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list of things named after donald trump

Michael Avenatti Lived the High Life While Owing Millions to IRS

Daily Beast - 22 Oct 2018
Before Michael Avenatti became Donald Trump's tweet-baiting nemesis, he was racking up a list of legal victories that resulted in a string of multimillion-dollar verdicts. On his website, Avenatti claims he's won more than $1 billion on behalf of his ...
list of things named after donald trump

TS Eliot prize announces 'intensely political' shortlist

The Guardian - 18 Oct 2018
A sequence of sonnets written during the first 200 days of Donald Trump's presidency is just one of the “intensely political” poetry collections shortlisted for the most valuable award in British poetry, the £25,000 TS Eliot prize. ...
list of things named after donald trump

Data drives Republicans in 8th District race

Duluth News Tribune - 20 Oct 2018
Following the 2012 loss by Mitt Romney to incumbent President Barack Obama and his historically effective and digitized voter turnout machine, Republicans took a hard look at themselves. They quickly adopted a program of more predictive analytics ...
list of things named after donald trump

A free press, like it or not

Fox News - 19 Oct 2018
Many things that are essential to a healthy republic and free people are disruptive, dangerous and broadly unpopular. To protect these things, they needed to be named and claimed, fenced off from the inevitable effort to roll them back that would ...
list of things named after donald trump

Turkey's Erdogan to reveal 'full details' of Khashoggi's death

Financial Times - 21 Oct 2018
After initially hinting that he would accept Saudi Arabia's claim, US President Donald Trump on Saturday said he was “not satisfied” with its explanation for the death of the journalist, who wrote a column for the Washington Post. “I am not satisfied ...
list of things named after donald trump

Walking with Witches

The Weekly Standard - 21 Oct 2018
Coming to Salem with many questions about the discrepancy between the city's past and present relationship to witchcraft, I hope Tom's two crafts—sorcery and “explaining things”—will help me get some answers. ...

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