The men's rights movement (MRM) is a part of the larger ... -
men's rights movement

The men's rights movement (MRM) is a part of the larger ...

wikipedia - 23 Nov 2017
The men's rights movement (MRM) is a part of the larger men's movement. It branched off from the men's liberation movement in the early 1970s. The men's rights movement is made up of a variety of groups and individuals who focus on numerous social issues (including family law, parenting, reproduction, domestic violence) and government services (including education, compulsory military service, social safety nets, and health policies), which men's rights advocates say discriminate against men.
men's rights movement

'Men's rights movement': A cover for violent misogyny

People's World - 23 Oct 2018
Often under the banner of “men's rights,” the movement is promoted by a collection of writers and YouTube broadcasters spreading reactionary and anti-feminist propaganda. Male misogynist online activity has also been linked to a number of terrorist ...
men's rights movement

How The Men's Rights Movement Hurts Male Survivors Of Sexual Assault

Feminism in India (blog) - 28 Oct 2018
Posted by Tejas Subramaniam. Content warning: This article is about sexual assault. It contains frequent references to sexual harassment and sexual assault. The men's rights movement claims to campaign against the supposed 'oppression' of men and ...
men's rights movement

The looking glass world of angry men

Livemint - 11 Nov 2018
Rajbhar has just anointed himself as the icon of a fledgling movement in India—the men's rights activists (MRAs). While the demand for a commission is recent, the men's rights movement is fairly entrenched, with its call to make all laws gender ...
men's rights movement

Controversial film on men's rights movement to air in Red Deer - 24 Oct 2018
A controversial independent film about the men's rights movement is being shown in Red Deer this weekend. The Red Pill is being shown Saturday (Oct. 27) at 1 p.m. at the Snell Auditorium, downstairs at the downtown branch of the Red Deer Public Library.
men's rights movement

Men should not be left out of the equality fight

The Orion - 17 Oct 2018
Paternity and father's rights are a big part of the Men's Rights Movement (MRM). While equal custody is commonly preferred by all genders, women still receive primary custody 68-88 percent of the time compared to only 8-14 percent of fathers, according ...
men's rights movement

Subversive adventure packed with black humour

The Sydney Morning Herald - 06 Nov 2018
With arias that might have been written by the men's rights movement, bizarre performance art confected with plastic trash, a campy cinematic soundscape and lush visual projections, it's a subversive adventure packed with black comic deflation and ...
men's rights movement

The Men's Rights Movement Now Has Its Own Law Firm

Daily Beast - 06 Sep 2018
The National Coalition for Men, a men's rights organization based in Southern California, has formed the beginnings of an all-volunteer law firm seeking to change legal systems that it claims are discriminatory against men on the state, federal, and ...
men's rights movement

Jordan Peterson and the return of the men's rights movement

Washington Post - 24 Jul 2018
It's time to bring back the patriarchy. That, anyway, is the argument of a new generation of men's rights activists, who have diagnosed the primary problem of our time as the oppression of men, an oppression, they argue, that has had deadly consequences.
men's rights movement

A Fight for Men's Rights, in California Courts

New York Times - 13 Jul 2018
SAN DIEGO — Rich Allison is a former Marine Corps captain who was never in combat. Now he is on the front lines of the culture wars. Mr. Allison, 47, is a key player in a movement of men's rights activists challenging female-focused businesses ...
men's rights movement

How German women obtained the right to vote 100 years ago

Deutsche Welle - 12 Nov 2018
They also took on men's jobs in factories, "so it had become much more difficult to explain why they still couldn't vote," the historian says. Just before the war ended, women's suffrage supporters thought they had ...
men's rights movement

Inside the Growing Men's Rights Movement in India

VICE - 18 Jul 2018
In the early 2000s, India started to push toward gender equality with new laws aimed at protecting women from sexual assault and marital financial conflicts. But as protections for women grow stronger, some men in the country have started to mobilize, ...

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