In George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four, the fictional language Newspe... -
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Why I've Had Enough of George Orwell

The American Interest - 21 Nov 2017
It strikes me as rather glib to say that 1984 is relevant because Orwell was worried about surveillance and “newspeakwords losing their meaning. Orwell's actual ...
list of newspeak words

The Party of Ignorance

The Reality-Based Community - 07 Nov 2017
However, the list of affected institutions compiled by the Chronicle of Higher Education reveals that a large number of small, lesser-known liberal arts colleges, many in red states, would be subject to this tax. Update, November 7: ...
list of newspeak words

Manchester University questioned over Brexit teaching

The Mancunion - 25 Oct 2017
The University of Manchester has received a letter from a government chief whip demanding a list of academics teaching about Brexit and the material they are using, The Mancunion has learnt. Chris Heaton-Harriss, Eurosceptic Conservative ...
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Saving Orwell

Boston Review - 09 Oct 2017
There, on a right-hand page, Orwell had written and underlined, The Last Man in Europe—his original title for 1984. A list of words and expressions followed, things he intended to bring into the book. Newspeak. The Two Minutes Hate. And the Party ...
list of newspeak words

Egypt's 'Newspeak' Masks Public's Perception of Israel

Haaretz - 02 Sep 2017
His latest article, “The Egyptian '1984': A war on words,” is about the newspeak that has taken over Egypt's public discourse since President Abdel-Fattah al-Sissi took power. Among other things, he mocks the phrase “Long live Egypt,” which has become ...
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The next Harry Potter words to join the dictionary?

BBC News - 13 Apr 2017
The BBC has learned that another small list of words associated with the Harry Potter book series is on the Oxford University Press watchlist, which decides on the words likely to gain inclusion in its dictionaries. Potterhead refers to a fan of Harry ...
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Teaching Orwell and '1984' With The New York Times

New York Times - 09 Feb 2017
Below, a few ideas for pairing the themes in “1984” with what's happening in the world today, along with a full list of resources for teaching Orwell in general. Are you teaching the ...
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An English Teacher Corrects Shakespeare

Justia Verdict - 10 Apr 2017
She dared use the word “mankind” in her English composition and Dr. Scott thought that was verboten. Parents sometimes wonder what their children learn in college, and ...
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North Central College to host '1984' discussion seminars

Chicago Tribune - 06 Oct 2017
Interest in the dystopian novel published in 1949 ratcheted up in January after Kellyanne Conway, senior advisor to President Donald Trump, used the words "alternative facts" in an interview. Many noted the term sounded like something from "1984," and ...

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