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list of oldest dogs

Staff Best Things: Building that has held up over the years

Indianapolis Star - 13 Aug 2018
RetroIndy writer Dawn Mitchell's staff pick for the best building that's withstood the test of time: The Fountain Square Theatre building. It really was hard to narrow down my list of great Indianapolis buildings, but I went with sentimental value and ...
list of oldest dogs

What Happened at Camp Lejeune

Pacific Standard - 21 Aug 2018
But the forked bucket on his bulldozer started pulling up more than soil, and it turned out he was digging in a pit of strontium-90 and dog carcasses that had been buried in an ash-gray tomb: a nest of dead dogs and laboratory waste labeled ...
list of oldest dogs

Hammertime: Folks still love their community newspapers

Ponoka News - 22 Aug 2018
As we flip through our newspapers nothing will ever replace: the crossword puzzle, the personal columns and local stories, advice to the 'love-lorn' from Ann Landers and all the rest, the sports and classified pages, the horoscope, the comics, the ...
list of oldest dogs

50 Underrated DOS Games

Den of Geek US - 09 Aug 2018
This is by far one of my most played games in this list. It kept me hooked when the dizzying effects of Rise of the Triad had lost their shine, and I couldn't handle another game of pinball. Battle Chess was, as you can assume, a 3D version of chess ...
list of oldest dogs

Tennis: Peerless Roger Federer heads list of oldest world No. 1s

The Straits Times - 19 Feb 2018
SINGAPORE - When you're arguably the greatest male tennis player of all time, the superlatives ought to come easy. But when you continue to rewind the clock and break new ground, even they run out for Roger Federer. The Swiss maestro officially became ...
list of oldest dogs

One of oldest living WWII veterans meets Gov. Bruce Rauner

FOX Illinois - 03 Jul 2018
One of the oldest American World War II veterans is traveling the country and his trip has brought him to the land of Lincoln. His name is Sidney Walton and he's 99-years-old. Walton made a stop in the Capital City Tuesday and met Governor Bruce Rauner.

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