Best Cities to Find Love -

Best Cities to Find Love

Daily Beast - 14 Feb 2014
To help in your quest, The Daily Beast set out once again to discover which places provide the best backdrop for a love story. As in years past, we looked at cities where singles swarm and social life pops. But this time, we were looking for more than ...

How Activism Can Lead to Love

New York Times - 22 Jul 2017
“I said to him, 'Oh, you must love your mother,'” she said. Mr. DeGroot said, “I responded, 'I do, and actually I have two mothers. But that's a story for another time,' or something like that.” On their first date, a week or so later, he told her that ...

What Trump's Putin love reveals about conservatives

Salon - 22 Jul 2017
You can attribute it to Trump and his own Putin love and say that Republicans zealously follow their leader. But the truth is far more frightening: conservatives have a deep affinity for authoritarianism and an even deeper distrust of modern Western ...

How the Trans-Siberian railway became the love train

The Guardian - 22 Jul 2017
The Trans-Siberian railway, the greatest train journey in the world, is where our love story began. When I booked a ticket on the Rossiya train to travel from west to east through different time zones, I expected a great adventure, to rub shoulders ...

This Podcast Is a Love Story, for Your Ears Only

New York Times - 21 Jul 2017
The couple fell in love two years before when they asked each other 36 questions derived from a social psychology research paper (“The Experimental Generation of Interpersonal Closeness: A Procedure and Some Preliminary Findings”) and popularized by ...

What Ina Garten taught me about food, love, and life

PBS NewsHour - 21 Jul 2017
The first time I made Ina Garten's arugula, watermelon, and feta salad, I knew I had discovered my food soul sister. Those simple ingredients sang a close beautiful harmony; the flavors bursting with the essence of summer. I was a freshman in college ...

Why white supremacists love Tucker Carlson

Vox - 21 Jul 2017
Since taking over Bill O'Reilly's slot on Fox News, Tucker Carlson has had the most-watched news show on cable. His populist rhetoric and cutting interview style have earned him millions of nightly viewers, prompting Forbes to ask if Carlson is “the ...

Mom sends final 'I love you' text to husband as plane nosedives

New York Post - 21 Jul 2017
This is the heart-stopping moment a Jet2 plane “nosedived” towards the sea as a terrified mom sent her husband what she believed was a final “I love you” text. Nickola Tye filmed the horror plunge after oxygen masks dropped from the ceiling on the ...

Sex, drugs, and the Summer of Love

The Week Magazine - 22 Jul 2017
It was the first of the year's major "happenings," and it generated national publicity. In the spring, a self-appointed hippie "council" invited the youth of America to San Francisco to experience the magic for themselves, during what it called the ...

Issa Rae: My 'hoe' phase was interrupted by real love

Page Six - 22 Jul 2017
But she tells us her love life off-screen is stable: “My 'hoe' phase was interrupted because I fell in love,” she joked. “I had all the intentions of being a hoe! Dudes were finally checking for me at one point. But I ended up meeting somebody ...

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