Apple Maps is being rebooted, but Google Maps has a huge adoption lead -

Detailed genome maps paths to better wheat

Science Magazine - 16 Aug 2018
The world's most widely planted cereal has also proved to be among the hardest to improve. Plant breeders vastly increased wheat yields during the Green Revolution of the 1960s, but since then efforts to improve the crop through traditional breeding or ...

'Battlefield V' Gamescom Trailer Shows New Maps, Gameplay

Variety - 16 Aug 2018
Electronic Arts released an official Gamescom trailer for its upcoming shooter “Battlefield V,” and it shows off some of the new maps and gameplay players can expect when the game launches Oct. 11. Titled “Devastation of Rotterdam,” the trailer is an ...

Tuesday's Primary Election, In Four Maps

Hartford Courant - 16 Aug 2018
For Tuesday's Democratic primary race for governor, a picture is worth 172,000 words — when that picture is a map of Ned Lamont's wall-to-wall drubbing of challenger Joe Ganim. Town-by-town maps typically illustrate pockets of strength and weakness ...

FEMA holds open house on new flood maps

Brownsville Herald - 16 Aug 2018
The Federal Emergency Management Agency held an open house Wednesday in Brownsville to share information on changes to Cameron County flood maps and encourage residents to be aware of their flood risk. New Flood Insurance Rate Maps took ...

From Maps to Megabytes: P2's Tobin Celebrates 90 Years

PR Newswire (press release) - 16 Aug 2018
Founded in 1928 in San Antonio, Texas, by Edgar G. Tobin, the company began capturing and interpreting aerial photography to create detailed maps for the burgeoning Texas oil industry. By 1930 the company had already mapped over 3,000 miles of ...

Arm Maps Out Attack on Intel Core i5

Tom's Hardware - 16 Aug 2018
Image credit: ArmIn an announcement today, Arm unveiled its roadmap of CPUs until 2020. Arm's new “laptop-class” chips aim to beat Intel's Core i5-U CPUs. Laptop-Class Performance. Arm and Arm chip makers such as Qualcomm have been taking aim at ...

How to Switch Between Google Maps and Apple Maps in iOS

Lifehacker - 14 Aug 2018
People generally tend to pick one mapping app for their phones and stick with it, but there are times you might need to pull up another app on your iPhone—perhaps you need to CarPlay your directions instead of having the Google Assistant shout them out.

Google Maps: Murderer's chilling memento spotted in Scottish field - 15 Aug 2018
Google Maps' satellite function Google Earth photographed a sinister sight from up high in Edinburgh, Scotland. It's a man made of stone lying spread-eagled on the grass, one arm above his head. Its limbs appear to be dissected too with several chunks ...

These maps show how much range America's wild animals have lost

Big Think - 16 Aug 2018
These maps suggest some interesting markers to get a sense of the discrepancy between our 'natural environment', and that of previous generations. They compare the geographic spread of cities and towns (1) in America named after native animals and the ...

Synopsis: 2D Maps of Solar Wind

Physics - 14 Aug 2018
The researchers are not the first to map solar wind velocities. However, previous studies did not fully characterize the solar wind velocity as a function of the Sun's latitude. Also, those studies either covered a time span much shorter than the full ...

Flood risk maps of Waterford River released

The Telegram - 16 Aug 2018
The provincial government announced Thursday it has released a flood risk mapping study of the Waterford River and its major tributaries. The flood risk mapping study, maps and GIS files are available at:

DARPA Wants to Make Underground Maps on the Fly

Defense One - 15 Aug 2018
The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is finalizing teams for its Subterranean Challenge, or SubT, a three-year competition to build systems that can rapidly map and search often treacherous underground areas. The agency on Thursday ...

Maps to Show Potential Districts

Livermore Independent - 16 Aug 2018
Maps showing the boundaries of four potential voting districts in Livermore will be available by August 31. In 2020, Livermore will switch from at-large to district voting to select city councilmembers. The mayor will still be chosen through a citywide ...

New OSU model maps drought-prone soils in NW forests

KTVZ - 16 Aug 2018
CORVALLIS, Ore. - Scientists have developed a new approach to modeling potentially drought-prone soils in Pacific Northwest forests, which could aid natural resource managers to prepare forested landscapes for a changing climate. The study, published ...

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