Israeli official apologizes for calling Kerry messianic -

Israeli official apologizes for calling Kerry messianic

USA TODAY - 14 Jan 2014
WASHINGTON — The Israeli government apologized on Tuesday after the White House took offense to a news report in which the country's defense minister was quoted describing Secretary of State John Kerry's efforts to win an Israeli-Palestinian peace ...

'True church' being built by Messianic Jews, Christians - 16 Sep 2017
God Himself may have intervened to set the story in motion. And the shocking ramifications could be a sign of nothing less than the end times. So explains Pastor Carl Gallups, who chronicled in book and film “The Rabbi Who Found Messiah” the story of ...

Messianic Rabbi: The Bible Predicted the Election of Donald Trump

Patheos (blog) - 13 Sep 2017
Jonathan Cahn, a Messianic rabbi and right-wing activist whose last named fits him perfectly, often promotes the idea that the Bible predicted the future. 9/11? God told us it would happen through the Book of Isaiah. Cahn recently said that 1 & 2 Kings ...

A new play unpicks the figure of the messianic tech billionaire

The Economist (blog) - 23 Aug 2017
THE most esteemed Silicon Valley CEOs often have a messianic aura. None, however, has yet staked a claim to actual communication with the divine. “Against”, a sprawling new play by Christopher Shinn, asks what might happen if one of them did.

Messianic leadership

Times of Malta - 11 Sep 2017
Politicians who project an image of messianic promise are popular among segments of society where people feel 'disenfranchised', 'downtrodden' and 'forgotten'. They hope for a leader whose yoke is easy and whose burden is light; someone on who to cast ...

Sanhedrin bans all Messianic Jewish marriages in Israel - 01 Sep 2017
“In the eyes of most Orthodox Jews, Messianic Jews are heretics and idolaters, unworthy of being part of the larger Jewish community, even though they would consider us still Jews,” Brown told WND. “Many of them want to keep us out of Israel entirely, ...

Messianic Jews Featured in Jerusalem Cultural Event

Israel Today - 23 Aug 2017
Israel Today spoke to local believers involved in presenting Messianic Judaism to the wider public as part of Jerusalem cultural event. The full article appears in the Aug-Sept issue of Israel Today Magazine. Did you know that at only $34.99 a ...

Beth Yeshua closes

Priest River Times - 13 Sep 2017
However, should such a group use the name Beth Yeshua or Beth Yeshua Messianic Congregation or Beth Yeshua Messianic Fellowship or any other such wording with the name Beth Yeshua in it, they are doing so without our covering or approval their ...

Nnamdi Kanu and the Redeemer Complex

Daily Trust - 07 Sep 2017
One, a redeemer complex – also known as messianic complex - is a state of mind in which an individual holds a belief that he or she is a saviour of sorts. The redeemer phenomenon is sometimes interpreted as part of man's instinctive search for the ...

My conversation with the nascent Sanhedrin - 06 Sep 2017
The Sanhedrin's statement is that Messianic Jews are Christians and not followers of Rabbinic Judaism. Because of this they cannot be married by a rabbi, but rather are free to be married as Christians in whatever form they wish. If they wished to be ...

Jewish students seek representation

College Heights Herald - 18 Sep 2017
Though a Messianic synagogue exists in Bowling Green, followers of traditional Judaism share different beliefs and are hesitant to attend. "That's another thing––there are no good synagogues here," Blondheim said. In order to visit a proper synagogue, ...

Why you need 'The Paradigm' - 18 Sep 2017
Before that, he was known mostly in the growing messianic Jewish community in the U.S. “The Harbinger” was a wake-up call to the U.S. because it revealed the unmistakable hand of God at work in the America, with profound evidence of God shaking up the ...

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