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The Curse of Being a Royal Nobody

Daily Beast - 23 Sep 2016
When Lord Ivar Mountbatten made the recent decision to come out as gay in the British media, he was identified as “the Queen's cousin,” which is a somewhat economically truthful version of the real situation—he is actually the queen's third cousin ...
lord ivar mountbatten

First gay British art exhibition opens in London

AsiaOne - 05 Apr 2017
The first major retrospective of gay British art opens this week at the Tate Britain gallery in London, featuring a portrait of Oscar Wilde next to his prison cell door. "Queer British Art 1861-1967" marks the 50th anniversary of the decriminalisation ...
lord ivar mountbatten

Same-sex wedding will be a first for the aristocracy

The Times (subscription) - 02 Jan 2017
The daughter of the Marquess and Marchioness of Aberdeen and Temair is set to become the first member of the aristocracy to have a same-sex wedding. Lady Anna Gordon, 28, a business development manager at the Prince's Trust, has celebrated her ...
lord ivar mountbatten

Ballgowns, welly boots & breakfast with the Queen

Daily Mail - 25 Jan 2015
A member of the Mountbatten clan – whose family tree intertwines in myriad ways with the royal family via both the Queen and, more closely, Prince Philip (whose name was previously Philip Mountbatten) – Ella is the daughter of Lord Ivar Mountbatten ...
lord ivar mountbatten

17 People Who Kicked Down The Closet Door This Year (So Far)

The Good Men Project (blog) - 15 Oct 2016
Queen Elizabeth's cousin is the first member of British Royal Family to utter the words, “I'm gay.” Lord Ivar Mountbatten came out in an interview with the Daily Mail in September. “When I was growing up, it was known as 'the love that dare not speak ...
lord ivar mountbatten

Mountbattens divorce as best of friends

Daily Mail - 24 Nov 2011
So amicable was their separation — talking or seeing each other at least once every day — friends were sure that Prince Philip's cousin, Lord Ivar Mountbatten, might be on the point of reconciliation with estranged wife Penny, mother of his three ...
lord ivar mountbatten

Medlem af britisk kongehus springer ud som homoseksuel

SE og HØR - 19 Sep 2016
Lord Ivar Mountbattens nye partner hedder James Coyle, og parret mødte hinanden under en skitur i Verbier i Schweiz. Ifølge det britiske medie Metro råbte James Coyle ”hej” til det royale familiemedlem, fordi han forvekslede ham med en skiguide. De to ...
lord ivar mountbatten

Książę Iver Mountbatten jest gejem

Jastrząb Post (Blog) - 25 Dec 2016
53-letni lord Ivar Mountbatten, kuzyn królowej Elżbiety II jest gejem. To pierwszy członek rodziny królewskiej, który przyznał się do homoseksualizmu. Jak się okazuje, kuzyn królowej ma partnera, jest nim 54-letni James Coyle. Para spędzała razem czas ...
lord ivar mountbatten

Lord Mountbatten's great-nephew is Deputy Lieutenant of Devon

Telegraph.co.uk - 14 Sep 2009
Lord Mountbatten's great-nephew is Deputy Lieutenant of Devon. Lord Ivar Mountbatten, the Queen's cousin and great-nephew of Lord Louis Mountbatten, the last Viceroy of India who was murdered 30 years ago by IRA terrorists, has been appointed Deputy ...

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