Meagan Good responds to leaked nude photos: 'You should be ashamed' -
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Meagan Good responds to leaked nude photos: 'You should be ashamed'

New York Daily News - 21 Sep 2014
Meagan Good is speaking out after having her private photos stolen and posted online. The "Think Like A Man" actress, 33, confirmed the authenticity of photos stolen from her smartphone and posted to share sites Reddit and in an apparently ...
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12 Celebs Who Pledged Not To Have Sex Before Marriage

Romper - 15 Mar 2018
No matter how much you are into celebrity gossip, everyone loves knowing who is hooking up with who. Don't be ashamed, we can't help ourselves. But what about those celebs who aren't hooking up with anyone. No, not because they can't get it, but ...
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Local county one of fastest growing counties in Kansas

KSNT News - 10 Mar 2018
POTTAWATOMIE COUNTY, Kan. (KSNT) - Pottawatomie County continues to be one of the fastest growing counties in the state. Since 2010, they had a good turnout from business owners and community members giving ideas and insight to improve the county ...
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Is A Baby On The Way For Meagan Good? - 10 Jan 2018
Good recently celebrated her fifth wedding anniversary with her husband —who's a producer and preacher— by conquering her fear of heights with a romantic hot-air balloon ride. Still gushing, the Franklins have always been transparent about their ...
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This is why celibacy is a good idea for your relationship

The Standard - 11 Mar 2018
In today's century, individuals are engaging in sex like it's nothing but just a game. Sex was created to be sacred for two individuals that have been married but did you know it's not sacred anymore. If children as young as nine years are engaging in ...
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The Secret Behind Meagan Good's Goddess Locs

Refinery29 - 17 Nov 2017
Meagan Good has starred in plenty of iconic movies over the years, but a personal favorite is her role in 2004's You Got Served. (Do not act like you haven't binged the B2K movie at least once.) She played the role of Beautifull, and made sure that ...
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Why Meagan Good Stopped Cooking As Much For Her Husband - 14 Sep 2017
When Meagan Good and DeVon Franklin tied the knot, she wined and dined her man to keep him happy. But as duty called the actress back to set, her time away from home taught them each a valuable lesson about what they each bring to the table and their ...
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Baby Fever: Is Meagan Good Up Next? - 11 Jan 2018
The duo recently celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary by conquering Good's fear of heights with a pretty romantic hot-air balloon ride. “Being married is one of the most selfless things you can do if you do it the right way, especially as a ...
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Meagan Good Has Been Rocking The Chicest Haircut All Summer - 29 Aug 2017
[BLANK_AUDIO] Star of the new Lifetime movie, Love By the Tenth Date, please welcome Meagan Good back to the Essence Live family. Hello, hello. Hello, hello. Okay, your hair is fierce. Thank you. It's fabulous. Talk to me about it. What inspired you to ...

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