Director Michael Bay freezes up at CES -
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Director Michael Bay freezes up at CES

CNN - 26 Jun 2017
(CNN) -- Movie mogul Michael Bay has grappled with giant robots, rogue meteors and attacks on Pearl Harbor but one thing has defeated him: A presentation for a new TV at the world's top gadget trade show. Bay has described getting stage fright at the ...
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Michael Bay Is Better Than You Think

The Weekly Standard - 07 Jul 2017
Or you can skip to the good stuff and go read the 2005 Michael Bay Blog. (A parody blog, not written by the actual Michael Bay. Tag line: “Still not in movie jail.”) Only 18 posts survived the legal action and they're not all gold and some of them ...
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'Transformers' franchise stumbles to a future without Michael Bay

USA TODAY - 02 Jul 2017
About Last Knight: The fifth Transformers movie has failed to transfix American audiences. Transformers: The Last Knight continued to underperform domestically over the July 4 holiday (finishing third with $17 million and $102.1 million total) after ...
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The Substandard on Transformers, Michael Bay, and Fireworks!

The Weekly Standard - 06 Jul 2017
There's more than meets the eye on the latest episode of the Substandard. The hosts discuss Transformers: The Last Knight and the Michael Bay oeuvre. Sonny hates people who shoot off fireworks. Vic remembers drinking on the National Mall. And Jonathan ...
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Michael Bay's Transformers Are Rendering Leading Men Obsolete

FiveThirtyEight - 30 Jun 2017
Michael Bay's (supposedly) final entry in the Transformers franchise came out last week to the usual treatment these films receive: awful reviews, solid domestic box office haul and eye-popping numbers in the Chinese and international market. All told ...
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How Michael Bay Can Save Transformers

Screen Rant - 03 Jul 2017
The blame falls at the feet of director Michael Bay, just as when Transformers ruled the world, the credit belonged to him as well. As the auteur of every entry in the franchise, Michael Bay is synonymous with Transformers. In terms of other ...
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Five Michael Bay Audio Commentary Recommendations

/FILM - 29 Jun 2017
Michael Bay's commentaries are great entertainment. He never disappoints with his tracks. He'll tell you when someone wasn't doing their job. He'll tell you when he had to yell. And he'll always tell you when he was “the first” to use a new camera, ...
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8 Transformers Stories That Michael Bay Should Use For Sequels - 17 Jul 2017
Just because the fifth Transformers movie is called The Last Knight doesn't mean it's the last movie in the franchise. Far from it. As he famously stated back in April, director Michael Bay said that Paramount has a whopping 14 films already written ...
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'Transformers' actor: God, Michael Bay changed my life - 10 Jul 2017
(GOSPEL HERALD) — As a teen, “Transformers” actor Remi Adeleke lived life in the fast lane. “Living in the Bronx in the 90's, I got involved in some pretty bad activities,” Remi told The Gospel Herald in an exclusive interview. “I was stealing from ...
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Why Michael Bay Deserves Way More Credit in his Career

TVOvermind - 01 Jul 2017
Chances are good that most people in the United States and other English-speaking countries have heard of Michael Bay. For those who haven't, he is an American director who is well-known for his big-budget action movies, with examples ranging from ...
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Michael Bay likes to push boundaries of cinema

Times of India - 29 Jun 2017
'Transformers: The Last Knight' director Michael Bay said he likes to push the 'boundaries of cinema' in terms of look, feel and sound" with all his projects. Bay claimed that he is the first filmmaker ever to use two of the ALEXA IMAX cameras in a 3D ...
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An Inconvenient Time for An Inconvenient Sequel

The Atlantic - 26 Jul 2017
Al Gore waves during a 2006 press visit for An Inconvenient Truth. (Paul Yeung / Reuters). An Inconvenient Truth focused on the science of climate change. This makes sense: Global warming is half-Moses, half-Michael Bay, and Americans can't get enough ...
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Michael Phelps Defends Shark Week 'Race' Against Great White

NBC Bay Area - 26 Jul 2017
Don't expect an apology from Michael Phelps to TV viewers who were disappointed with his race against a simulated great white shark for a Discovery Channel Shark Week special. The Olympic champion was bested by two seconds Sunday night in "Phelps ...
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Nolan trivializes history, while Besson vivifies the future.

National Review - 21 Jul 2017
Like Michael Bay's fantasy Pearl Harbor (1999), Dunkirk uses history as a pretext to show off the director's fascination for calamity. Nolan divides his story into three anachronistic yet interlocking sections: British commander Kenneth Branagh ...
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Michael's Bay property still in play with local interests

Manitoulin Expositor - 19 Jul 2017
GATINEAU—The fate of the Michael's Bay townsite property is still up in the air according to the Public Services and Procurement Canada's (PSPC) Seized Property Management office. Asked what the current disposition of the property was, PSPC media ...
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Not a TYPICAL Hollywood Tale

Folio Weekly - 26 Jul 2017
When combined with the fact that Nolan eschews CGI for more practical effects (meaning, he shoots as much as he can on set and doesn't rely on computers to create half his movie [coughing] Michael Bay), there's a totality to the film that's tangible.

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