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Mike Matheny Was Actually the Problem in St. Louis

12up - 21 Aug 2018
​The Cardinals fired longtime manager Mike Matheny on July 14 after he led the team to a 591-474 over his tenure. They made the playoffs each of his first four season with the team, yet missed out on the dance the past two years amid spectacular ...
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STLtoday.com - 21 Aug 2018
COMMENT: Tired of the notion that this is a 'new team.' Everyone says this run is happening because Matheny was fired, but so many other things have helped. Trading Pham for Bader to play every day. Carpenter going on a Pujols-like run. Fowler getting ...
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Hochman: Gracious Matheny is a hit with red-clad crowd

STLtoday.com - 19 Aug 2018
Mike Matheny's five children and wife Kristin (center in red) watch a press conference introducing new St. Louis Cardinals manager Mike Matheny Monday, Nov. 14, 2011, at Busch Stadium in St. Louis, Mo. Photo by Chris Lee, clee@post-dispatch.com.
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Three Mikes and a Bullpen

Viva El Birdos - 20 Aug 2018
This is the story of three men named Mike. The first Mike in this story is Mike Matheny, who began the year as the manager of the St. Louis Cardinals. Mike Matheny, as we know, had a lot of very traditional ideas about the game, but even more than that ...
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The Cardinals' have improved thanks to addition by subtraction

Belleville News-Democrat (blog) - 15 Aug 2018
Is it interim manager Mike Shildt, who found the on switch for a 50-50 team? Is it Mike Matheny, who stood in the way of a club that had more talent than it showed? Is it Matt Carpenter, who was a zero for the first six weeks of the season and the hero ...
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STLtoday.com - 23 Jul 2018
An example: When the Cardinals acquired Fowler, I wrote about Grichuk being not thrilled with not finding out from the team that he was moving from CF. Matheny did not like that, and expressed to me that Grichuk was not pleased by the way his comments ...
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Quick Hits: Commish on the Cardinals

STLtoday.com - 21 Aug 2018
DeJong getting healthy. Hudson being added to the bullpen. This team makes the exact same run under Matheny. COMMISH: It would have been interesting to see if Mike Matheny would have had the same success. In an ideal world, I would say yes -- but the ...
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Winkeler: Who is Mike Schildt?

The Southern - 21 Aug 2018
And, I'm not saying the mess that was the Cardinals was all Matheny's fault. Schildt's promotion was accompanied by a nearly complete rebuild of the bullpen. Not that I was a fan of Matheny's management, but when Greg Holland, Brett Cecil and Sam ...
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Handicapping the divisions: NL Central

Beyond the Box Score - 21 Aug 2018
Let's unpack the now-improved St. Louis Cardinals. With Mike Matheny merely a spectator, Mike Shildt has gone 20-11 in the second half. Matt Carpenter has a 181 wRC+ with a homer every other game in that stretch, and Harrison Bader is hitting above .300.
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STLtoday.com - 24 Jul 2018
COMMISH: It's hard to manage a bullpen when you really don't have one, whether it's Mike Matheny, Mike Shildt, or anybody else. The front office has to fix that, even if it means turning around some of the guys who are at Memphis into relievers, as ...
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Paul DeJong Never Stops Improving

Viva El Birdos - 21 Aug 2018
Let's start out with a cheesy platitude. It's been a great few weeks to be a Cardinals fan. There are almost too many good storylines to keep up with. Mike Matheny is gone. Every rookie pitcher is great. The offense woke up, and Matt Carpenter did ...
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7 moves that would help the Cardinals right now

KSDK.com - 26 Jul 2018
If only magic worked in baseball. When Mike Matheny was fired and Mike Shildt was promoted to interim manager, many expected an entire player's WAR to arrive like a package from Amazon. Unfortunately, the St. Louis Cardinals haven't responded as ...

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