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make america great again

"Make America Great Again", often abbreviated as MAGA or...

wikipedia - 10 Nov 2016
"Make America Great Again", often abbreviated as MAGA or #MAGA, is a campaign slogan used in American politics that originated with the President Ronald Reagan 1980 presidential campaign. Donald Trump subsequently applied for and received a US service mark for the slogan, which he then used in his 2016 presidential campaign.
make america great again

Refugees can help make America great again

The San Luis Obispo Tribune - 22 Jun 2018
I am a 17-year-old high school student in San Luis Obispo, California. I am proud to be the son of two Iraqi immigrants, which is not common in our town. My parents were born in Iraq. My father's family fled Iraq when he was a child because of ...
make america great again

Letter: To make America great again

The Fayetteville Observer - 21 Jun 2018
The land of the free and the home of the brave is now the land that embraces dictators and cages helpless, hopeless, desperate children. How did we get here? The variables are confounding to be sure, but this much is clear — leadership matters. In ...
make america great again

Can Dinner Parties Make America Great Again?

Civil Eats - 19 Jun 2018
On a clear night last November, nearly one year after the 2016 election, 10 strangers ranging in age from 25 to 56 gathered in the dining room of a downtown Brooklyn apartment. The group, split evenly into self-identified conservatives and liberals ...
make america great again

Make America Great Again—Trump Must Go! #73

Amsterdam News - 21 Jun 2018
We knew it was only a matter of time before Trump would descend to a level of absolutely unconscionable abomination, which he has with detaining children of migrants as hostages in order to get that wall built. He has attempted to cover this despicable ...
make america great again

Letter: Is separating children making America great again?

Deseret News - 20 Jun 2018
Do we really feel good traumatizing children? How can we stand up to authoritarian regimes that commit human rights atrocities tomorrow if we fail to stand up for human rights today? Does caging the poorest and most desperate make America great again?
make america great again

England's Frank Turner urges: 'Make America great again'

San Francisco Examiner - 16 Jun 2018
On his seventh disc, 2018's “Be More Kind,” he became a protest singer again, easily coming up with songs such as “Don't Worry,” “Little Changes,” “Common Ground” and “Make America Great Again.” He says, “The world just required some comment, ...
make america great again

Tariffs Won't Make America Great Again

Seeking Alpha - 12 Jun 2018
Donald Trump made a big stink at the G-7 this past weekend because he refuses to understand the simple reality of the US trade situation and insists on promoting a populist trade position that makes little sense. I'm gonna keep this real simple, so ...
make america great again

Letter: Vote and truly make America great again

telegraphherald.com - 19 Jun 2018
Congress and senators have the power to make America great again! Why do most of our Congress and Senate remain silent while we: • Endure attitudes that degrade women and minority groups. • Have to listen to attitudes supporting white supremacy.
make america great again

Letter: Challenge Trump to live up to his pledge

Peoria Journal Star - 22 Jun 2018
President Trump ran for office and won on a “Make America Great Again” platform. One could argue that the United States of America was at its greatest when it helped rebuild war torn Western Europe (Marshall Plan) and Japan; how many countries helped ...
make america great again

How Donald Trump is making China, not America, great again

South China Morning Post - 16 Jun 2018
While the North Koreans offered nothing of substance to Trump – in fact they've conceded far more in one major accord after another since 1992, each of which collapsed – the Great Dealmaker stunned even his own people by giving away much more than ...
make america great again

Donald Trump endorses Martha Roby, overlooking prior criticism

Montgomery Advertiser - 22 Jun 2018
“Congresswoman Martha Roby of Alabama has been a consistent and reliable vote for our Make America Great Again Agenda,” the president wrote in a tweet. “She is in a Republican Primary run-off against a recent Nancy Pelosi voting Democrat.
make america great again

Sohn: Does harming children really make America great again?

Chattanooga Times Free Press - 19 Jun 2018
Local Republicans, if you take nothing else from the egregious fact that the Trump administration has opened concentration camps for Spanish-speaking children, please know that Donald Trump's insistence that a Democrat-passed law makes them do it is ...
make america great again

UMH Properties: Our Make America Great Again Pick

Seeking Alpha - 04 Jun 2018
Our Strong Buy rating is only used for defining the REITs that we believe have the catalysts to deliver 25% annual returns. It has taken a while for the broader market to come to appreciate the tremendous growth characteristics in the manufactured ...

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