Maria Butina: Accused Russian spy who allegedly offered sex for power -
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Billionaire Backer of Maria Butina Had Russian Security Ties

New York Times - 21 Sep 2018
The oligarch, Konstantin Nikolaev, emerged in July as the enigmatic backer of Maria Butina, the activist charged with conspiring to use the National Rifle Association to cultivate Republicans in the United States. Mr. Nikolaev has acknowledged ...
mariia butina

Court artist draws everyone from Manafort to RGB

Danbury News Times - 18 Oct 2018
Art Lien arrives early to Courtroom 9 inside the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia. It's a Monday in September, and a hearing has been scheduled in the case of accused Russian spy Maria Butina. From his seat in the empty jury box, Lien ...
mariia butina

Accused Russian Spy Thwarted in Bid for School Records

Courthouse News Service - 05 Oct 2018
Chutkan's order comes after several unnamed American University students balked at Butina's subpoenas, which they say they received in the mail. The subpoenas asked for student rosters for the classes Butina attended at the university, but gave no ...
mariia butina

Treasury agent charged with leaking Russia probe information

JURIST - 18 Oct 2018
The illegally disclosed SARs pertained to, among other things, Paul Manafort, Richard Gates, the Russian Embassy, Mariia Butina, and Prevezon Alexander. EDWARDS had access to each of the pertinent SARs and saved them – along with thousands of ...
mariia butina

Accused Russian Spy Presses Feds for Arrest Docs, Other Records

Courthouse News Service - 15 Oct 2018
WASHINGTON (CN) – Accused Russian spy Maria Butina on Sunday filed a letter requesting the government turn over criminal records, arrest reports and details on witnesses prosecutors might use to build their case against her. The eight-page discovery ...
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Defense for Accused Russian Spy Defend Bid for School Records

Courthouse News Service - 24 Sep 2018
Butina has pleaded not guilty to charges of conspiracy to act as a foreign agent and acting as a foreign agent, and insists she is just a student. Her indictment includes a spelling variation for her first name, Mariia. Butina will next appear in court ...
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Judge Rears Up at Accused Spy for Subpoenaing School

Courthouse News Service - 21 Sep 2018
In each, unnamed graduate students describe receiving a copy of the subpoena in the mail, and say it asks for student rosters for the classes Butina attended at American University. “The subpoena gives no reason for the request,” the motion says.
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Spies like Maria Butina can have a profound impact on history

USA TODAY - 27 Sep 2018
In July, Maria Butina was arrested by the FBI on charges of conspiring to act as a foreign agent. Prosecutors said the 29-year-old Russian had been in contact with Russian intelligence operatives. The CIA's infamous spy-catcher James Jesus Angleton ...
mariia butina

Accused Russian Spy Clarifies Request for School Records

Courthouse News Service - 12 Oct 2018
WASHINGTON (CN) – Accused Russian agent Maria Butina urged a federal judge Friday to allow her to seek information from the university she attended that she claims will help her evaluate the government's case against her. The request came in a 3-page ...

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