The WWE Championship is a professional wrestling championship i... -
list of wwe world champions

The WWE Championship is a professional wrestling championship i...

wikipedia - 12 Sep 2016
The WWE Championship is a professional wrestling championship in WWE, currently on the SmackDown brand. It is the first world title established in WWE, having been introduced in 1963 as the World Wide Wrestling Federation (WWWF) World Heavyweight Championship. The promotion was renamed World Wrestling Federation (WWF) in 1979 and ended its affiliation with the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) in 1983, with the title also renamed to reflect the changes. In 2001, it was unified with the World Champion
list of wwe world champions

WWE 2K18: Predicting Every Main Roster Star's Rating

Bleacher Report - 11 Sep 2017
WWE and 2K Games will release WWE 2K18 on October 17, which will feature the top stars in all of professional wrestling. As is the case with most sports games, one of the most intriguing elements of each year's presentation is the overall rating for ...
list of wwe world champions

WWE Announces Historic NWA/WCW Show Will Return This November

Den of Geek US - 18 Sep 2017
"The premier event of the National Wrestling Alliance and, later, WCW, Starrcade got its start in Greensboro on Thanksgiving 1983 with a star-studded lineup that saw Ric Flair defeat Harley Race to win his second of 16 World Championships," WWE said in ...
list of wwe world champions

New Orleans Saints themed fantasy football team names

Canal Street Chronicles - 04 Sep 2017
Ah yes, that sweet Elysium where the perfect team can be assembled and carry you into the promised land of bragging rights, a $120 champion's prize, and a full-sized replica WWE World Heavyweight Champion belt. But before you can take your first step ...
list of wwe world champions

Who Topped The Latest PWI 500 List?

Wrestling Inc. - 30 Aug 2017
"The Rainmaker" held the IWGP championship throughout the entire evaluation period, July 31, 2016 to June 30, 2017. Among his successful title defenses during that period were two matches against Kenny Omega that many observers have placed among ...
list of wwe world champions

10 Unbelievable WrestleMania Matches That Almost Happened

WhatCulture - 20 Sep 2017
As such, the list of considered matches is a wide-ranging catalogue of curious oddities and missed opportunities. In some cases, it's a relief these matches were scrapped, while in others, it's an agonising glimpse of what could have been. From jaw ...
list of wwe world champions

10 Big WWE Pushes That Were Stopped Dead (And Why)

WhatCulture - 22 Aug 2017
Every superstar on this list was once tipped to become a World Champion but never reached that illustrious goal. As much as wrestlers are prone to shooting themselves in the foot, sometimes the company lets them down as opposed to the other way round.
list of wwe world champions

WWE 2K18: Latest News and Buzz for Week of August 28

Bleacher Report - 28 Aug 2017
News and revelations continued this week as the release of WWE 2K18 on October 17 draws nearer. The enormous roster had added 37 names to it, introduced fans to a few videos featuring entrances of popular Superstars and released interviews with two ...

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