Ma Dong-seok (born Lee Dong-seok on March 1, 1971), also known ... -
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Ma Dong-seok (born Lee Dong-seok on March 1, 1971), also known ...

wikipedia - 14 Sep 2016
Ma Dong-seok (born Lee Dong-seok on March 1, 1971), also known as Don Lee, is an American actor based in South Korea. He is best known for his supporting roles in The Neighbor, Nameless Gangster: Rules of the Time, The Unjust, and Train to Busan. He also played leading roles in Norigae, Murderer and One on One.
ma dong seok

Ma Dong-seok set to star in 'The Outlaws 2'

Korea JoongAng Daily - 02 Jul 2018
Actor Ma Dong-seok is set to star in the second installment of the hit 2017 action crime film “The Outlaws,” according to the movie's distribution company Kiwi Media Group on Monday. “The Outlaws” premiered during the Chuseok holiday last year and ...
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Teaser trailer for 'Along with the Gods: The Last 49 Days' is huge

The Reel Bits - 21 Jun 2018
Structured as a series of trials facing 7 gods in 49 days, here we see the three angels of death about to take part in the trial of Soo-Hong (Kim Dong-Wook) and meet God of House (Ma Dong-Seok), as teased at the end of part one. While online 30 seconds ...
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Yonhap News Summary

Yonhap News - 13 Jul 2018
Director Kim Yong-hwa and actors Ha Jung-woo, Ju Ji-hoon, Kim Hyang-gi, Ma Dong-seok, Kim Dong-wook and Lee Jung-jae will leave for Taiwan on Aug. 5 for a four-day trip, Lotte Entertainment said. -----------------. Mother gets 20-year jail term for ...
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Fantasia Fest 2018: 11 Asian films to see at the genre festival

The Reel Bits - 13 Jul 2018
The always watchable Ma Dong-Seok stars as an arm wrestler who dreams of being a champion, as the title would imply. After being kicked out of the tournament, he eventually makes his way home to Korea where he reconnects with his half-sister and her ...
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Train To Busan actor received offer to play Marvel superhero?

New Straits Times Online - 22 Nov 2017
KUALA LUMPUR: Many Train To Busan fans would agree that besides its leading actor Gong Yoo, its buff supporting actor Ma Dong-seok is just as memorable. His portrayal as the tough, zombie-destroying professional wrestler Sang-hwa must have been ...
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'Champion': Film Review

Hollywood Reporter - 17 May 2018
But that hasn't deterred Korean filmmaker Kim Yong-wan, who traverses similar territory to far more enjoyable effect in his starring vehicle for Ma Dong-seok (billed here as Don Lee). The massively proportioned star of Train to Busan delivers such a ...

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