In sociology and psychology, mass hysteria (also known as co... -
mass hysteria

In sociology and psychology, mass hysteria (also known as co...

wikipedia - 13 Sep 2016
In sociology and psychology, mass hysteria (also known as collective hysteria, group hysteria, or collective obsessional behavior) is a phenomenon that transmits collective illusions of threats, whether real or imaginary, through a population in society as a result of rumors and fear (memory acknowledgment).
mass hysteria

US Congressmen Arrive in Cuba to Address 'Sonic Attacks'

teleSUR English - 20 Feb 2018
Lieutenant Colonel Jose Alazo dismissed the U.S. hypothesis of a sonic attack against its diplomats on Cuban soil as nothing more than “science fiction” adding that “it's impossible.” Mark Hallett, head of the human motor control section of the U.S ...
mass hysteria

A devastating depiction of a broken marriage and society

SFGate - 21 Feb 2018
Much of the movie is devoted to the efforts by the mother and father — Zhenya (Maryana Spivak) and Boris (Aleksey Rosin) — to discover his fate, though in reality they have precious little use for the youngster. At the same time, the filmmaker builds ...
mass hysteria

Dengvaxia scare causes 'mass hysteria' in Cotabato school

Manila Bulletin - 27 Jan 2018
Kidapawan City – At least 36 high school students from a public school in North Cotabato complained of head and stomachaches after partaking of ferrous sulfate or iron supplements the health staff gave them on Friday, an official from the Cotabato ...
mass hysteria

Around the Canyon: Week of Feb. 21

Grand Canyon News - 20 Feb 2018
A teenage girl and her little brother must survive a wild 24 hours during which a mass hysteria of unknown origins causes parents to turn violently on their own kids. Enjoy this recently released DVD movie on the Rec Center's 14' wide screen. Free ...
mass hysteria

Gun Control Hysteria Sweeps the Left

Power Line (blog) - 20 Feb 2018
There was no serious likelihood that someone like Nikolas Cruz would be locked away for the rest of his life, for fear that he may act on his expressed desire to be a mass murderer. Maybe this should change, but many on the Left (and right, for that ...
mass hysteria

Weekend of school threats leads to criminal charges in West Virginia

Charleston Gazette-Mail - 19 Feb 2018
“What we have is some mass hysteria generated by constant bombardment of the issue in the news and on social media,” Vititoe said. “Copycat” shooters are a legitimate concern, and Vititoe said parents are rightfully concerned. However, with help from ...
mass hysteria

Would the railway-tie hysteria of 2010 be different now?

CFJC Today Kamloops - 17 Feb 2018
But it was a false victory built on mass hysteria that painted a picture of toxic smoke bellowing into our air shed, with a basic message that we were all gonna die. The fact was that Sigurdson had a green answer to the railway tie issue, a promise of ...
mass hysteria

Peter Staley of ACT UP coming to KU to advocate activism

The Keystone Newspaper - 21 Feb 2018
This mass hysteria over the mysterious deaths pushed Herr to leave NYC before ACT UP had formed. Due to lack of acknowledgment, the cause of the outbreak and the way it was transmitted was unknown. “It's because of [Staley], because of ACT UP, that ...
mass hysteria

Merchants of Death: America's Toxic Cult of Violence Turns Deadly

Gilmer Mirror - 20 Feb 2018
This breakdown—triggered by polarizing circus politics, media-fed mass hysteria, militarization and militainment (the selling of war and violence as entertainment), a sense of hopelessness and powerlessness in the face of growing corruption, the ...

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