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The threat is now for Lake Erie

Toledo Blade - 25 Sep 2017
It is possible to think of toxic green algae and the dangerous microcystin it produces as abstract and far-away. The water coming out of our Toledo-area taps looks fine. But, last week, the algae that threatens our health, our economy, and our quality ...

Maumee River recreational advisory continues during algal bloom

Toledo Blade - 23 Sep 2017
Two test results Saturday showed 1.8 and 11.8 parts per billion of microcystin in raw river water, both below the 20 ppb threshold the World Health Organization uses for avoiding all contact. City tap water, which is pulled from Lake Erie, remains safe ...

Algae advisory keeps many away from Maumee Bay State Park

Toledo Blade - 04 Sep 2017
The Lake Erie beach is under a public health advisory because of high levels of microcystin found in Lake Erie, along with high levels of E. coli bacteria. This advisory has no effect on Toledo drinking water, which remains clear, according to the ...

Eating Fish in the Maumee River

13abc Action News - 23 Sep 2017
They say that there is little evidence suggesting the accumulation of microcystin toxins in fish with transmission to people who eat them. Fish appear to metabolize microcystin toxins relatively quickly, although evidence suggests that the toxins may ...

Algal bloom confirmed at Mystic Lake

KTVQ Billings News - 17 Sep 2017
The recreational water recommendations from the Environmental Protection Agency use 4 ppb as the warning level for microcystin toxin and so far the levels at Mystic Lake appear to be below 0.5 ppb on September 15th. To put those levels into perspective ...

Fewer Iowa beach advisories issued this year

The Gazette: Eastern Iowa Breaking News and Headlines - 06 Sep 2017
The Iowa Department of Natural Resources issued five advisories for microcystin toxins in 2017, down from 37 advisories in 2016 and 34 warnings in 2015. The sharp decline sparked skepticism from Susan Heathcote, water program director for the Iowa ...

Toledo Water Quality Dashboard moves to “watch” status

13abc Action News - 06 Sep 2017
TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - Testing of drinking water by the City of Toledo found microcystin at 6.61 ppb in untreated water in the intake crib in Lake Erie. Nothing was detected in the tap water. The Water Quality Dashboard moves to "Watch" when microcystin ...

City of Toledo: water safe to drink

13abc Action News - 15 Sep 2017
The city said in a statement that "microcystin is detected in Lake Erie, but not in tap water. Our water treatment process is effectively removing the microcystin. No action is required by consumers." The city said test results showed "non detect" in ...

Algae toxins found in Skaneateles drinking water, officials say

Syracuse.com - 20 Sep 2017
The samples tested Tuesday contained 0.26 parts per billion of microcystins, a toxic chemical released by blue-green algae, the statement said. The accepted levels in treated drinking water are 0.3 parts per billion for children. and 1.6 ppb for adults ...

Toledo water back to “clear”

Monroe Evening News - 26 Aug 2017
TOLEDO — One day after the City of Toledo changed its water status to “watch,” city officials have moved the water quality status to “clear.” On Saturday, the tests for microcystin, a toxic produced by algal blooms, decreased to 2.37 parts per billion ...

Chemicals in run-off threaten health of humans, wildlife

Victoria Advocate - 24 Sep 2017
Chemicals that are persistent in the environment bio-accumulate in people and/or wildlife and are toxic are called PBTs and neurotoxins like microcystin (a hemotoxin), phycotoxins, domoic acid and brevetoxin. Because of these features, as long as they ...

Toledo Watches Water As Algae Blooms Return To Lake Erie

WOSU - 08 Sep 2017
That came after the level of a very dangerous toxin called microcystin rose in Lake Erie. However, Toledo stresses that microcystin is not in tap water, just in the lake and near the water intake crib. Now, the city is treating drinking water to remove ...

City watches for dangerous Lake Erie algae blooms

WBFO - 08 Sep 2017
That came after the level of a very dangerous toxin called microcystin rose in Lake Erie . However, Toledo stresses that microcystin is not in tap water --- just in the lake and near the water intake crib. Now, the city is treating drinking water to ...

Toledo Water Quality Dashboard needle back to 'watch'

Toledo Blade - 14 Sep 2017
The caution stage would mean microcystin was detected in tap water but the level does not mandate an advisory. Harmful algal bloom season officially started July 13, and the city started analyzing samples from Lake Erie on a daily basis the previous week.

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