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Teen prankster started 'Louisville Purge' hoax: police

New York Daily News - 15 Aug 2014
Despite claims on social media, the “Louisville Purge” scheduled for Friday was a hoax. The rumor stemmed from a teen prankster who thought it would be funny to tweet about Kentucky authorities allowing crime to run rampant for one night only ...
louisville purge

Without immigrants, Ky. stagnates

The Harlan Daily Enterprise - 20 Sep 2018
Every corner of Kentucky has gained population from international migration. All we can say is, “Welcome. We need you.” Block the flow of people from other countries, and Kentucky would be a net loser in migration because, as a new analysis for the ...
louisville purge

'Louisville Purge' takes toll

The Courier-Journal - 17 Aug 2014
What started as a hoax early last week ended up costing businesses money and stirred fear in many Louisville residents, as "Louisville Purge" mania swept over the city Friday night and early Saturday morning. "One lesson is that people really need to ...
louisville purge

[Indie] Trailer for Punk Horror 'Straight Edge Kegger'

Bloody Disgusting - 09 Oct 2018
This actually looks like a fun indie horror flick in the same vein as The Green Room, along with some elements from The Purge too. With the state of the government, there seems to be an uptick in punk activity and punk-inspired movies, such as The ...
louisville purge

Church's roll purge incites media 'circus'

BP News - 20 Jul 2018
Within two days, newspapers and television stations had reported on the letter in Nashville; Louisville, Ky.; Lexington, Ky.; and Bowling Green, Ky. Headlines included: "Church members furious after pastor revokes memberships" and "Kentucky church sent ...
louisville purge

Kentucky editorial roundup

Columbus Ledger-Enquirer - 20 Sep 2018
Not even U.S. citizenship and military service are a shield from Trump's purge. The Washington Post recently reported that along the U.S.-Mexico border, the administration is jailing and trying to deport ...
louisville purge

Rain, 'Louisville Purge' hoax take toll on state fair revenue

Louisville Business First - 24 Oct 2014
And the so-called "Louisville Purge," which turned out to be a hoax started by a local teen, had a significant impact on fair attendance, according to Thomas Schifano, who chairs the board's finance and budget committee. The Purge hoax referenced a ...
louisville purge

Beshear joins fight against voter-suppression laws

Kentucky Today - 17 May 2018
Sadiqa Reynolds, president and chief executive officer of the Louisville Urban League, said voter intimidation at the polls should never be taken lightly. “We should not be pushed out made to think that our vote does not matter,” she said. “We should ...
louisville purge

Protesters Confront McConnell on Immigration in Louisville

Daily Beast - 08 Jul 2018
Several protesters reportedly called out Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) on a Louisville street Saturday, demanding migrant families separated at the U.S. border be reunited and ICE disbanded. McConnell joins a growing number of political ...
louisville purge

Cops: Killing spree suspect inspired by movie "The Purge"

CBS News - 02 Jun 2016
In August 2014, a high school student's hoax tweet about an impending "Louisville Purge," in which the Kentucky city would be overtaken by crime, kicked off a social media storm and prompted schools and other organizations to cancel events. No such ...
louisville purge

#BBCtrending: The Louisville 'Purge' hoax

BBC News - 19 Aug 2014
A teenager who posted a provocative tweet based on an idea from a new film has triggered a deluge of activity on Twitter, and prompted a response from the FBI and local police. The film, called Purge: Anarchy, depicts a fictional society in which any ...

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