Third case of MERS respiratory virus confirmed in the US -
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Third case of MERS respiratory virus confirmed in the US

The Verge - 17 May 2014
There are now three confirmed cases of the MERS virus in the US. The US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) announced today that an unidentified Illinois man tested positive for the deadly respiratory virus yesterday, two weeks after the first confirmed ...
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Woman visitor to Dubai suspected to have MERS virus

Hong Kong Standard (press release) - 04 Jul 2018
A woman who had been on a camel ride in Dubai and now in a stable condition at Princess Margaret Hospital is being treated as a suspected case of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS), health officials say. The Centre for Health Protection, again ...
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MERS Vaccine Candidate Showed Positive Phase 1 Results

PrecisionVaccinations - 05 Jul 2018
In preclinical testing, INO-4700 induced 100% protection from a live virus challenge in a rhesus macaque, non-human, primate study. In collaboration with GeneOne Life Science, Inovio plans to begin a Phase 1/2 study for MERS in the third quarter of 2018.
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For MERS, Two Drugs Are Better Than One

Asian Scientist Magazine - 21 Jun 2018
MERS-CoV remains a major problem in the Middle East, where infection is associated with a mortality rate of up to 39 percent. As it is related to the SARS virus, MERS is regarded by the World Health Organization as one of the more concerning threats to ...
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News Scan for Jun 27, 2018

CIDRAP - 27 Jun 2018
Currently, there are no drugs or treatments approved for use against Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV), which has sickened at least 2,200 people since the virus was first detected in humans in 2012, 790 of them fatally.
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Virus Mers-CoV Intai Jamaah Haji, Hindari Selfie dengan Unta

Okezone - 18 Jul 2018
MADINAH - Jamaah haji Indonesia selama di tanah suci diminta untuk tidak memaksakan diri melakukan kegiatan berlebih di luar tempat tinggal lantaran suhu panas yang mencapai 40 derajat celsius. Hal itu, untuk mencegah terjadinya heatstroke, akibat ...
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Jamaah Haji tak Perlu Takutkan Virus Mers

Republika Online - 16 Jul 2018
ID, JAKARTA -- Direktur Pelayanan Haji Dalam Negeri Direktorat Jenderal Penyelenggaraan Haji dan Umrah Kementerian Agama , Ahad Barori mengimbau agar jamah haji Indonesia tidak terlalu takut terhadap virus virus korona Sindrom Pernapasan Timur ...
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New MERS virus case reported in the UAE

Gulf Business News - 29 May 2018
A new case of the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS-CoV) infection has been reported in the UAE, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has revealed. The virus was detected in a 78-year old man residing in Gayathi in the Al Garbia region of Abu ...
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Health experts zero in on camels to fight deadly MERS virus

Reuters - 01 Oct 2017
MERS coronavirus (MERS-CoV), a member of a virus family ranging from the common cold to Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, appears to have emerged in humans in Saudi Arabia in 2012, but has now been traced back in camels to at least 1983.
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MERS remains primarily a camel virus — for now

Fred Hutch News Service - 16 Jan 2018
“The genomic data confirms that the MERS virus is not at the moment spreading readily from person to person,” said Bedford, an evolutionary biologist and the paper's senior author. “Almost all of the cases in the Arabian Peninsula are short chains that ...
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New pig virus similar to Sars and Mers could threaten humans

Metro - 15 May 2018
A recently identified pig virus could pose a potentially lethal threat to human populations, research suggests. Lab tests show that porcine deltacoronavirus, first detected in China in 2012, readily jumps between the cells of different species ...
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First Mers virus case of 2018 detected in UAE

Khaleej Times - 29 May 2018
A new Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (Mers-CoV) virus patient has been confirmed in the UAE, according to World Health Organization. The patient - a 78-year-old man - was suffering from fever, cough and shortness of breath since May 4 and was ...
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Jemaah Haji Diminta Waspadai Virus MERS-CoV - 17 Jul 2018
Selain itu, calon jemaah haji juga diimbau agar hati-hati terhadap penularan MERS-CoV untuk tidak dekat-dekat dengan unta. "TKHI harus memantau jangan ada yang selfie dengan unta, karena kita masih cukup harus waspada. Saya harap datang 392 dan ...
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Blood from MERS Virus Survivors May Help Target Treatments

WIRED - 06 Aug 2017
The dromedary camels who harbored the virus for more than 20 years aren't going anywhere, and neither is MERS. But for many researchers, now—between major outbreaks—is the perfect time to develop treatments and vaccines for a virus that kills a third ...
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MERS Virus Likely to Stay in Camels, for the Most Part

American Council on Science and Health - 22 Jan 2018
When an infectious agent (viruses, primarily) transfer from an animal host to humans, it's referred to ask a spillover event. Most of the time, it occurs when there are close interactions between those two groups (ie. people sleeping in a pen where ...

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