This is a list of conflicts involving the United Kingdom of Great B... -
list of conflicts involving the united kingdom

Keith Simpson's Christmas Reading List

Dale & Co. - 12 Dec 2017
The General Election is now months ago, and we have seen several books written which combine gossip and facts to explain what happened. Tim Ross and Tom McTague Betting The House The Inside Story of the 2017 Election (Biteback) does just that. Tim ...
list of conflicts involving the united kingdom

Grand Strategy Is Overrated

Foreign Policy (blog) - 11 Dec 2017
He also criticized the values-infused language of the Truman Doctrine speech, and, while supporting the Marshall Plan, he nevertheless left Germany and the United Kingdom off of an initial list of countries that should be part of it. It is perhaps ...
list of conflicts involving the united kingdom

10 Conflicts to Watch in 2017

Foreign Policy (blog) - 05 Jan 2017
From the global refugee crisis to the spread of terrorism, our collective failure to resolve conflict is giving birth to new threats and emergencies. Even in peaceful societies, the politics of fear is leading to dangerous polarization and demagoguery ...
list of conflicts involving the united kingdom

How a Small Northern Ireland Party Became a UK Powerbroker

The Atlantic - 13 Jun 2017
It was founded by the firebrand Ian Paisley in 1971 at the height of the Northern Ireland conflict, which entailed some three decades of violence between the province's largely Catholic nationalist minority and largely Protestant unionist majority. The ...
list of conflicts involving the united kingdom

Goats and Soda

NPR - 06 Oct 2017
Last weekend's massacre in Las Vegas is only the latest reminder of the persistent gun violence in the United States. And a new set of statistics on the rates of gun violence unrelated to conflict underscores just how outsize U.S. rates of gun deaths ...
list of conflicts involving the united kingdom

UN blacklists Saudi-led coalition for killing children in Yemen

Reuters - 05 Oct 2017
Saudi Arabia is also a major customer of British defense companies. “The coalition needs to stop making empty promises to exercise caution, take concrete action to stop these deadly unlawful attacks in Yemen, and allow desperately needed fuel and aid ...
list of conflicts involving the united kingdom

UK Arms Dozens of Nations on Its Human Rights Watch List

teleSUR English - 22 Jul 2017
This is part of who we are". The U.K. based advocacy group Campaign Against Arms Trade, CAAT, says just over US$1Billion of arms were sold to 20 countries on the list. Whitehall has particularly come under scrutiny for supplying arms to Saudi Arabia ...
list of conflicts involving the united kingdom

New sites inscribed on UNESCO World Heritage list

UN News Centre - 12 Jul 2017
Various new European sites have been inscribed, including: the archaeological site of Aphrodisias (Turkey); the English Lake District (United Kingdom); Caves and ice age art in the Swabian Jura (Germany); Kujataa Greenland, a sub-arctic farming ...
list of conflicts involving the united kingdom

A Running List of How Trump Is Changing the Environment

National Geographic - 31 Mar 2017
“In today's low-price energy environment, providing the offshore industry access to the maximum amount of opportunities possible is part of our strategy to spur local and regional economic dynamism and job creation and a pillar of President Trump's ...

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