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Lucasfilm Successfully Builds Working Lightsaber - 20 Sep 2017
Raise your hand if you've ever wanted to own a real, functional lightsaber. OK, maybe don't raise your hand because we can't actually see you (and you'd probably look ridiculous), we'll just assume you do want a lightsaber because who wouldn't? Star ...
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Most 'Star Wars' directors have been fired by Lucasfilm - 06 Sep 2017
The Star Wars franchise lost another director this week — its third in the last four months — with the abrupt announcement that Lucasfilm had fired Colin Trevorrow, who was announced back in 2015 as the director of Episode IX and has been working on ...
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Lucasfilm Will Get New Director for 'Star Wars: Episode IX'

New York Times - 06 Sep 2017
LOS ANGELES — Ejecting directors from its movie galaxy is starting to become a regular occurrence for Lucasfilm, which said on Tuesday that Colin Trevorrow would no longer direct the ninth chapter in the “Star Wars” saga. Mr. Trevorrow's departure ...
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Can JJ Abrams Deliver a Unique 'Star Wars' Film? Some Fans Say No

Newsweek - 19 Sep 2017
His petition points to similarities between The Force Awakens and George Lucas's first Star Wars film, 1977's Episode IV: A New Hope, and it argues that Abrams is only going to deliver another good-looking homage in 2019. The petition doesn't offer up ...
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Lucasfilm Blocks Star Wars Stories Set After The Original Trilogy

Screen Rant - 02 Sep 2017
The Lucasfilm Story Group blocks non-movie Star Wars stories made after the Battle of Jakku, the in-universe end of the Galactic Empire. The Story Group was made when Disney bought Lucasfilm in 2012 to oversee the multimedia expansion of Star Wars; ...
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JJ Abrams to direct ´Star Wars IX,´ announces Lucasfilm

Geo News, Pakistan - 12 Sep 2017
LOS ANGELES: Sci-fi filmmaker J.J. Abrams is to direct "Star Wars: Episode IX," Lucasfilm announced on Tuesday, following the departure of Colin Trevorrow over creative differences. Abrams — a familiar face in the "Star Wars" universe who directed ...

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