Sir Robert Bryson Hall II (born January 22, 1990), known by his... -
logic (musician)

Sir Robert Bryson Hall II (born January 22, 1990), known by his...

wikipedia - 04 Feb 2018
Sir Robert Bryson Hall II (born January 22, 1990), known by his stage name Logic, is an American rapper, singer, songwriter and record producer. Raised in Gaithersburg, Maryland, Logic expressed an interest in music as a teenager, and ventured into a musical career in early 2009, releasing a mixtape titled Young, Broke & Infamous in 2010. He would then sign with Visionary Music Group, before releasing two more mixtapes over two years, which amassed Logic nationwide attention by 2012.
logic (musician)

Did Jah Prayzah deserve three awards at Nama?

The Herald - 18 Feb 2018
But it raises a lot of questions to say “Ndini Ndamubata” from the same musician was the most outstanding song ahead of Soul Jah Love's “Pamamonya Ipapo”. Nama adjudicators decided otherwise and they deservedly got a backlash from followers of the ...
logic (musician)

Master musician was 'the father of modern Korean music'

Asia Times - 07 Feb 2018
The director of the National Gugak Center (1986-1993), Yi Seung-nyeol, summed up Hwang's essential qualities when he wrote, “Hwang Byung-ki is a matchless musician who has inaugurated a new era . . . His music always has a naturalness and savor that ...
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If the Grammys taught us anything, it's that #Resist needs to end

Washington Examiner - 30 Jan 2018
After a year of the Trump presidency, the only thing that has grown more tiresome than the fast-paced news cycle are the people who are consistently lighting their hair on fire in a panic and treating everything President Trump does as an existential ...
logic (musician)

There's no such thing as 'auditory' or 'visual' learners

Markets Insider - 17 Feb 2018
According to a Washington Post report, that's because reading isn't Trump's "preferred 'style of learning.'" For decades, there's been an idea that people have set "learning styles," which are often categorized into three types: visual, auditory, and ...
logic (musician)

Molecules or music? Northeastern chemistry professor chooses both

News@Northeastern - 07 Feb 2018
The chemicals dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins are like a string quartet, working together to influence happiness in the brain. This is just a figure of speech, of course. But for David Budil, chemistry and music are, in fact, both sources ...
logic (musician)

Johann Johannsson, Award-Winning Movie Composer, Dies at 48

New York Times - 12 Feb 2018
BERLIN — Johann Johannsson, an Icelandic composer who blended elements of electronic and classical music to create acclaimed soundtracks for films including “The Theory of Everything” and “Arrival,” died on Friday in Berlin. He was 48. His death was ...

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