Can we please not make male rompers a thing? -
male rompers

Can we please not make male rompers a thing?

Fast Company - 18 May 2017
At first, we thought it was a joke. Farhad Manjoo tweeted about a brand called RompHim trying to make male rompers a thing with a Kickstarter campaign. The internet immediately started mocking it. The male romper was deemed the article of clothing for ...
male rompers

Why Everyone is Obsessing About the Men's Romper Trend

The Trend Spotter - 17 Aug 2017
If you haven't heard, male rompers are officially a thing. The internet is going nuts over the new style for men, and everyone has an opinion, be it positive or negative. But, before you start arguing whether this trend is modern and manly or tacky and ...
male rompers

The 6 Top Trends of Summer 2017

Fortune - 26 Jul 2017
Say hello to RompHim—the original male romper, which raked in $250,000 in pre-sales after 4 days on Kickstarter in early May. What makes it unique is the front zipper fly, which that makes it easier for men to use the restroom and more convenient for ...
male rompers

Why everyone is suddenly talking about male rompers

CNN - 17 May 2017
On social media, you may have noticed an explosion of romper-related jokes and assumed the stream of alarming political news had driven people into some sort of dissociative fugue state. Maybe! But it was also people discovering that a) male rompers ...
male rompers

​Dude Rompers Are the Stupidest Thing Ever Created

Men's Health - 16 May 2017
Their model Chip (OF COURSE HIS NAME IS CHIP) will help you with sizing. The ads show a lot of beverage guzzling, which poses a logistics problem women have suffered for years: How do you go to that bathroom in that thing? These male rompers have a ...
male rompers

5 Real Guys Put the Male Romper to the Test - 26 May 2017
A man bicycling around Columbus Circle stops his bike in the middle of traffic. "Is that a male romper? Are you fucking kidding me? You tell your fashion editors that male rompers are NOT FASHION," he shouts as we, and five men in rompers, make our way ...
male rompers

What is a romper and a RompHim? How are they different?

Metro - 25 May 2017
Some may argue that there's no need to distinguish the male version of a romper from the female – men and women can wear rompers, they're just rompers for men and rompers for women. Although the RompHim has been mocked on social media by some, ...
male rompers

Is the World Ready for Male Rompers? Because They're Happening

InStyle - 15 May 2017
ACED Design, a “group of business school friends who decided to try to bring something new to menswear,” has done just that with their latest creation: the male romper, aka the RompHim. Men's fashion will never be the same. The Illinois-based ...
male rompers

This Kim Jong-Un Male Romper Is The Stuff Of Nightmares

Konbini US - 16 Jun 2017
Forget 'socks and sandals' or jean short hybrids, the latest style abomination involves those male rompers you've seen everyone freaking out about. But it's about to get much worse. Website Get on Fleek is responsible for selling the nightmarish Kim ...
male rompers

'The Munsters' Reboot Will Be Set In Hipster Brooklyn

/FILM - 11 Aug 2017
The fish-out-of-water stories may work in The Munsters favor however, in distinguishing itself from the more well-known The Addams Family. Watching a vampire try cold brew coffee or navigating the world of male rompers already sounds like it has loads ...
male rompers

Men's Lace Separates Are the New Male Rompers

InStyle - 02 Jun 2017
The male romper, aka the RompHim, has met its slightly more practical match. Introducing lace shorts and tops combos for men from L.A.-based brand Hologram City. They have the sartorial flair of the viral RompHim, but trips to the bathroom are made ...
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Yes, guy rompers are a real thing. Here are 12 styles to consider

Los Angeles Times - 26 May 2017
The latest fuss about these all-in-one garments started earlier this month when a small team of entrepreneurs launched the RompHim, a male equivalent of the familiar women's romper, on the crowdfunding website Kickstarter. The RompHim set the Internet ...
male rompers

Male Rompers Allowed in the Capitol? Sen. Young Hopes So

Roll Call - 13 Jul 2017
(The male version is also sometimes referred to as a Bromper = Bro + Romper.) Indiana Republican Sen. Todd Young's response to Speaker Paul D. Ryansaying he was working on updating the Capitol's dress code was to tweet at fellow GOP Hoosier, Rep.
male rompers

Reebok Jumps Into the Male Romper Game With ReeRomp

XXLMAG.COM - 19 May 2017
The male romper has become a viral sensation. Earlier this week, Atlanta native Young Dro sent the internet in a frenzy when he posted a photo of himself on Instagram wearing what appeared to be a male romper, or what is being a dubbed a romphim, at ...

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