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The Apple Watch Just Got the Perfect Rival: Microsoft's Band

Wired - 30 Oct 2014
If Microsoft wanted to grab a slice of the impending Apple Watch audience, it couldn't have crafted a better plan than with its just-released Microsoft Band. The company's first wearable piggybacks off of the style and functions we're already familiar ...
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Microsoft files patent for Finger Band gesture-tracking ring

VentureBeat - 15 Oct 2018
Microsoft's wearable initiatives haven't worked out so well — its wrist-mounted Band series of smart watches began to peter out just as early Apple Watches were gathering steam. But the company hasn't stopped thinking about wearables, as a newly ...
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Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft, dies aged 65

The Guardian - 15 Oct 2018
In 2013, the billionaire released a rock album with his band the Underthinkers. Allen wrote or co-wrote all 13 songs and played guitar alongside his collaborators Chrissie Hynde, of the Pretenders, and Joe Walsh of the Eagles. This was Allen's second ...
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Paul Allen's battle with Bill Gates defined his legacy

CNN - 17 Oct 2018
He traveled the world, hung out with celebrities, SCUBA dived, and started a band. A billionaire philanthropist with varied hobbies and interests, he paid for expeditions to find lost WWII shipwrecks, funded brain disease research, and opened a museum ...
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Microsoft's latest patent shows off smart rings wearable device

WindowsLatest (blog) - 13 Oct 2018
Don't want a smartwatch or band on your wrist? No problem. Microsoft might be working on a wearable device 'smart rings' which is a smart gadget that you can wear in a more discreet manner. The smart ring is a wearable that you can wear in fingers and ...
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Trail Blazers pay tribute to Paul Allen before season opener

ESPN - 19 Oct 2018
Before tipoff of their 128-119 win over the Los Angeles Lakers on Thursday, Allen was remembered by the Blazers' public address announcer as "the ultimate trail blazer" following a summary of his extraordinary life as one of the co-founders of ...
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Thoughts on Microsoft's 2018 Surface Announcements

PocketNow (press release) (blog) - 04 Oct 2018
On October 2, Microsoft held a nice press event in New York City to announce a few new things mainly coming from the Surface team. I was very excited to go to this since Panos often has a cool trick up his sleeve to surprise us with. That original ...
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Samsung Galaxy Android Pie update scheduled for early 2019

PocketNow (press release) (blog) - 21 Oct 2018
The Samsung Galaxy Android Pie update should be an exciting one. It should bring us Samsung Experience 10, with a completely fresh look. We've seen some teaser screenshots from a leaked Pie updated for the Note9, detailing some of the many cosmetic ...
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Apple Watch Series 4 is the most accessible watch yet

TechCrunch - 21 Oct 2018
The issue is Apple's decision to pack everything “piecemeal” — the Watch case itself comes in an (admittedly cute) pouch that's reminiscent of iPod Socks, while the band is in its own box. Not to mention the AC adapter and charging puck are located in ...
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Microsoft wants to win back the consumers it let down

The Verge - 20 Jul 2018
Over the past couple of years, Microsoft has killed off its Groove Music service, officially discontinued Kinect, scrapped its Microsoft Band fitness device, and finally admitted Windows Phone is dead. Other consumer efforts like Cortana have been left ...
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New patents suggest a new Microsoft Band could be in development

OnMSFT (blog) - 04 May 2018
Microsoft has filed two new patents that could suggest that the tech giant isn't done with their Microsoft Band fitness tracker just yet. Spotted by WSFA, the first patent is actually a continuation of a previous patent for a ring-shaped device with ...
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Microsoft Band 3 review: The best wearable Microsoft never released

Windows Central - 28 Jan 2018
The Microsoft Band 2 wasn't perfect, however, and I was hopeful that with the next release of the Band, Microsoft would have nailed it. So when news broke that Microsoft was shelving its Band devices, I was heartbroken. The Band 2 was a great wearable, ...

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