The Apple Watch Just Got the Perfect Rival: Microsoft's Band -
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The Apple Watch Just Got the Perfect Rival: Microsoft's Band

Wired - 30 Oct 2014
If Microsoft wanted to grab a slice of the impending Apple Watch audience, it couldn't have crafted a better plan than with its just-released Microsoft Band. The company's first wearable piggybacks off of the style and functions we're already familiar ...
microsoft band

Microsoft wants to win back the consumers it let down

The Verge - 20 Jul 2018
Over the past couple of years, Microsoft has killed off its Groove Music service, officially discontinued Kinect, scrapped its Microsoft Band fitness device, and finally admitted Windows Phone is dead. Other consumer efforts like Cortana have been left ...
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Patch expert calls on Microsoft execs to fix Windows updating

Computerworld - 07 Aug 2018
Microsoft's patching, updating and upgrading of Windows - in particular Windows 10 - is a mess that the company needs to clean up, according to responses to a questionnaire circulated among business IT administrators. But Microsoft doesn't get that ...
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Microsoft pledges to win back consumers, but talk is cheap

Reseller News - 22 Jul 2018
For whatever reason, Microsoft killed off the Zune music player and then, later, the Groove Music music service—but then implemented an ebook store deep within the bowels of Microsoft Edge. The Microsoft Band came and went, and we all witnessed the ...
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Korn lead singer Jonathan Davis' estranged wife dead at 39

Page Six - 18 Aug 2018
“The Davis family is brokenhearted over the devastating loss of Deven Davis,” a rep for the band told Page Six in a statement on Friday evening. “We ask that you respect their privacy—and the privacy of those close to the family—and allow them the ...
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With DaaS Windows coming, say goodbye to your PC as you know it

Computerworld - 30 Jul 2018
For over 30 years, we've thought of PCs primarily as Windows machines, which we owned and controlled. That's about to change forever. This isn't about Microsoft forcing us off Windows 7 to Windows 10 as fast as it can (though it has found many ways to ...
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IT admins warn Microsoft to slow Windows 10 upgrade pace

Computerworld - 09 Aug 2018
Microsoft should dial back its aggressive Windows 10 release schedule, IT administrators said, to a slower tempo of one feature upgrade annually - or even one every two years. Approximately 78% of more than 1,100 business professionals charged with ...
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Rolling up the miles for cancer research

Fred Hutch News Service - 14 Aug 2018
Microsoft & Friends holds the lead as the top fundraising team, with a current total of more than $152,000. Former Microsoft executive Jeff Dossett, who has twice summited Mount Everest, has ridden in all six Obliterides. This year, he rode the 50-mile ...
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Microsoft Band 3 review: The best wearable Microsoft never released

Windows Central - 28 Jan 2018
The Microsoft Band 2 wasn't perfect, however, and I was hopeful that with the next release of the Band, Microsoft would have nailed it. So when news broke that Microsoft was shelving its Band devices, I was heartbroken. The Band 2 was a great wearable, ...
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Microsoft brings Python coding help beyond Visual Studio

InfoWorld - 20 Jul 2018
Microsoft plans to extend IntelliSense code analysis for Python to tools beyond Visual Studio, using its Python Language Server. IntelliSense provides autocompletions for variables, functions, and other symbols that appear as developers type code ...
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Microsoft rejiggers Windows 10 Enterprise subscriptions, pricing

Computerworld - 01 Aug 2018
Changes to Windows 10 Enterprise were spelled out in some detail, even though new pricing was not disclosed. "For Windows, we're taking steps to recalibrate the price and rename the per device/per user offers, optimizing on our strategy of Microsoft ...

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