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Mike Pence to celebrate son's marriage in Brown County Saturday

Indianapolis Star - 20 Oct 2017
WASHINGTON – Vice Mike President Mike Pence will be in Southern Indiana on Saturday for a celebration of his son's marriage last year. The reception is in Brown County State Park, according to someone who knows the family. The park's property manager ...
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Did Mike Pence Say He Wants to 'Hang' Gay People?

snopes.com (blog) - 19 Oct 2017
On 16 October 2017, the New Yorker ran a feature (“The Danger of President Pence”) that described what a potential Mike Pence administration would be like should President Trump leave office before his term is up. As an illustration of differences in ...
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Mike Pence's brother is running for Congress

CNN - 18 Oct 2017
The filing lists Craig Kunkle, a Republican operative who works for former senior Mike Pence aide Marty Obst's consulting firm, as the point of contact. The Associated Press first reported the IRS filing's existence. His entrance into the race had been ...
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Mike Pence talks up Trump's tax-reform plan upstate

New York Post - 18 Oct 2017
Vice President Mike Pence pitched the Trump administration's tax-reform plan to small businesses and taxpayers upstate Tuesday. “This tax cut, first and foremost, is designed to help American families struggling too often to make ends meet,” Pence said ...
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Pence leaves Colts game after protest during anthem

CNN - 08 Oct 2017
An aide to the vice president told reporters traveling with him that Pence left the game in Indianapolis after several 49ers players knelt during the anthem. Kneeling during the anthem was brought into the mainstream by former 49ers quarterback Colin ...
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Don't Fear President Pence

U.S. News & World Report - 20 Oct 2017
The latest evidence of this comes courtesy of Kochtopus-specialist Jane Mayer's latest for the New Yorker, which depicts Vice President Mike Pence as perhaps the most rock-ribbed economic and social conservative the world has ever seen. He is backed in ...
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Mike Pence's phony public patriotism

Los Angeles Times - 10 Oct 2017
To the editor: When Vice President Mike Pence made a point of traveling to an Indianapolis Colts game on the taxpayers' dime, likely knowing there were players who would kneel so he could dramatically stand up and leave the venue, it was the very act ...
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VP Mike Pence tours islands wrecked by Hurricane Maria

Washington Post - 07 Oct 2017
SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — Surveying the twisted metal wreckage in one San Juan neighborhood, Vice President Mike Pence came face-to-face with Puerto Rico's post-hurricane urgency. “If you're going to help us, it's got to be now,” a bearded young man ...
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What Steve Bannon Got Wrong About Mike Pence

Vanity Fair - 10 Oct 2017
When Donald Trump tapped Mike Pence as his running mate last summer, the incongruous pairing was viewed as a marriage of convenience. Pence, a far-right Republican who boasted all the right conservative credentials, was the perfect ideological ...
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The Tired 'But Pence Might Be Worse' Argument

National Review - 16 Oct 2017
We saw this in the response to Trump's selection of Mike Pence. A lot of Trump critics, myself included, thought the Pence pick was about as solid and reassuring a selection as he could possibly make: he was more experienced, more well-versed in policy ...
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President Donald Trump, VP Mike Pence talk with WIBC's Tony Katz

WRTV Indianapolis - 18 Oct 2017
INDIANAPOLIS -- Vice President and former Indiana governor Mike Pence said he'd had plans for a long time to attend the Indianapolis Colts game on Oct. 8, but when he saw some players kneeling, he and his wife thought leaving was "the right thing to do.".

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