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'Little Rascals' child actors reunite for updated poster

Today.com - 03 Sep 2014
Twenty years ago, "The Little Rascals" scampered into theaters ... and ganged up on a memorable poster featuring the winsome young cast (including dog Petey!) mugging for the camera. Remember this? "Little Rascals" from 1994. Universal Pictures.
little rascals

Pet Talk: Meet Bonnie and Darla

KYMA - 18 Dec 2018
Bonnie is a shy, yet playful cat that is longing to find her forever human. She warms up quickly. She arrived at the shelter in November after being found in a ...
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Southern Folks: In loving memory of Magic Man

Chattanooga Times Free Press - 09 Dec 2018
The Veterans Administration says that more than 20 war veterans commit suicide every day. That's more than 7300 of America's finest giving into their demons ...
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Mardi Gras on Front Street 2019

kkyr.com - 06 Dec 2018
7th annual Mardi Gras on Front Street This Year's Theme: Activities: Kids Area: bounce houses, mask making, face painting, Selfie Station,
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5 minutes with filmmaker Andrew Gajadhar

The State - 29 Nov 2018
In the past decade, Hollywood seems to be losing the top spot as movie capitol of the world. Watch the end of films and you're bound to see that many (more ...
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Atlanta's patron saint of pit bulls

Atlanta Magazine - 13 Dec 2018
The brown puppy has acquired a perpetual, ingratiating, lopsided grin. She recently started to wag her tail and answer to the name June. A couple of months ...
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A Man's Touch

The Good Men Project - 10 Dec 2018
Strong or Gentle? With a worn out futon, a rickety papasan, a decent T.V., and empty whiskey bottles for décor, my first post-college apartment with my They ...
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LI kids who found fame in 2018

Newsday - 17 Dec 2018
A select few Long Island kids got their 15 minutes of fame in 2018. From appearing on "Genius Junior" to performing in "Jesus Christ Superstar," advocating for ...
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The Little Rascals Revisited

KNPR - 11 Jan 2016
The Little Rascals was a staple of children's television beginning in the 1950s. Many kids of that era thought Farina, Stymie, Darla, Alfalfa, and Buckwheat - and ...
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Seven decades past: Hollywood comes to Uvalde

Uvalde Leader-News - 19 Aug 2018
“Well, if we hurry, maybe we can catch up with them.” Lou Fohn, in first grade at the time, still remembers his exact lines from the movie “The Kidnappers Foil,” a ...
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Our Gang and Little Rascals

Legacy.com - 08 Oct 2015
For generations, Spanky, Alfalfa, Buckwheat, Darla, Porky and friends have charmed audiences as "The Little Rascals," our "Our Gang" as they were originally ...
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Q&A: Blake McIver | Uptown Players

TheaterJones Performing Arts News - 15 Jul 2018
The child star talks about performing in Priscilla and doing his show Blake Sings Barbra at Uptown Players.
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Local News, Happy rascals

Coeur d'Alene Press - 01 Oct 2018
DEVIN WEEKS/Press Bradyn Sefick, 7, of Coeur d'Alene gets a smooch from Mr. Monty the therapy pony at the pony kissing booth Saturday during the Coeur ...

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