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mexico city earthquake

Mexico City quake preparations will cost 4 billion pesos: study

Mexico News Daily - 19 Apr 2018
Getting ready for the next big earthquake in Mexico City will not be cheap: 4 billion pesos (US $216.8 million) will need to be spent over the next six years, the capital's reconstruction commissioner said today. Edgar Tungüí said the funds should be ...
mexico city earthquake

An ASU student's perspective on Mexico City's deadly earthquake

The State Press - 12 Apr 2018
Two days after the earthquake, I stood in my bathroom, still without electricity, and cried while listening to Oasis's “Wonderwall” and brushing my teeth in the dark: “And all the roads we have to walk are winding. And all the lights that lead us there ...
mexico city earthquake

Earthquake Readiness - Bloomberg

Bloomberg - 19 Apr 2018
At least half of the world's largest cities are considered at moderate or high risk of a major earthquake. Fears of the next “Big One” affect such major population centers as Tokyo, Mumbai, Jakarta, Mexico City, Manila, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sao ...
mexico city earthquake

Mexico Earthquake Was California's Wake-up Call

Government Technology - 04 Apr 2018
(TNS) - A number of cities big and small in Southern California are taking steps to identify seismically vulnerable buildings for the first time in a generation, acting in part on the devastating images of earthquake damage in Mexico and elsewhere ...
mexico city earthquake

How effective are earthquake early warning systems?

BBC News - 24 Mar 2018
The physics of earthquakes is one of the reasons why a single, universal warning system hasn't been rolled out across all quake prone countries. California and Japan have populations living directly alongside fault lines, and cannot waste precious ...
mexico city earthquake

14 tips for running a verification project when it matters most

Poynter (blog) - 04 Apr 2018
This article was originally published on FactCheckingDay.com for International Fact-Checking Day on April 2. When big news breaks, it's usually followed by big hoaxes. Take the recent school shooting in South Florida; following news that 17 people had ...
mexico city earthquake

LA history 101

Curbed LA - 20 Apr 2018
Moving to a new city can be hard, especially an unwieldy, disjointed, sprawling metropolis like Los Angeles. One thing that helps ties all Angelenos together? Talking about things we know! We talk over long, unemployed brunches, over weekend hikes with ...
mexico city earthquake

Mexico Moves to Regulate Government Ads. Critics Say It's a Sham.

New York Times - 15 Apr 2018
In a campaign that aired last year, for example, Mr. Peña Nieto was seen touring an aerospace factory, sharing barbecue with ranchers and talking with residents of a new housing project. Open almost any newspaper in Mexico, and full-page ads laud all ...
mexico city earthquake

Mexico struck by 5.9-magnitude earthquake

USA TODAY - 19 Feb 2018
A 5.9-magnitude earthquake struck southern Mexico early Monday, but it was shorter and less intense than one that struck in the same area, damaging about 1,000 houses, on Friday. Monday's quake struck 27 miles east of Oaxaca at a depth of six miles ...
mexico city earthquake

Mexico City earthquake was rare 'bending' quake

EarthSky - 14 Mar 2018
The September 19 quake actually occurred on the 32nd anniversary of the magnitude 8.1 earthquake that killed at least 10,000 people in and around Mexico City in 1985. That catastrophe marked an entire generation of Mexicans, including ourselves, back ...
mexico city earthquake

Mexico earthquake: Strong tremor hits Oaxaca state

BBC News - 17 Feb 2018
A 7.2-magnitude earthquake has hit south-western Mexico, causing buildings to shake in the capital Mexico City, about 350km (217 miles) away. The epicentre of the powerful tremor was near Pinotepa de Don Luis in Oaxaca state, the US Geological Survey ...

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