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Mayweather Unleashes Jabs and Punch Lines

New York Times - 04 May 2014
LAS VEGAS — Already annoyed that the discourse after his latest victory had veered toward a controversy over his opponent's gloves, Floyd Mayweather Jr. shot a stiff glare at a man who shouted at him during his postfight news conference Saturday night.
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Floyd Mayweather's assistant gifts him $20K paddleboard

Page Six - 25 May 2018
Floyd Mayweather must be the greatest boss ever. An insider told Page Six that his assistant commissioned a custom paddleboard from Brittney Palmer for his 41st birthday on Feb. 24. The artist charged between $15,000 and $20,000 for the gift. The board ...
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Floyd Mayweather hits $100K video poker jackpot

Las Vegas Review-Journal - 15 May 2018
Mayweather collected $101,250 playing on a “Ten Play Draw Poker” machine on Sunday. The 50-0 boxer announced his six-figure jackpot in his Instagram story, although he did not name the casino. Knowing Mayweather, he probably didn't cash his winning ...
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Watch Floyd Mayweather turn $20000 into a $101250 video poker win

Business Insider - 17 May 2018
Floyd Mayweather recorded a video of a successful video poker session. The retired boxer, renowned for his "Money" nickname, played $25 hands in "Ten Play Draw Poker" and somehow managed to scoop $101,250. The winnings are mere pocket change ...

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