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UT on front line of microcystin research

Toledo Blade - 03 Sep 2018
Specific species of cyanobacteria produce a toxic molecule called microcystin, which is one of the most common cyanobacterial toxins found in the Great Lakes. Cyanobacteria can produce other toxic molecules too, but microcystins are of highest concern.

Underwater robot tracks toxic algae in Lake Erie

Phys.Org - 28 Aug 2018
Microcystin is a nasty toxin that can cause skin reactions, stomach problems, and even liver damage. It's produced by a tiny blue-green alga (cyanobacteria) called Microcystis, which multiplies like crazy in warm, nutrient-rich water. Unfortunately ...

Lake Macbride beach had no-swim warnings for majority of the summer

The Gazette: Eastern Iowa Breaking News and Headlines - 08 Sep 2018
Iowa's state park beaches had six advisories for microcystins, toxins produced by some blue-green algae that can cause gastroenteritis, skin irritation and allergic responses, as well as potentially life-threatening liver damage, according to the U.S ...

FAU Harbor Branch: Samples not validated

WPTV.com - 18 Sep 2018
You might have seen a headline recently that researchers at FAU Harbor Branch say people are breathing in toxins from blue-green algae on the Treasure Coast. TCPalm reported researchers found detectable levels of microcystin in dozens of peoples noses ...

Toxic algae spotted again in Doylestown-area reservoir

The Intelligencer - 29 Aug 2018
He sampled it and found it contained 9 parts per billion (ppb) of a toxin called microcystin. That level was above a draft health guideline of 4 ppb put forward by the Environmental Protection Agency, but below a 20 ppb limit recommended by the World ...

Algal blooms a threat to small lakes and ponds, too

Science Daily - 24 Aug 2018
Nitrate and phosphorus are linked to the primary type of toxic microcystin found in the water. Judicious use of fertilizers could help control the algal blooms, as could measures to reduce animal waste contamination of ponds and lakes, Seungjun Lee said.

Cyanobacteria testing reveals improved conditions on Clear Lake

Lake County News - 18 Sep 2018
Testing completed on Clear Lake in Lake County, Calif., on Tuesday, September 4, 2018, found cyanotoxin levels below the California trigger levels for warnings, as shown by the green markers. The blue markers were sites not sampled during the September ...

City slammed for ignoring water quality

Independent Online - 19 Sep 2018
She analysed the E coli count on two separate occasions and analysed the water for blue-green algae indicating the presence of the cyanotoxin microcystin. The toxin was found at over 1000 ug/litre, where the guideline for recreational activity is less ...

Harmful algae bloom found in Belleville Lake, Ford Lake

WXYZ - 15 Sep 2018
County Health Departments along with the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services are issuing a public health advisory for confirmed cases of dangerous algal bloom in Belleville Lake in Belleville and Ford Lake in Ypsilanti. Microcystin toxins ...

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