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Bannon drama takes center stage in heated GOP primary

New York Post - 04 Jan 2018
Staten Island Rep. Dan Donovan on Thursday sought to link his opponent in the 2018 Republican primary to embattled former White House adviser Steve Bannon — who's in the hot seat for hurling harsh criticism at President Trump and his family. In ...
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A convict caucus takes shape ahead of midterms

CNN - 10 Jan 2018
The compromised candidate slate also counts former Massey Energy CEO Don Blankenship, a disgraced coal titan found guilty in 2015 of conspiring to violate mine safety standards, but vying now to unseat West Virginia Democrat Joe Manchin, and the former ...
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Donovan may face tough re-election fight against Grimm

NY1 - 14 Jan 2018
Rep. Dan Donovan launched his re-election campaign Saturday by taking direct aim at his Republican primary opponent. "He is trying to satisfy his own ambition with smoke and mirrors." "The goal here is to drain the swamp, not add to it." Donovan is ...
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National Dems' move boosts Max Rose congressional bid

SILive.com - 11 Jan 2018
Donovan himself is facing a primary challenge from Michael Grimm, who held the seat for two terms before stepping down in late 2014 before going to jail for tax fraud. The former congressman spent eight months in federal prison beginning in 2015 after ...
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Bannon-backed candidates distance themselves over Wolff book

Fox News - 05 Jan 2018
CAVUTO: Michael, you're also the guy who had to serve time for something maybe that you argue was an unfair rap. But they are going to remember you for that as well, right? GRIMM: Well, I think they're going to remember for all the work I did during ...
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Christie Grimm and Michael Kestenbaum to wed

The Pike County Courier - 10 Jan 2018
MILFORD — Michael Kestenbaum and Christie Grimm are to be married Jan. 14 by the couple's close friend Scott Schwaitzberg at the Bowery Hotel in New York, N.Y.. Christie Grimm, 25, is the president of Guest of a Guest in New York. She graduated from ...
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Michael Grimm, a Former Congressman and Felon, Wants His Job Back

New York Times - 01 Oct 2017
There was no doubt that Mr. Grimm made an impression in his two terms, after winning in the Tea Party wave of 2010. In 2014, he beat back a Democratic challenger while under federal indictment, only to give up his seat when he pleaded guilty to tax ...
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Donovan, Opponents Weigh In On Sessions' Weed War

Kings County Politics - 05 Jan 2018
Michael Grimm (R): “As a primary caretaker for ailing former Congressman Guy Molinari, I see firsthand the difficulty of dealing with extreme pain and am open to continued research into the potential medicinal benefits of cannabis. However, with Staten ...
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The Attempted Remaking of Michael Grimm

New York Magazine - 27 Oct 2017
The muscle mass he carried during his time as a Marine, an undercover FBI agent, and even as a congressman has, at age 47, become more difficult to preserve on his naturally slight five-foot-ten-inch frame. To fight the atrophy — made worse by the ...
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Bannon Backs Grimm, Ex-Congressman and Felon, in GOP Challenge

New York Times - 05 Oct 2017
Michael Grimm, who is trying to win back his old House seat after serving time in federal prison, secured a notable new supporter on Wednesday: Stephen K. Bannon, President Trump's former chief strategist, who has sought to bolster the candidacies of ...

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