Melissa Harris-Perry apologizes for Romney grandchild jokes: Sincere? -
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Melissa Harris-Perry apologizes for Romney grandchild jokes: Sincere?

Christian Science Monitor - 31 Dec 2013
On Sunday MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry ran a segment that has landed her, her employer, and her guests in a lot of trouble. It involved a panel of comedians commenting on photos of the year, and things went off the rails when a picture of former ...
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How #SquadCare Saved My Life - 24 Jul 2017
On Instagram, #selfcare makes for good content. Users have tagged over 2.5 million posts—acai bowls, atmospheric candles, yoga mats, green juice—with the hashtag. Over 75,000 people are practicing it on #selfcaresunday, and more than 25,000 photos ...
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Freedom Fund Luncheon Speakers: Democratic Party Must Change

Memphis Daily News - 26 Jun 2017
Wake Forest University professor and former MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry told the group that the nation's problems can't be fixed “simply by changing personnel.” And like Ford, she said it is not enough for Democrats to work on changing who occupies ...
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Strange Obsessions

National Review - 19 Jul 2017
Democrats are funny about that sort of thing: See Melissa Harris-Perry's tampon earrings, etc. That was the big moment for Texas Democrats, who were sure that Davis's bringing the issue of abortion to the center of . . . state politics in Texas ...
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Saturday-Wednesday: NAACP National Convention

Baltimore City Paper - 19 Jul 2017
In late May, writer and professor Melissa Harris-Perry wrote an op-ed in the New York Times titled 'How to Save the N.A.A.C.P. From Irrelevance.' “Today, it is safe to be a member of the N.A.A.C.P. It is also inconsequential,” she wrote. She said the ...
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Who decides for children? Parents or government? - 18 Jul 2017
Whether it's asserting the rights of children or the superiority of the collective, progressive activists are outwardly calling for parents to have less influence in the lives of their children. In 2013, then-MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry sparked ...
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Melissa Harris-Perry: How to Save the NAACP From Irrelevance

New York Times - 30 May 2017
The N.A.A.C.P. announced two weeks ago that it will replace its current president as part of the latest effort to revitalize itself. That won't solve the problem. Instead, it shows that its bloated 64-member board of directors has little understanding ...
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Melissa Harris-Perry: We still 'live in 'Merica'

USA TODAY - 20 Jan 2017
When Melissa Harris-Perry took the stage at Busboys and Poets' Peace Ball in Washington Thursday night, all she could think about were her students — and the mythologies they were taught. Referencing the 2016 election cycle, the Wake Forest University ...
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Decatur fills administrative positions

The Decatur Daily - 25 Jul 2017
A unanimous school board approved Superintendent Michael Douglas' recommendation to employ Tiffany Spencer as principal at Austinville Elementary, Emily Harris as assistant principal at Austin High and Mark Christopher as assistant at Decatur High.

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