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What if you draw water from Skaneateles, Owasco or Cayuga Lakes?

Auburn Citizen - 11 Mar 2018
"What are we going to do?" The state Department of Health's answer? Don't drink untreated surface water, algal bloom or no. The most common toxin found in harmful algal blooms in central New York is called microcystin. Contact with it and the blooms ...

Biologists eye two algae toxins in Sandusky Bay

Toledo Blade - 16 Mar 2018
But to George Bullerjahn, it's about the peninsula where the world-renowned amusement park sits. The area is roughly where Lake Erie's two most evil forms of algae — microcystis and its lesser-known counterpart, planktothrix — usually meet. Although ...

Lake Mitchell warning policy altered

Daily Republic - 16 Mar 2018
The city will still issue a public health warning when microcystin toxin concentrations exceed the minimum acceptable level in only one location. A warning can also be issued when there is "pervasive cyanobacterial scum present." Last year was the ...

The 'Andromeda Strain' of the wildlife world

Islands' Weekly - 13 Mar 2018
Following an outbreak of cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) on land, scientists observed the death of 21 sea otters. Their deaths were attributed to a microcystin resulting in liver failure – something that has never been observed occurring in the ocean ...

Microcystin Toxin: Killing Marine Life and Humans

Florida Sportsman Magazine - 04 Aug 2017
Microcystin is a component of what's lovingly called blue-green algae, or other confusing names like cyanobacteria. Or, my choice: poisonous slime discharged on us from special interests inland. Supposedly, a “recent” study at Ohio State University ...

Algae advisory keeps many away from Maumee Bay State Park

Toledo Blade - 04 Sep 2017
The Lake Erie beach is under a public health advisory because of high levels of microcystin found in Lake Erie, along with high levels of E. coli bacteria. This advisory has no effect on Toledo drinking water, which remains clear, according to the ...

Local farm hosts pilot test

The Daily Standard - 09 Mar 2018
Every year since 2009, the state has issued advisories for the 13,500-acre recreational lake due to unsafe levels of microcystin algal toxins. The toxins can harm the liver and cause gastrointestinal symptoms and rashes. Since then, toxin-producing ...

Toledo researchers look into impact of toxic algae

Toledo Blade - 06 Aug 2017
He and Mr. Kennedy said the research is more relevant now that microcystin is on the rise globally. Climate change and poor land use are cited as probable reasons. The toxin is carried primarily by an algae called microcystis, one of Earth's oldest ...

EPA might change its guidelines for the toxin microcystin

Michigan Radio - 07 Mar 2017
The guidelines will be voluntary. Health officials in Ohio and Michigan already test for microcystin. Shannon Briggs is a water toxicologist with the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality. She says local health officials in Bay and Monroe ...

Toledo's Water Quality Dashboard moved to 'watch'

Toledo Blade - 26 Aug 2017
The city's water-quality dashboard rates the water from clear to watch, caution, preschool advisory, and do not drink. The caution stage would mean microcystin has been detected in tap water but the level does not mandate an advisory. Toledo officials ...

Toxin level found in Summit Lake is dangerous for kids

The Olympian - 05 Dec 2017
This time, lab results from a sample collected on Nov. 30 show high levels of microcystin, according to a news release from Thurston County. “Microcystin is a liver toxin which accumulates over time,” the news release stated. “High accumulation of this ...

Maumee River recreational advisory continues during algal bloom

Toledo Blade - 23 Sep 2017
Two test results Saturday showed 1.8 and 11.8 parts per billion of microcystin in raw river water, both below the 20 ppb threshold the World Health Organization uses for avoiding all contact. City tap water, which is pulled from Lake Erie, remains safe ...

Microcystin levels low in Lake Erie

Toledo Blade - 22 Aug 2016
Algae-produced microcystin levels in Lake Erie — the toxin that fouled municipal water for three days in 2014 — have remained low near Toledo's drinking water intake crib, according to a review of daily tests performed by city chemists since late ...

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