Megan Huntsman's Shocking Twist: 7 Dead Babies Were Not Her Husband's -
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Meghan McCain taking a break from 'The View'

The Business Journals - 19 Sep 2018
"The View's" 22nd season premiered on ABC Sept. 4. Co-host Abby Huntsman said on the show, “Meghan is like a sister to me and this was the hardest thing she has ever been through,” People reported. “Her dad was her best friend, her dad was everything.”.
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'The View' Announces Abby Huntsman as Its New Cohost - 28 Aug 2018
After weeks of speculation, ABC announced Tuesday Abby Huntsman will be the newest cohost of The View when the show comes back in September. She'll join Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Sunny Hostin, and Meghan McCain on the long-running talk show ...
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Utah woman gets max for deaths of six newborns

CBS News - 20 Apr 2015
SALT LAKE CITY - A Utah woman who pleaded guilty to killing six of her newborn babies and storing their bodies in her garage has been sentenced to up to life in prison. A judge handed down the maximum sentence Monday to 40-year-old Megan Huntsman ...
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Abby Huntsman Is Leaving Fox News and Reportedly Joining 'The View' - 10 Aug 2018
Abby Huntsman is leaving Fox News and is reportedly about to join The View, making her the second conservative host at the table of the ABC talk show, Deadline reports. Fox News confirmed this weekend will be Huntsman's last cohosting Fox & Friends ...
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Husband denied knowing of dead babies in Utah garage

CBS News - 23 Jun 2015
PROVO, Utah - Investigators had a hard time believing a man didn't know his wife killed six of their babies and stored them in their garage, but they didn't have any evidence to pursue charges and eventually concluded he may have been so high on drugs ...
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5 Mothers Convicted Of Killing Their Newborn Children

Oxygen (blog) - 11 May 2018
Megan Huntsman. Over a period of a decade, Megan Huntsman of Pleasant Grove, Utah, gave birth to six infants. She was convicted of killing of all of them. All six were asphyxiated, according to the Salt Lake Tribune. In 2015, before she was sentenced, ...
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Utah woman admits killing 6 babies inside home, authorities say

Fox News - 14 Apr 2014
According to a probable cause statement released by police Monday, Megan Huntsman, 39, said that between 1996 and 2006, she gave birth to at least seven babies at her home and that all but one of them were born alive. The statement said each baby was ...
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One Mother, 7 Dead Newborns and a Stunned Community in Utah

New York Times - 27 Apr 2014
PLEASANT GROVE, Utah — For Megan Huntsman, life was a miserable struggle. Her marriage decayed into substance abuse and violence, she told people close to her. Her ailing father's suicide pitched her into despair and heavy drinking. Illness ravaged ...
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Utah Mom Pleads Guilty to Killing Six Babies

People Magazine - 12 Feb 2015
Megan Huntsman, the Utah woman who was arrested last year after the grisly discovery of seven dead babies in her garage, has pleaded guilty to murder. It all began when her estranged husband, Darren West, found an infant's body while he was cleaning ...
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Report: Utah woman allegedly hid pregancies of living kids, too

CBS News - 18 Apr 2014
PLEASANT GROVE, Utah - Megan Huntsman, the Utah woman accused of killing six infants she birthed between 1996 and 2006, is suspected of hiding the pregnancies not just of her dead children, but also those of two of her three living daughters, Pleasant ...
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Police: Meth addiction led Utah mom to kill 6 newborns

USA TODAY - 09 Jul 2014
A Utah mother killed six of her newborns because she was addicted to methamphetamine and couldn't cope with caring for the children, police said Tuesday. It's the first time that authorities have cited a motive in the case of 39-year-old Megan Huntsman ...

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