Marianne Ihlen (18 May 1935 – 28 July 2016)[nb 1] was a Norwegi... -
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Marianne Ihlen (18 May 1935 – 28 July 2016)[nb 1] was a Norwegi...

wikipedia - 14 Nov 2016
Marianne Ihlen (18 May 1935 – 28 July 2016)[nb 1] was a Norwegian woman who was the first wife of author Axel Jensen and later the muse and girlfriend of Leonard Cohen for several years in the 1960s. She was the subject of Cohen's 1967 track "So Long, Marianne", in which he sang that she "held on to me like I was a crucifix as we went kneeling through the dark".
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My lunch with Marianne Ihlen

The Guardian - 21 Aug 2016
Marianne Ihlen's house was high above the town of Hydra, next to one of the tiny roads that wind up from the port where, back in 1973, the steam ferries ended their journey from Piraeus. The island had defied the tide of mass tourism, and the ...
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Marianne Ihlen, Leonard Cohen's muse – obituary - 19 Aug 2016
Soon afterwards the husband sailed away and, as Cohen commented later: “I had no idea that I would spend the next decade with this man's wife.” Marianne Ihlen was born in Larkollen, Norway, on May 18 1935, to a traditional Norwegian family. At the age ...
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Marianne Ihlen: More than Leonard Cohen's muse

Montreal Gazette - 14 Aug 2016
“Our bodies are falling apart and I think I will follow you very soon,” Leonard Cohen wrote in a note to Marianne Ihlen, composed and sent within two hours of being told that his former lover and muse, suffering from leukemia, was in a hospital in ...
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Marianne Ihlen

The Times - 26 Aug 2016
When Leonard Cohen heard that Marianne Ihlen was dying of leukaemia, he wrote to thank her for the “beauty” and “wisdom” of her life. The letter was a fitting coda to the song So Long, Marianne, which he had written for her half a century earlier and ...
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Leonard Cohen's muse Marianne Ihlen dies at age 81

Toronto Star - 04 Aug 2016
A tribute post cites the “overwhelming response from those who knew Marianne well, those who knew her only as Leonard Cohen's muse, and even those who previously didn't know there was a 'real Marianne.' ” Ihlen and Cohen met on the Greek island of ...
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Sylvie Simmons

Télé - 12 Jun 2018
Marianne Ihlen, la blonde muse norvégienne rencontrée sur l'île grecque d'Hydra où le poète, en quête d'un refuge, passa une grande partie des années 1960, entre la fièvre d'écrire et le relâchement des fêtes. Et encore Phil Spector, maestro fortuit d ...
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My album of the year: Leonard Cohen's valediction

Cherwell Online - 09 Jan 2018
Marianne first met Cohen when they were both on the Greek Island of Hydra, where Cohen had gone in the early 1960s to escape the unromantic modern world and lead a monastic, medieval existence. Or so he hoped. A lifetime later, Cohen addresses his ...
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Leonard Cohen pays tribute to his former muse, Marianne Ihlen - 03 Aug 2016
Leonard Cohen has paid tribute to his former muse, Marianne Ihlen, who died last week. According to her friend, the filmmaker Jan Christian Mollestad, Ihlen passed away on July 28 at Diakonhjemmets Hospital in Oslo, reportedly less than a week after ...
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Flashback: Leonard Cohen Performs 'So Long Marianne' in 1979 - 11 Aug 2016
Shortly before Leonard Cohen's 1960s-era muse Marianne Ihlen died from leukemia late last month, he sent her a very touching letter. "Well Marianne, it's come to this time when we are really so old and our bodies are falling apart and I think I will ...
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Thinking of Marianne Ihlen & Leonard Cohen

Patheos (blog) - 30 Jul 2016
About a week ago Marianne Ihlen was diagnosed with leukemia, and died on Thursday. She is believed to be about eighty or eighty-one. She and Leonard Cohen had a long-time romance, and she inspired several of his songs, most famously So Long, ...
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Contacts: Leonard Cohen meets his muse in Greece

The Times - 19 Nov 2016
Marianne Ihlen was a free-spirited Norwegian who had moved to Hydra two years previously with her husband, the Norwegian writer Axel Jensen, and her son Axel Jensen Jr, but by the time she was pictured here, alongside baby Axel, Cohen and the ...
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Hallelujah! Tower of Song: A Memorial Tribute to Leonard Cohen

Communities Digital News - 02 Nov 2017
MONTREAL, CANADA November 1, 2017 – If we believe in the poet, we believe that in death we will find those that we loved and that left before us. Leonard Cohen died just about a year ago, on November 7, 2017. Posting to Facebook, the family of Leonard ...
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Leonard Cohen Makes It Darker

The New Yorker - 10 Oct 2016
Here and there, Cohen caught glimpses of a beautiful Norwegian woman. Her name was Marianne Ihlen, and she had grown up in the countryside near Oslo. Her grandmother used to tell her, “You are going to meet a man who speaks with a tongue of gold.
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One Year Without Cohen: Leonard's Bohemian Paradise on Hydra

Greek Reporter - 06 Nov 2017
It's hard to believe it's already been a year since Leonard Cohen's passing. A year without the great poet, writer, composer and performer whose life was transformed by his interaction with Greek culture on the small island of Hydra. On September 27 ...

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