Israeli official apologizes for calling Kerry messianic -

Israeli official apologizes for calling Kerry messianic

USA TODAY - 14 Jan 2014
WASHINGTON — The Israeli government apologized on Tuesday after the White House took offense to a news report in which the country's defense minister was quoted describing Secretary of State John Kerry's efforts to win an Israeli-Palestinian peace ...

Arabic Message For a Messianic Jew

Israel Today - 23 Jul 2017
A Jewish follower of Jesus was having second thoughts about being ordained into the Church of England ministry when he got the surprise of his life. A message in tongues was given during a home meeting which Ralph Goldenberg immediately recognised ...

Water Flowing From Temple Mount: A Messianic Precursor?

Breaking Israel News - 12 Jul 2017
A Jerusalem resident familiar with the Kotel was surprised to find water flowing from the stones in a decidedly pre-Messianic manner. Though the source was mundane, it is cause for retrospection into what the signs preceding Messiah will look like when ...

The State of Israel Is the First Stage of the Messianic Era

Algemeiner - 14 Jul 2017
Although total revulsion for Israel is confined to a tiny proportion of the ultra-Orthodox, even to many others, the idea of Jewish hegemony in our ancestral homeland — and that this phenomenon could herald the Messianic era — seems to be anathema to ...

Zuckerberg gets all warm and messianic

Bangkok Post - 19 Jul 2017
I rarely post on my Facebook page, and never about what I am eating. Its primary use, for me, is to reconnect with old friends or communicate with current friends overseas. Mark Zuckerberg has other aims, claiming that Facebook is the "new church" and ...

Liberman: I am responsible right, not messianic right

Arutz Sheva - 12 Jul 2017
Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman visited Maale Shomron and met with sharp opposition to the Kalkilya building plan which he is promoting. Liberman claimed that there is a dispute between the 'responsible right' and the 'Messianic right' and that he ...

Is Religion Really A 'Big Problem' For American Jews?

Forward - 12 Jul 2017
To some degree, the Zionist Movement began as a utopian vision, though not necessarily a Jewish Messianic vision. Rather, the early immigrants saw themselves as socialist visionaries, reclaiming the land of Israel and restoring the Jewish people to its ...

Church Services around Delaware County

The Delaware County Daily Times - 21 Jul 2017
Congregation Beth Yeshua: 7501 Highland Ave., Philadelphia, a Messianic Jewish Synagogue, holds Erev Shabbat service at 8 p.m. Friday and Shabbat Service at 11 a.m. Saturday with Messianic Jewish music and dance. The congregation holds monthly ...

Expansion plan for Palestinian town a power test for Liberman

Al-Monitor - 18 Jul 2017
In many ways, this decisive moment is a test of Liberman's strength in dealing with what he derisively calls the "messianic" right, whose most senior representative in the government is HaBayit HaYehudi Chairman Naftali Bennett. In contrast, Liberman ...

Dothan area church services

Dothan Eagle - 08 Jul 2017
Dothan Messianic Fellowship, Messiah's Fellowship, and Beit Lev Echad (House of One Heart) are hosting Dr. Baruch Korman, Israeli Messianic Jewish expository Bible teacher, for the fourth annual Conference at Grace Point Church, 3225 ...

Trump Just Redefined Western Values Around Faith, Not Democracy

Bloomberg - 06 Jul 2017
In a speech to cheering crowds in Warsaw on Thursday, Trump described the West's values in terms of religion and culture and called for the defense of its civilization against radical Islam. It amounted to a manifesto for his foreign-policy vision. The ...

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