Melissa Harris-Perry apologizes for Romney grandchild jokes: Sincere? -
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Melissa Harris-Perry apologizes for Romney grandchild jokes: Sincere?

Christian Science Monitor - 31 Dec 2013
On Sunday MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry ran a segment that has landed her, her employer, and her guests in a lot of trouble. It involved a panel of comedians commenting on photos of the year, and things went off the rails when a picture of former ...
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Changes to Code of Conduct may limit student protest

Old Gold & Black - 22 Sep 2017
Melissa Harris-Perry, the executive director of the Pro Humanitate Institute and founding director of the Anna Julia Cooper Center, has been very outspoken on social media in response to the proposed revisions. Harris-Perry took to her Twitter and ...
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Higher Education Notebook

Winston-Salem Journal - 03 Sep 2017
“As a result, the events in Charlottesville are deeply personal as well as political,” Harris-Perry said. “It means a great deal to have an opportunity to bring these incisive, crucial voices together for an open, productive, engaging conversation at ...
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Tracy Clayton's 2017 So Far: Therapy, Forts and Auto Bill Pay

WNYC - 06 Sep 2017
Back in January, I interviewed Tracy Clayton, who writes for Buzzfeed and is the co-host of the podcast Another Round. We talked about the long thread of New Year's resolutions she'd tweeted out for everyone to see—everything from getting her taxes ...
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Diverse panel speaks about Charlottesville

Winston-Salem Chronicle - 14 Sep 2017
The panel was moderated by Melissa Harris-Perry, WFU professor and director of the Pro Humanitate Institute. Because of her deep ties to Charlottesville, there couldn't have been a better choice to moderate the conversation than Harris-Perry. According ...
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The Racism Heard Round The World

HuffPost - 04 Sep 2017
African American journalist Melissa Harris-Perry said after the election. For most of American history, racism has been a prerequisite to win the American presidency. One had to actually demonstrate one's racism to become the American president.
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Melissa Harris-Perry: How to Save the NAACP From Irrelevance

New York Times - 30 May 2017
The N.A.A.C.P. announced two weeks ago that it will replace its current president as part of the latest effort to revitalize itself. That won't solve the problem. Instead, it shows that its bloated 64-member board of directors has little understanding ...
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How #SquadCare Saved My Life - 24 Jul 2017
On Instagram, #selfcare makes for good content. Users have tagged over 2.5 million posts—acai bowls, atmospheric candles, yoga mats, green juice—with the hashtag. Over 75,000 people are practicing it on #selfcaresunday, and more than 25,000 photos ...

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