Mystery Malaysia flight may have lost signal, gone hundreds of miles off course -
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Malaysia Airlines plane turns back after cockpit entry bid

BBC News - 31 May 2017
A Malaysia Airlines plane has been forced to turn back to Melbourne airport after a passenger tried to enter the cockpit. Flight MH128, bound for Kuala Lumpur, returned "due to a disruptive passenger", an airline statement said. The flight landed ...
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Malaysia flight bomb threat: did the police get it right?

ABC Online - 01 Jun 2017
Victoria Police have been under scrutiny today, defending their response to a bomb threat on a Malaysia Airlines plane which was turned back to Melbourne in the early hours of Thursday morning. The passengers on board of the flight have complained they ...
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Mentally Ill Man Threatened to Blow Up Malaysia Airlines Plane

Wall Street Journal (subscription) - 01 Jun 2017
CANBERRA, Australia—A man who threatened to blow up a Malaysia Airlines flight before being subdued by fellow passengers had a history of mental illness, Australian police said Thursday. Flight MH128 from Melbourne to Kuala Lumpur was forced to turn ...
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Bodies Found in Search for Missing Myanmar Plane

The Atlantic - 08 Jun 2017
Wednesday's events also closely resemble a prominent flight disaster that took place in March 2014, when Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 went missing on the path from Malaysia to Beijing. The plane reportedly crashed into the Indian Ocean, taking the ...
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Policemen storm Malaysia plane after bomb scare

Newburgh Gazette - 16 Jun 2017
"The objective in any serious incident like this is to get every member of the crew, every passenger off the plane safely, and that is what was able to be achieved". Malaysia Airlines together with the Australian authorities will be investigating the ...
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Malaysia Airlines jet diverted in Australia over bomb scare

Fox News - 31 May 2017
Flight MH128 was only a few minutes into a flight from Melbourne to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, late Wednesday when a 25-year-old Australian man attempted to enter the cockpit clutching an electronic device and created panic, Police Superintendent Tony ...
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Heavy Shaking Forces Plane to Make Emergency Landing

NBC 6 South Florida - 26 Jun 2017
An Air Asia flight from Australia to Malaysia was forced to turn around Sunday morning. The plane shook so violently, it caused something on the plane to break. Passengers on the plane took video showing the heavy shaking. Some passengers compared the ...
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In-flight terror — looks like we're on our own - 03 Jun 2017
As a passenger sitting on a plane with what we thought was a bomb, this wait time was excruciatingly unsettling.” Robert McDonald: “It's ridiculous with a potential bomber and a potential bomb on board. What was the delay?” The Malaysia Airlines flight ...
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Turnbull offers Malaysia help in new search for MH370

The Australian - 01 Jun 2017
Malcolm Turnbull has discussed with Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak the circumstances in which the hunt for Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 could be resumed, and said Australia stands ready to do “everything it can” to see it happen. The move comes ...

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