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list of oldest dogs

These Are the Longest-Living Dog Breeds

The Cheat Sheet - 23 Jan 2018
Do you love your dog and can't imagine life without her? Well, based on their life expectancy, certain dog breeds might be in your life for a lot longer than others.
list of oldest dogs

3 Ways To Play The 'Dogs Of The Dow'

Forbes - 11 Oct 2018
Short on time to figure out a long-term investing strategy for low-cost and high-potential equities? Consider "Dogs of the Dow." contributor and ...
list of oldest dogs

The Smartest Dogs, Ranked by Breed

Reader's Digest - 14 Jun 2017
Dog experts everywhere are chasing their tails as to which breeds are the smartest dogs. With the help of our canine experts, we managed to cut to the chase.
list of oldest dogs

Guinness World Records 2019

Guinness World Records - 18 Dec 2018
Full of new records and photos from around the globe, and even beyond! Find out about what is inside the 2019 Guinness World Records annual.
list of oldest dogs

33 Best Gifts for Dog Lovers — 2018

New York Magazine - 14 May 2018
There are two types of people in this world: dog lovers who are so in love with their four-legged friends that they, on some deep emotional level, understand ...
list of oldest dogs

5 Wrinkly Dog Breeds - 08 Mar 2018
As humans, we try anti-aging creams and treatments to get rid of wrinkles. But we think wrinkly dog breeds are adorable! Let's meet a few wrinkly dogs right here.
list of oldest dogs

The Most Long-lived Dog Breeds

DogTime - 09 Aug 2018
The lifespans of dogs vary among breeds. Check out this list to see which dog breeds generally have longer than average lifespans.
list of oldest dogs

New flu viruses found in dogs

Science Magazine - 08 Jun 2018
Influenza poses a perennial threat in part because of its ability to jump from species to species. Birds and pigs have been known to harbor viruses that cross over ...
list of oldest dogs

New York City Goes to the Dogs

The New Yorker - 12 Feb 2018
Every winter, New York goes to the dogs for a few days, during the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show (Feb. 12-13, at Madison Square Garden). One of the ...
list of oldest dogs

Lab tops list of top 25 dog breeds - 19 Feb 2016
The team at PetBreeds looked at key factors that go into choosing the optimal dog and created a "Best Dog Breed" index to determine the top 25 breeds.
list of oldest dogs

Vegan Dog Lives to 189 Years - 26 Jun 2013
Have you heard about the veggie-eating dog who lived to the ripe age of 27? That's 189 dog years! The dog, Bramble, a blue merle Collie, lived in the UK and ...
list of oldest dogs

List: Best pet trainers in the Triangle - 22 Jun 2018
Training your dog can be hard -- but you said these pet trainers made it easy. These were your top five favorite picks in WRAL's 2017 Voters Choice Awards.
list of oldest dogs

Can my dog get me sick?

Popular Science - 27 Apr 2018
Unfortunately for us, the line of disease transmission does not end with germy children and coughing colleagues. Dogs, cows, mosquitos, ticks, mice, sushi, your ...
list of oldest dogs

Dogs of the Dow Investment Strategy

Dividend Investor - 03 Oct 2018
The Dogs of the Dow is a lomg-term investing strategy that seeks to invest in the 10 Dow Jones stocks with highest dividend yields.
list of oldest dogs

Dog Breeds That Live The Longest

Business Insider - 05 Sep 2014
One of life's greatest tragedies is that our sweet, loyal, and furry pet companions don't live as long as we do. Our friends at FindTheBest put together a list of the ...

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