Can we please not make male rompers a thing? -
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Can we please not make male rompers a thing?

Fast Company - 18 May 2017
At first, we thought it was a joke. Farhad Manjoo tweeted about a brand called RompHim trying to make male rompers a thing with a Kickstarter campaign. The internet immediately started mocking it. The male romper was deemed the article of clothing for ...
male rompers

This Kim Jong-Un Male Romper Is The Stuff Of Nightmares

Konbini US - 16 Jun 2017
Forget 'socks and sandals' or jean short hybrids, the latest style abomination involves those male rompers you've seen everyone freaking out about. But it's about to get much worse. Website Get on Fleek is responsible for selling the nightmarish Kim ...
male rompers

Dog our rompers, but leave our cargo shorts alone

Pensacola News Journal - 12 Jun 2017
"Romper." Might as well add that it goes well with a wine spritzer and that spa gimmick where they put cucumbers on your eyes. Unless male rompers come in camouflage, there's a good segment of Pensacola men that just won't be interested. Though we did ...
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RompDad: My husband tried a male romper and this is what happened - 15 Jun 2017
A few weeks ago my coworkers and I got a crazy idea. TODAY's Style section had just run a story about the RompHim — a male romper designed with shirt pocket and zip fly — and we all wondered, "What if an everyday dad wore one of these around town?".
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We put NBA players in male rompers because someone had to - 08 Jun 2017
They're the ones who signed Kevin Durant and turned this postseason into the Red Wedding on hardwood, subsequently leading me to Photoshop male rompers onto NBA superstars in an attempt to feel some shred of joy as the NBA season comes to a ...
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Male rompers: are they coming soon?

BYU-I Scroll - 14 Jun 2017
If social trends in Rexburg follow the path the internet has set, male BYU-Idaho students may soon be frolicking around Rexburg in male rompers. A Kickstarter called RompHim began in mid-May. RompHim states on their Kickstarter page their rompers for ...
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Do Real Men Wear Rompers?

Study Breaks - 14 Jun 2017
Actually though, the male romper has been around for quite some time, and can be traced back to the 1960s when Sean Connery, the ultimate “man's man,” wore a romper in his cinematic role as James Bond. Should this fashion statement have been left to ...
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Now Men Can Wear Rompers With Pizza And Paper Cup Patterns

HuffPost - 05 Jun 2017
Ninety-five different patterns, to be exact. Getonfleek, an online clothing site, designs male rompers for $80-$100 that let men express — very loudly — who they truly are. You know, on the inside. For instance, if you're a bold guy who's totally ...
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Step aside Rompers, lacey shorts are the latest male fashion trend

KTNV Las Vegas - 01 Jun 2017
Step aside Rompers, lacey shorts are the latest male fashion trend. Kel Dansby. 8:49 AM, Jun 1, 2017. 11:31 AM, Jun 1, 2017. Share Article. Copyright 2017 Scripps Media, Inc. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten ...
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Kim Jong Un romper for men could be the worst thing ever

New York Post - 20 Jun 2017
Last week, online retailer GetOnFleek started selling this fashion statement emblazoned with a close-up of the North Korean leader for $79, reports NextShark. But now some social media users have accused the Orlando, Fla.-based company of glorifying a ...
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Baddie on the street: How New Yorkers really feel about male rompers

Kulture Hub (registration) - 15 Jun 2017
You already know how I feel about these male rompers, but we hit the streets of New York to get the people of the city's opinions on how they really feel about the matter. Our resident baddie Jenziino (and this kid named Eddie) hit up the Big Apple BBQ ...
male rompers

Downtown business reps weigh in on 'RompHim' trend

Frederick News Post (subscription) - 29 May 2017
In recent weeks, though, the romper trend has branched out from being a primarily female trend to the men's racks. Yes, male rompers are apparently a thing. And judging by the plethora of headlines that popped up when I typed in a quick Google search ...
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Forget The Male Romper, Lace Shorts For Men Are Now A Trend

The Inquisitr - 05 Jun 2017
Just weeks after male rompers befuddled the internet, lace shorts for men have become the newest menswear trend for the spring and summer season. The internet was buzzing when the male romper, known as the RompHim, became a fashion trend.

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