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Teen prankster started 'Louisville Purge' hoax: police

New York Daily News - 15 Aug 2014
Despite claims on social media, the “Louisville Purge” scheduled for Friday was a hoax. The rumor stemmed from a teen prankster who thought it would be funny to tweet about Kentucky authorities allowing crime to run rampant for one night only ...
louisville purge


Hastings Tribune - 13 Jul 2018
Louisville President Neeli Bendapudi addressed a letter to the "U of L Family" on Friday that declared U of L would rename the football stadium and remove the name of Papa John's founder John Schnatter from the school's Center for Free Enterprise and ...
louisville purge

Nemo's Notes

247Sports - 12 Jul 2018
BASEBALL ATMOSPHERE ENVY – McDonnell may still be at Louisville, but it's obvious his boss has one eye on Starkville. ...
louisville purge

'Louisville Purge' takes toll

The Courier-Journal - 17 Aug 2014
What started as a hoax early last week ended up costing businesses money and stirred fear in many Louisville residents, as "Louisville Purge" mania swept over the city Friday night and early Saturday morning. "One lesson is that people really need to ...
louisville purge

Supreme Court Upholds Controversial Ohio Voter-Purge Law

89.3 WFPL News Louisville - 11 Jun 2018
Updated 11:19 a.m. ET. By a 5-4 margin, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld a controversial Ohio voter-purge law. It's known as the “use-it-or-lose-it” law, and it's the most aggressive voter-purge system in the country. The state currently strikes voters ...
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In Trump's court pick, who won?

CNN - 10 Jul 2018
Justice Gorsuch has already distinguished himself in the arena of voting rights by approving a process that made it easier for Ohio to purge legitimate voters from the rolls, and in joining Justice Thomas in a flawed concurrence holding that Section 2 ...
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Let Us NOT Praise Anthony Kennedy

The American Prospect - 28 Jun 2018
He voted to weaken the Voting Rights Act and to allow Republicans to purge voter rolls in ways that strengthen the GOP and weaken the Democrats. He voted against affirmative action. He opposed plans to desegregate public schools in Seattle and ...
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Mississippi State, Louisville to Final Four; Who's Next?

U.S. News & World Report - 26 Mar 2018
ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — Half the women's Final Four field is set. No. 1 seeds Mississippi State and Louisville are headed to Columbus, Ohio, to play each other in the national semifinals Friday night. UConn, South Carolina, Notre Dame and Oregon look to ...
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Alabama-Louisville to Kickoff ABC's Saturday Night Football

U.S. News & World Report - 16 May 2018
ESPN announced Wednesday its schedule for the first three weeks of Saturday night games. The Crimson Tide meets Louisville in Orlando, Florida, at 8 p.m. ET on Sept. 1. The next day Miami and LSU square off at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, at 7:30 ...
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Quarterback Lamar Jackson Leaving Louisville for NFL Draft

U.S. News & World Report - 05 Jan 2018
Jackson also had Louisville in consideration for the 2016 College Football Playoff before a late-season slide. A midseason slump — including a second consecutive loss to Clemson in another marquee matchup — dimmed some of the spotlight before he ...
louisville purge

Cops: Killing spree suspect inspired by movie "The Purge"

CBS News - 02 Jun 2016
In August 2014, a high school student's hoax tweet about an impending "Louisville Purge," in which the Kentucky city would be overtaken by crime, kicked off a social media storm and prompted schools and other organizations to cancel events. No such ...

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