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I was bullied over a photo with Mike Pence: college student

New York Post - 14 Aug 2017
I saw how personally my peers take politics upon sharing a photo of me standing with Vice-President Mike Pence and Republican Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers,” Deutsch said. “Knowing my Facebook audience was politically diverse, I made no ...
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Mike Pence and the art of staying clean

Politico - 12 Aug 2017
Vice President Mike Pence has so far avoided being dragged into the muck of the Russia probes that have engulfed President Donald Trump, his top aides and his family members. It's no accident. Unlike his boss, Pence's Twitter feed is silent about a ...
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Mike Pence 'Doomed'? Hardly

New York Times - 10 Aug 2017
Doomed? Hardly. He's the only person in President Trump's inner circle who can't be fired. If Mr. Trump is forced out of office before his term is up, Mike Pence will succeed him and be better positioned than anyone to secure the Republican ...
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Mike Pence slams report he's planning for a presidential bid

CNN - 06 Aug 2017
Washington (CNN) Vice President Mike Pence sought to bat down a report from The New York Times on Sunday that said he would plan to run for president should President Donald Trump not seek a second term. "Today's article in The New York Times is ...
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Go ahead, impeach Trump. Then see what happens.

Chicago Tribune - 15 Aug 2017
Jennifer Rubin dreams of Vice President Mike Pence as president to cure all ills and make the country sane again. She cites a CNN poll which states that 60 percent of respondents say the Russia probe is a serious matter. So even though President Donald ...
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Is It Time For Mike Pence To Be President?

Mother Jones - 13 Aug 2017
The sooner Republicans figure this out, the better off we'll be. Mike Pence may have sold his soul by signing up with Trump—and as president he'd unquestionably be bad for everything I care about—but Donald Trump is a disgrace, and a dangerous one.
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How to get rid of Trump and make Mike Pence president

Chicago Tribune - 13 Aug 2017
In short, a significant portion of elected Republicans have clearly figured out that a President Mike Pence would be highly preferable to President Donald Trump. Whatever virtues they thought Trump had, those never materialized, and seven months of ...
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A Liberal Case for President Pence

Bloomberg - 16 Aug 2017
Some conservatives might take comfort in the prospect -- wish, really -- of a President Mike Pence assuming office before the current occupant's term is up. The Indiana Republican is as dull and serviceable a politician as Trump is bizarre and broken ...
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Mike Pence reassures Baltic states over Russia 'threat'

BBC News - 31 Jul 2017
US Vice-President Mike Pence has reaffirmed Washington's commitment to the security of the Baltic states if they face any aggression from Russia. Speaking in Estonia, he called Russia their biggest security threat, telling the Nato allies: "An attack ...
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Mike Pence on Health Care: 'This Ain't Over by a Long Shot'

TIME - 05 Aug 2017
Vice President Mike Pence reaffirmed his party's intentions to repeal and replace Obamacare Friday night, telling a group of conservative students in Washington, D.C. that the endeavor "ain't over by a long shot." "My fellow conservatives, let me be clear.
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Mike Pence, North Korea, 'Game of Thrones': Your Monday Briefing

New York Times - 07 Aug 2017
Paratroopers from the 173rd Airborne during a night jump as part of Saber Guardian, a military exercise last month involving 25,000 American and allied forces spread across Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria. Credit Gordon Welters for The New York Times.

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