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Guy Molinari, a Powerful Staten Island Politician, Dies at 89

Wall Street Journal - 25 Jul 2018
Mr. Molinari remained active in politics even after he left office, endorsing candidates including the disgraced former congressman Michael Grimm, who recently lost in a re-election attempt. Mr. Grimm served prison time after pleading guilty to tax ...
michael grimm

Trump's GOP Has Become the Party of Corruption

Vanity Fair - 10 Aug 2018
If there's anyone who can sympathize with Rep. Chris Collins, the first congressman to support Donald Trump, who is currently facing indictment for insider trading, it's Michael Grimm. “He's going to have a really, really difficult emotional time,” the ...
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Ex-congressman Michael Grimm defeated in New York House race

Fox News - 27 Jun 2018
"There's a tremendous amount of pressure put on the president by the Establishment that controls the House, leadership and so on," Grimm told Martha MacCallum. "They don't want the president going against their incumbents and ultimately, the president ...
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Why Staten Island still loves Michael Grimm

City & State - 14 Jun 2018
Michael Grimm has captured national attention, with many Republicans – including President Donald Trump – wary that Grimm, a convicted felon, would be more likely than Donovan to lose in the general election. Grimm's insurgent candidacy has inspired ...
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Another Donovan-Grimm debate turns nasty

New York Post - 15 Jun 2018
It was billed as a high-minded conversation, but it couldn't steer clear of the muck. Staten Island Congressman Dan Donovan and his primary challenger Michael Grimm duked it out once again Thursday, exchanging sharp barbs over Grimm's criminal history ...

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