Google Maps Adds All UK Public Transit Routes -

Google Maps Adds All UK Public Transit Routes

PC Magazine - 12 May 2014
Those in the U.K. "can now check the best time and route for millions of departures for trains, tubes, trams, buses, and ferries every day," Google Maps Public Transit Product Manager David Tattersall wrote in a blog post Wednesday. "In total, 17,000 ...

View Strava workout maps in 3D thanks to Apple's ARKit

Engadget - 19 Sep 2017
The app will pull in your Strava data and place it on a 3D map that you can then "place" in the real world via Apple's ARKit and Mapbox tech. You can then see the route you ran or biked from all angles, moving your iOS device viewer to get a better ...

FEMA to release updated flood maps for Lackawanna - 19 Sep 2017
LACKAWANNA, N.Y. (WIVB) — Leaders in Lackawanna hope updated flood maps could result in fewer homeowners having to pay expensive insurance rates. FEMA plans to release an updated map of the “special flood hazard area” around Smoke Creek in ...

Method that Maps DNA Tags Reveals New Types of Neurons

Scientific American - 18 Sep 2017
A new technique classifies neurons by surveying chemical tags that turn genes on or off on the neurons' DNA1. The approach represents a new way to chart the brain's cellular diversity. It could reveal how patterns of chemical tags known as methyl ...

Stakeholders look to solve American Fork Canyon maps problem - 19 Sep 2017
Finding out where private and public property lines are drawn all depends on who drew the map. Mark Allen, founder of the American Fork Canyon Alliance, is working to update survey maps and property lines for all stakeholders in American Fork Canyon.

New Maps Available At Cleveland/Bradley Chamber Of Commerce

The Chattanoogan - 19 Sep 2017
Melinda McIntire from McIntire and Associates and Cleveland/Bradley Chamber of Commerce Ambassador chair, shown enjoying one of the new maps in First Street Square. The 2017 map features the bronze statue of Cleveland's namesake, American ...

Analysis: Forget about new political maps — probably

Texas Tribune - 15 Sep 2017
The nation's highest court says Texas should use the political maps it already has in place while litigation over those maps continues. But the courts have been known to change the maps in the middle of election years. by Ross Ramsey Sept. 15, 2017 12 AM.

Google is bringing video reviews to Google Maps

TechCrunch - 14 Sep 2017
We're still very far away from real-time Google Street View or satellite imagery on Google Maps, but Google is, for the first time, introducing video in parts of its mapping service. Users who are part of the company's Local Guides program can now ...

Wyoming maps out sites for alternative vehicle fueling

Equipment World Magazine - 18 Sep 2017
“The new layer option on our 511 travel information map will help alternative fuel drivers plan their trips in Wyoming,” says Vince Garcia, ITS/GIS program manager. “This is a vital service that WYDOT is providing to travelers now that more people are ...

Mapping Harvey's Impact on Houston's Homeowners

CityLab - 18 Sep 2017
The third map shows the flooding in low-income communities, who may not be able to afford the added cost of storm proofing or of flood insurance, if their homes are now deemed at-risk for future floods. Black and brown residents, who were just starting ...

Japan's Pioneer teams up with digital mapping company HERE

KFGO - 19 Sep 2017
FRANKFURT (Reuters) - Pioneer and digital mapping group HERE said on Tuesday they had agreed to invest in one another so the companies can develop maps for autonomous driving services. They said they aimed to develop car infotainment and ...

Hurricane Maria Tracker & Path Maps 2017: Where Is the Storm? - 17 Sep 2017
Hurricane Maria is being closely watched because her path, at least in the early stages, resembles that of Irma. However, Maria's path, in some of the latest trackers and models, shows her veering to the north and missing the U.S. Maria is expected to ...

Google quietly added a new video feature to Google Maps

Mashable - 15 Sep 2017
Google has added a new video feature to accompany its mapping service, the company announced. Now, when you search a destination, you'll be able to find video footage of the location in the section of the map where you usually see user-submitted ...

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