980s, free markets, globalisation and individual freedoms flourished. Liberalism—in this broad classical sense, rather than the narrow American left-of-centre one—saw off communism as well as social conservatism. Then, in the ...

How anti-liberalism went global

The Week Magazine - 03 Aug 2018
Whether it takes the form of Trumpian attacks on immigration to the U.S., enthusiasm for Brexit in the U.K., or the surge in support for populist parties and politicians across Europe, anti-liberalism portrays itself as a defense of nationalism against ...

Liberalism & its contradictions

Business Standard - 13 Aug 2018
Twilight Falls on Liberalism Rudrangshu Mukherjee Aleph 159 pages; Rs 399 One only has to look at any day's newspaper headlines to appreciate the extent of the problem. US President Donald Trump calls African-American sportsmen, commentators and ...

Paradox, utopia and Don Brash: on liberalism and free speech

The Spinoff - 09 Aug 2018
The function and frailty of liberalism has been thrust to the fore as New Zealand debates the meaning of free speech. Yet the biggest threat to liberalism may be the failure of elites to make the systems and institutions of modern liberalism work for ...

The literature of liberalism

The Economist - 02 Aug 2018
The definition of liberalism has long been the source of disagreement. The very term has come to mean “progressive” in the United States, whereas in Britain it has kept its older meaning of being respectful of individual freedom and the wisdom that can ...

Is it possible we can agree to disagree?

Citizen - 15 Aug 2018
Liberalism is widely despised, yet its core message of freedom has been an energising force throughout the ages. Humanity strives ceaselessly to be free. Nationalists, racists and religious fundamentalists are among those who scorn liberalism. For them ...

Liberalism and conservatism

Sunbury Daily Item - 11 Aug 2018
Jack Strausser's clear-headed balancing act (Socialism and Capitalism, July 28), brings to mind another pair of complementary opposites: liberalism and conservatism. Like socialism, the first is often distorted by political opponents who fail to see ...

Against the tyranny of the majority

The Economist - 02 Aug 2018
He became the leading exponent of the philosophy of liberalism, formulating ideas about economics and democracy that shaped the political debates of the 19th century. His reflections on individual rights and mob rule still resonate today. Especially today.

Just Another Sin of Liberalism…

Visegrad Insight - 06 Aug 2018
In his latest piece, the widely recognized political thinker and Eastern Europe expert, Ivan Krastev, claimed that the anti-nationalist stance of liberalism or, more precisely, the ongoing undeclared war between liberals and nationalists ripped open a ...

Leftist Tribalism Killed Liberalism

FrontPage Magazine - 06 Aug 2018
And once that became obvious, their old working-class white constituencies backed Trump in the US and backed Brexit in the UK. Their votes didn't break a liberal order. Instead, the votes reflected a recognition that liberalism no longer existed; only ...

Sen. Corey Booker and the Revival of Doughface Liberalism

Immigration Blog (blog) - 23 Jul 2018
Peter Beinart, the liberal journalist whose book The Good Fight says "doughfaceism" undermines liberalism's political viability in the American mainstream, found other examples early in the post-September 11 debate over the war in Afghanistan. As ...

Liberalism and the Left

Boston Review - 05 Aug 2018
In the twilight of the Obama years and the run-up to the 2016 U.S. presidential election, American politics witnessed the fiercest resurgence of left-liberal conflict since the 1960s. This battle recently came to a head in a stunning electoral upset ...

Ross Douthat: American Jews balance liberalism, traditionalism

The Columbus Dispatch - 08 Aug 2018
Every #metoo scandal is different, but most are alike in at least one way: Whether among Hollywood moguls or Southern Baptists, congressmen or Catholic bishops, the fall of prominent men usually accelerates some pre-existing debate about where the ...

Boris has every right to make jokes about burkas: it's liberalism

The Australian - 10 Aug 2018
There is simply no room in the minds of those who believe this for someone like Boris, who combines social and economic liberalism with a dim opinion of the institution that is the EU. But his politics are those of the Conservative mainstream, and for ...

Intolerance Threatens Liberalism

YaleGlobal Online - 02 Aug 2018
NEW DELHI: Liberalism is under siege in India. Violence against minority communities, repression of dissent and growing political intolerance raise questions about sustaining liberalism that was introduced in India by British colonialism wielding the gun.

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