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Teen prankster started 'Louisville Purge' hoax: police

New York Daily News - 15 Aug 2014
Despite claims on social media, the “Louisville Purge” scheduled for Friday was a hoax. The rumor stemmed from a teen prankster who thought it would be funny to tweet about Kentucky authorities allowing crime to run rampant for one night only ...
louisville purge

BC football team running with momentum

The Boston Globe - 20 Oct 2017
It was a perfect purge of pent-up frustration after a loss for the fourth time in five games. It was received as a delusional from the outside looking in at a BC team that seemed as if it might go winless in the conference for the second time in three ...
louisville purge

Pole-dancing would be an Olympic eye-catcher

Orlando Sentinel - 21 Oct 2017
Meanwhile, the IOC tried to purge wrestling because nobody wants to watch two guys roll around on a mat for six minutes. Maybe I'm too hung up on tradition. I guess if there had been TV in 776 B.C., the Greeks would have replaced ...
louisville purge

'Louisville Purge' takes toll

The Courier-Journal - 17 Aug 2014
What started as a hoax early last week ended up costing businesses money and stirred fear in many Louisville residents, as "Louisville Purge" mania swept over the city Friday night and early Saturday morning. "One lesson is that people really need to ...
louisville purge

“Louisville's Purge”: A night of violence that never happened.

WDRB - 16 Aug 2014
LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB)--- The good news is, the “Louisville purge” never happened. The bad news -- it caused a lot of panic for people in our community. Earlier this week on social media, a photo appeared that said “Louisvilles Purge” (yes, without the ...
louisville purge

Analysis: Singing of the unsung in Notre Dame's renaissance season

Notre Dame Insider - 30 Oct 2017
Mike Elston, assistant head coach, defensive line coach: He was the “real” interim defensive coordinator last season after the Brian VanGorder purge four games into 2016 and Greg Hudson was rolled out as the figurehead replacement. Stealthily and ...
louisville purge

As cities purge Confederate symbols, fight rages on in Hollywood

Sun Sentinel - 21 Jun 2017
Battles over Confederate monuments sprang up in cities throughout the nation, including Mississippi, New Orleans, Baltimore and Louisville. In recent weeks, New Orleans removed four Confederate monuments from public landmarks, including statues of ...
louisville purge

Halloween galore

Florida Weekly - 26 Oct 2017
Besides clowns, masks from the “Saw” and “The Purge” horror movie franchises have been popular, Mr. Dearborn said. The company also has the licensed ...
louisville purge

'Death' for Louisville Basketball?

Inside Higher Ed - 02 Oct 2017
After the University of Louisville men's basketball team was linked to a widespread kickback scheme that federal officials have been investigating, as the U.S. attorney for New York revealed last week, the public pondered: Would the program, one of the ...
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Cops: Killing spree suspect inspired by movie "The Purge"

CBS News - 02 Jun 2016
In August 2014, a high school student's hoax tweet about an impending "Louisville Purge," in which the Kentucky city would be overtaken by crime, kicked off a social media storm and prompted schools and other organizations to cancel events. No such ...
louisville purge

Rain, 'Louisville Purge' hoax take toll on state fair revenue

Louisville Business First - 24 Oct 2014
The 2014 Kentucky State Fair's revenue came in below budget as "uncontrollable" factors took a toll on attendance and spending, according to Kentucky State Fair Board officials. A financial report on this year's state fair, held Aug. 14 to 24, was ...
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'Louisville Purge' Fails to Materialize, Student Confesses to Prank

People Magazine - 17 Aug 2014
A social media hoax parroting the plot of the horror film The Purge (and its recent sequel) failed to instigate the proposed crime spree of the films, reports Time.com. The films posit a future America where everyone in the country is allowed to commit ...
louisville purge

Clown Cruel

snopes.com - 14 Oct 2016
Unlike previous viral purge panics, we haven't been able to find any indication that police in any jurisdiction have even bothered to address the clown purge rumors. During prior outbreaks of “purge” scares, local police typically weighed in to either ...

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