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make america great again

"Make America Great Again", often abbreviated as MAGA or...

wikipedia - 10 Nov 2016
"Make America Great Again", often abbreviated as MAGA or #MAGA, is a campaign slogan used in American politics that originated with the President Ronald Reagan 1980 presidential campaign. Donald Trump subsequently applied for and received a US service mark for the slogan, which he then used in his 2016 presidential campaign.
make america great again

How the Midwest Will Make America Great. Again.

Crain's Chicago Business - 10 Dec 2018
If we're lucky, the midterm results signal something more transformative than just better prospects for Dems in the next election. They signal an era in which the ...
make america great again

Is America Great Again Yet?

RealClearPolitics - 11 Dec 2018
WASHINGTON -- OK, America, are we great again yet? Are we respected throughout the world? Are the Chinese quaking in their boots as we hike tariffs?
make america great again

Why You Can't Rake America Great Again

Outside - 20 Nov 2018
Suddenly, everyone on the Internet purports to be an expert in forest management. Various memes, rants, and ill-advised presidential opinions are seeking a ...
make america great again

Snake-Oil Economics

Foreign Affairs - 11 Dec 2018
Moore and Laffer's over-the-top enthusiasm for Trump's sketchy economic agenda is not likely to convince anyone not already sporting a "Make America Great ...
make america great again

Making America's wars great again

Salon - 12 Nov 2018
Here's a paradox of the last few decades: as American military power has been less and less effective in achieving Washington's goals, the rhetoric surrounding ...
make america great again

Will America be great again?

Morocco World News - 30 Nov 2018
Rabat – Yet, again, without its massive intervention during WWII with men, armor and funds Germany would have conquered Europe. American generosity and ...
make america great again

Trump Is Making America Great Again

The New York Times - 17 Sep 2018
In the video above, I argue that Donald Trump is in fact making America great again — by driving us to engage in our democracy as few presidents have.
make america great again

The Trump Rally: A Play in Three Acts

The New York Times - 12 Oct 2018
Part presidential ego boost, part political organizing tool and part WrestleMania, “Make America Great Again” rallies are the defining event of the Trump era: ...

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