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list of cnn anchors

The books Trump wants you to read

CNN - 02 Aug 2018
Both Barack Obama and George W. Bush regularly released their reading lists while on vacation. Years after leaving the White House, Bill Clinton released reading lists in honor of National Book Lovers Day or in conjunction with his presidential library ...
list of cnn anchors

Cruise Critic's most popular cruise ship destinations for 2018

CNN - 24 Jul 2018
While it's tempting to stick to the harbor, lined with sidewalk cafes and a sandy beach, those who are willing to trek up the steep, staircase-lined hills will be rewarded with Old Town's shops and dining options, along with more authentic, and more ...
list of cnn anchors

Quit nitpicking CNN's Jim Acosta

Washington Post - 07 Aug 2018
He argues that Acosta, CNN's high-profile chief White House correspondent, is too much show and not enough tell: “The last thing Donald Trump — or the press, or the public — needs is another convenient villain in the performative arena of the long ...
list of cnn anchors

Who Is Your Favorite Fox News Anchor?

The Daily Caller - 17 Aug 2018
Fox News began in 1996 and has since risen to the top of the news industry, competing with CNN and MSNBC for the premiere cable news network title. The people who report ...

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