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masterchef (u.s. season 7)

Chicago nutritionist competing on 'MasterChef' again

Chicago Tribune - 10 May 2017
Meade also made it to the top 40 on Season 7. She served a pan-seared scallop with a butternut squash puree to the judges, who didn't pick her to advance to the top 20. The top 40 of Season 8 also features addiction counselor Eboni Henry, who lived on ...
masterchef (u.s. season 7)

TV News Roundup: Joe Bastianich Returns to 'MasterChef Junior'

Variety - 20 Sep 2017
Former “MasterChef” and “MasterChef Junior” host Joe Bastianich will return as a permanent judge to Season 6 of “MasterChef Junior,” which will air during the 2017-18 season on Fox. Bastianich will also join chefs Gordon Ramsay, Christina Tosi and ...
masterchef (u.s. season 7)

Newton talks elimination from MasterChef

Stephenville Empire-Tribune - 25 Aug 2017
Asked about this MasterChef experience as a whole, Newton said, “It was incredible. The show was a gateway for me to raise $30,000 plus for people and a semi or two truckloads of food for food banks. We helped a lot of people. The last I heard was that ...
masterchef (u.s. season 7)

Did Chicago nutritionist win spot in top 20 of 'MasterChef?'

Chicago Tribune - 08 Jun 2017
The 26-year-old Ukrainian Village resident faced Texas digital marketer Taylor Waltmon, another castoff from Season 7. They had 45 minutes to make a salmon dish for the judges. "Skin is crispy, tastes delicious and sort of melts in your mouth. Broth is ...
masterchef (u.s. season 7)

Newton native 'wicked excited' to be in 'MasterChef' season finale - 20 Sep 2017
He auditioned for MasterChef during an open casting call in Boston last year, according to Wicked Local Newton. In his interview with Metro, Wang also gave some recommendations for Boston's “amazing” food scene–particularly Hei La Moon for dim sum, ...
masterchef (u.s. season 7)

'MasterChef' Recap: Who Flips Out During the Cannoli Challenge?

BuddyTV (blog) - 03 Aug 2017
There's 14 contestants left in season 8 of MasterChef, and as Gordon points out, the strong are getting stronger, and the weak are getting weeded out. And that's just what happens during the cannoli pressure test. And while just one person is sent home ...
masterchef (u.s. season 7)

'MasterChef' Preview: Shaun O'Neale is Back!

TVInsider - 08 Aug 2017
Winning a televised culinary competition is a difficult task, and no one knows this better than MasterChef Season 7 winner, Shaun O'Neale. In this exclusive clip from the Aug. 9 episode, the former Las Vegas DJ stops by the MasterChef kitchen to offer ...

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