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'Lucifer': Vinessa Vidotto Gets Her Wings As Remiel

Deadline - 19 Oct 2018
After 57 episodes over three seasons, Lucifer was cast out by Fox in May. That's when the network plugged the plug on the show, which had improved its standing with critics in Season 2 and Season 3 but never found traction with a major audience.

Everything You Need to Know about Lucifer Season 4

TVOvermind - 22 Oct 2018
If you enjoyed watching Lucifer on Fox, then you were probably among the many devastated fans when the network decided to cancel it after only three seasons. One of the more positive things about living in the world of social media is that fans do have ...

5 Reason You Should Be Watching Lucifer

San Diego Entertainer Magazine - 20 Oct 2018
He's the fallen angel, the Lord of Hell, the genuine Prince of Darkness, and soon he will be heading to Netflix to whip out even more punishment. Lucifer was canceled by Fox back in May, causing a massive uproar among the fandom. But thanks to the very ...

Vinessa Vidotto Joins Netflix's 'Lucifer'

Horror News Network - 22 Oct 2018
Deadline is reporting that Vinessa Vidotto has been added to the cast of Lucifer. Vidotto, who is relative newcomer will play the role of Remiel, a “classic little-sister” character who admires her brother, the oldest of all angels Amenadiel. The ...

DC ROUND-UP: LUCIFER #1 posits that we might be totally f*cked

Comics Beat - 17 Oct 2018
Lucifer #1 is not about the environment. But it is about choice. It's about what we choose to do when faced with an obstacle it was not within our power to avoid. It's about whether the choices we make are predetermined and regardless of whether they ...

Richard Linklater Returns With Yet Another Anti-Ted Cruz Ad

Rolling Stone - 23 Oct 2018
“In Texas, everybody's friendly. It says 'Drive Friendly.' The reason everybody hates Ted Cruz is because he doesn't care about anybody but Ted Cruz. Even the speaker of the House, a Republican, said he was Lucifer. Lindsey Graham said if he was shot ...

Lucifer Writer Dan Watters Dissects the Fragments of Satan

Paste Magazine - 16 Oct 2018
Of the four inaugural Sandman Universe titles, none stands in a longer shadow than Lucifer. Beyond Neil Gaiman's influential portrayal in the pages of Sandman, beyond Mike Carey and Peter Gross's expertly constructed solo series, beyond his various DC ...

Review – Lucifer #1: The Many Faces of the Devil

GeekDad (blog) - 17 Oct 2018
Ray: Lucifer #1, the third of the Sandman Universe titles debuts, and it's by far the darkest and trickiest outing yet – a complex, mind-bending, time-travelling thriller that follows the devil himself through multiple realities. When the issue begins ...

Vinessa Vidotto joins Lucifer season 4 as the angel Remiel

Flickering Myth - 20 Oct 2018
As filming continues on the fourth season of Lucifer, Deadline is reporting that the show has brought in another new face, with newcomer Vinessa Vidotto cast in the recurring role of the angel Remiel. In the Vertigo comic book series, Remiel is ...

'Lucifer' team presents special birthday gift to Prithviraj

The News Minute - 18 Oct 2018
It turned out to be a special birthday for actor Prithviraj Sukumaran on Tuesday, October 16 this year. The entire team behind the movie Lucifer, which is Prithviraj's directorial debut, released a video wishing him. The video, which begins with ...

Prithviraj Clears The Air On The Rumours Surrounding Lucifer!

Filmibeat - 23 Oct 2018
Lucifer, the much-awaited Malayalam movie, will mark Prithviraj's big debut as a film-maker. The shooting of the film, featuring Mohanlal in the lead role, is currently progressing. Meanwhile, certain rumours had surfaced regarding Lucifer that had ...

7 baby boys named 'Lucifer' in England last year

Catholic Herald Online - 27 Sep 2018
Seven baby boys were named Lucifer in England and Wales in 2017, according to the Office for National Statistics. The name, which is most commonly applied to the devil before his fall from grace, increased in popularity from the previous year, when ...

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