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michael avenatti

Are Michael Avenatti's 15 minutes up?

CNNMoney - 20 May 2018
John Avlon wonders if Michael Avenatti is developing an "Icarus problem." Max Boot argues Avenatti has been very effective in using "Trumpian tactics against Trump" and turning into "a real tormentor for the White House." ...
michael avenatti

Stormy Daniels' Attorney: 5 Things to Know About Michael Avenatti

Hollywood Reporter - 16 May 2018
Between filing motions and appearing on cable news, Avenatti races sports cars, especially Porsches and Ferraris. At one point, he was on a racing team with Patrick Dempsey, but he and Dempsey appear to have had a falling out (the actor sued him over a ...
michael avenatti

Who is paying Michael Avenatti?

The Hill - 10 May 2018
In contrast, Avenatti okayed her violating with impunity her non-disclosure agreement on “60 Minutes” despite a binding arbitration judgment against her. She acknowledged on Twitter that she is not paying for her lawyer. So who is? And did he indemnify ...
michael avenatti

The Brilliant Egomaniac Who Could Bring Down Donald Trump

Slate Magazine - 04 May 2018
Someday, when the story of Donald Trump's decline and fall comes to be written, historians may wonder at the impact of a hiring decision that passed by unnoted at the time. When Stormy Daniels brought on Michael Avenatti, she unleashed a force of ...
michael avenatti

Michael Avenatti's abusive relationship with media

Washington Examiner - 19 May 2018
The press' love affair with attorney Michael Avenatti is decidedly one-sided: He takes what he wants, and they get very little in return, save for abuse and empty promises. And they just keep going back for more. Nothing exemplifies this exploitative ...
michael avenatti

Trump Has No Plan to Counterpunch Michael Avenatti

Daily Beast - 11 May 2018
Michael Avenatti, the pitbull lawyer representing the porn star alleged to have had an affair with President Donald Trump, is currently the hardest working man in show business—but it's still unclear who exactly is paying for his frenetic services. In ...
michael avenatti

Michael Avenatti's Rules for Radicals

POLITICO Magazine - 09 May 2018
Stormy Daniels' attorney Michael Avenatti recently achieved status as a Permanent Guest on CNN. He's appeared on one of its shows more than 60 times in the two months since filing the lawsuit to invalidate the nondisclosure agreement the adult-film ...

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