This is a list of Ig Nobel Prize winners from 1991 to the prese... -
list of ig nobel prize winners

And the Ig Nobel Prize Goes to...

Inverse - 23 Sep 2016
The Ig Nobel prize for Economics went to Mark Avis, Sarah Gorbes, and Shelagh Ferguson for finding that people project different personality traits onto different types of rocks, and this can be useful from a sales and marketing perspective. A hunk of ...
list of ig nobel prize winners

The Nobel and the Ig Nobel Prizes

The Hindu - 04 Nov 2017
To date, over 250 Ig Nobels have been awarded in fields as wide as science, literature, economics, peace, psychology and so forth. Readers will enjoy looking at the list of winners by going to
list of ig nobel prize winners

Liquid Cats, Cheese Hatred, Vaginal Music: 2017's Ig Nobel Awards

Sputnik International - 15 Sep 2017
This year's laureates received as a prize 10 trillion Zimbabwean dollars (the fiat currency that was abandoned in 2009 and demonetized in 2015) and a statuette in the form of a human head crowned with a question mark. Here is the list of the Ig Nobel ...
list of ig nobel prize winners

'Universal urination duration' wins Ig Nobel prize

BBC News - 17 Sep 2015
Here is the full list of Ig Nobel prize winners: Chemistry - Callum Ormonde (University of Western Australia) and colleagues, for inventing a chemical recipe to partially un-boil an egg. Physics - Patricia Yang (Georgia Institute of Technology, US) and ...
list of ig nobel prize winners

Cats might be liquid & vaginal music is booming

The Memo - 18 Sep 2017
Scientists bravely explore the unknown in the quest for truth. But the annual Ig Nobel Prize celebrate a specific kind of research: 'achievements that first make people laugh, and then make them think'. This year the awards, which cover science ...
list of ig nobel prize winners

Chemistry Nobel predictions range from perovskites to Crispr

Chemistry World - 25 Sep 2017
Since 2002, the citation laureates list – which, until last year, was published by Thomson Reuters – attempts to predict winners based on analyses of citation data. Thomson Reuters successfully predicted that one of last year's laureates, Fraser ...
list of ig nobel prize winners

Ig-Nobel mistakes

The Indian Express - 11 Oct 2017
I try to teach people to make fewer mistakes,” said the newly-minted economics Nobel laureate, Richard Thaler, in an interview earlier this week. “We need to take full account of the fact that people are busy, they're absent-minded, they're lazy.”.
list of ig nobel prize winners

Didn't Win a Nobel? The Honors and Prestige Don't End There.

CALIFORNIA - 16 Oct 2017
The winners are a long list of people you've probably never heard of but whose influence on your life has been profound; for instance, this year's awardee is Englishman Tim Berners-Lee (aka Sir Timothy John Berners-Lee OM KBE FRS FREng FRSA FBCS), who ...
list of ig nobel prize winners

Liquid cats and blood-sucking bats: 2017's Ig Nobel awards

Yahoo News - 15 Sep 2017
The awards were presented at Harvard University by bemused laureates of the perhaps better-known Nobel Prize, which the Ig Nobels have spoofed since 1991, tongue firmly in cheek. "The winners this year have truly earned their prizes," master of ...
list of ig nobel prize winners

Ig Nobels for big-ear, didgeridoo research

The Daily Star - 18 Sep 2017
BOSTON, Mass.: Scientists who discovered that old men really do have big ears, that playing the didgeridoo helps relieve sleep apnea and that handling crocodiles can influence gambling decisions are among this year's recipients of the Ig Nobel, the ...

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