Third case of MERS respiratory virus confirmed in the US -
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Third case of MERS respiratory virus confirmed in the US

The Verge - 17 May 2014
There are now three confirmed cases of the MERS virus in the US. The US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) announced today that an unidentified Illinois man tested positive for the deadly respiratory virus yesterday, two weeks after the first confirmed ...
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MERS remains primarily a camel virus — for now

Fred Hutch News Service - 16 Jan 2018
In a paper published today in the journal eLife, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center's Drs. Gytis Dudas and Trevor Bedford modeled phylogenetic trees, or genetic histories, of all available MERS genome sequences — 100 from camels and 174 from ...
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Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV) – Malaysia

World Health Organization - 10 Jan 2018
Until more is understood about MERS-CoV, people with diabetes, renal failure, chronic lung disease, and immunocompromised persons are considered to be at high risk of severe disease from MERS-CoV infection. Therefore, in addition to avoiding close ...
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Transgenic cows produce 'safe' trial therapy for MERS

Jakarta Post - 10 Jan 2018
An experimental treatment for deadly Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) has been manufactured in cattle carrying human DNA, and proved "safe" when injected into human guinea pigs, scientists reported Wednesday. Dubbed SAB-301, the trial therapy ...
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This flu epidemic did something never recorded before

The Mercury News - 17 Jan 2018
There is considerable evidence that it started in America and spread to Europe with soldiers, which is the likely path it took to get there, even if it "started" somewhere else (obviously, the influenza virus started millions of years ago, and yearly ...
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Saudi Arabia reports 3 MERS cases; Malaysia monitors 70 contacts

CIDRAP - 12 Jan 2018
Of Saudi Arabia's three newest MERS-CoV patients, all have symptoms and are listed in stable condition. None of them are healthcare workers, and all are listed as having primary exposure to the virus, meaning they likely didn't contract the illness ...
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MERS Antibody Treatment Clears Phase 1 Clinical Trial

PrecisionVaccinations (press release) - 11 Jan 2018
In a small phase 1 clinical trial, researchers reported the safety of a fully human polyclonal IgG antibody (SAB-301) produced from the hyperimmune plasma of transchromosomic cattle immunized with a MERS coronavirus vaccine, according to a study ...
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False alarm: Malaysia still free from MERS-CoV infection

MIMS General News (Hong Kong) (blog) - 29 Dec 2017
Laboratory test results of an elderly man who was allegedly infected with MERS-CoV, are confirmed to be negative, says MOH. The Ministry of Health (MOH) has confirmed the laboratory test results of an elderly man who was allegedly infected with Middle ...
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Riyadh man dies of MERS; 5 new avian flu cases reported

Arab News - 06 Jan 2018
Filipino nurse from Saudi Arabia tests positive for MERS virus. RIYADH: The Saudi Ministry of Health announced that a 57-year-old man died of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS-CoV) in Riyadh on Wednesday, and that an 80-year-old who ...
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Profile: China's top science award winner Hou Yunde

Xinhua - 08 Jan 2018
BEIJING, Jan. 8 (Xinhua) -- Hou Yunde, a scientist who dedicated himself to antiviral research, won China's top science award Monday for his contribution in the field. Hou, born in 1929 in east China's Jiangsu Province, is an academician of the Chinese ...
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Google venture arm backs UK universal flu vaccine company

Reuters - 15 Jan 2018
Surface proteins stick out like pins from the virus and change all the time, while those in the core are stable. It also stimulates T-cells rather than antibodies - an approach that has yet to convince existing flu vaccine manufacturers like Sanofi ...
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News Scan for Jan 09, 2018

CIDRAP - 09 Jan 2018
Yesterday and today the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Health (MOH) announced four new cases of MERS-CoV in different cities across the country, including one involving a health worker. Yesterday the MOH said two people were diagnosed as having MERS-CoV ...
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News Scan for Jan 03, 2018

CIDRAP - 03 Jan 2018
The Saudi Arabian Ministry of Health (MOH) recorded two new cases of MERS-CoV in the past several days. On Dec 30, a 55-year-old expatriate man from Khamis Mushait was diagnosed as having MERS-CoV (Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus) after ...
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News Scan for Jan 02, 2018

CIDRAP - 02 Jan 2018
A Malaysian man who recently returned from a religious pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia has been diagnosed as having MERS-CoV. The 55-year-old man traveled to Mecca and returned to Malaysia on Dec 23, according to a Bernama story yesterday. He was admitted ...

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