Disgusting moment a live millipede slithers out of a man's EAR after burrowing itself inside his head - dofaq.com

'Robot millipede' can deliver drugs inside human body

St. Lucia Times Online News (press release) - 04 Nov 2018
Sky News:- A “robot millipede” could be used to deliver drugs to specific parts of a patient's body. Crawling straight from the pages of a science fiction novel, the “millirobot” is engineered to travel through blood vessels. - Advertisement -. The ...

Expect Boston Scientific to Keep Rounding Out Its Portfolio with M&A

Medical Device and Diagnostics Industry - 25 Oct 2018
Boston Scientific has been on quite the shopping spree in 2018. The Marlborough, MA-based company has announced eight acquisitions since the beginning of the year, plus a hefty investment in Millipede, which is likely to lead to an acquisition within ...

Lemurs May Be Making Medicine Out of Millipedes

National Geographic - 03 Aug 2018
Studies have shown that one of the toxic chemicals millipedes produce is called benzoquinone, a substance which has been proven to have insecticidal and antimicrobial properties. While benzoquinone is probably used by the millipedes to avoid getting ...

Pretty Lawns and Gardens: A case for charismatic megafauna

Tufts Daily - 08 Nov 2018
But what's the alternative? Should we make the Andrahomana Cave giant pill millipede the face of the conservation movement? Who would donate? What child would want to hug one? While the use of charismatic megafauna for marketing and fundraising ...

Mangled millipedes can treat threadworm infestations in lemurs

The Economist - 09 Aug 2018
Louise Peckre of the German Primate Centre, in Göttingen, has found that red-fronted lemurs treat threadworm infestations in the gut and around the anus with millipede juice. Unlike their fellow myriapods the centipedes, which are venomous, millipedes ...

Rare Video Shows Death Match Between Camel Spider and Millipede

National Geographic - 04 Jul 2018
Compared with the camel spider, the millipede in the video is at a distinct disadvantage. Its only means of deterring predators are a thick exoskeleton and glands that secrete a foul-smelling liquid. Its primary defense involves curling up into a ball ...

Collier homeowners deal with millipede invasion

Naples Daily News - 15 Jun 2018
At first, they seemed harmless, a curiosity, even cute. One millipede is just a funky prehistoric crawler, usually under three inches long, and we would escort them out and fling them into the woods behind the house. But hundreds of millipedes a night ...

Lemurs Chew on Millipedes to Treat Stomach Problems

Newsweek - 30 Jul 2018
The natural world is full of organisms with medicinal properties harnessed by humans. But other animals have also worked out how to make use of these resources. In a study published in the journal Primates, researchers have described how lemurs chew on ...

Millipedes and centipedes are often mistaken for worms

Newnan Times-Herald - 26 Aug 2018
Millipedes are often called “thousand-legged worms.” Their counterpart, the centipede, is often known as the “hundred-legged worm.” Neither the millipede nor the centipede carries diseases that affect people, animals or plants. They are most active at ...

Up Close With the First and Only Millipede Lab in the United States

Atlas Obscura - 01 Feb 2018
Millipedes play a very important but overlooked role for the environment,” says Paul Marek, an entomologist (they study more than just insects) at Virginia Tech University who, for the past four years, has been running the first and only millipede lab ...

Lovely but lethal millipede discovered

Cosmos - 29 Jan 2018
The combination of beauty and danger is beloved in the arts because it is frequently seen in nature, in creatures such as blue-ringed octopuses (of the genus Hapalochlaena) and poison dart frogs (Dendrobates). A new millipede discovered recently in the ...

Meet the Millipede

PCT Magazine - 23 May 2018
Although it's sometimes called a “thousand-legger,” the millipede has many fewer legs, usually from 60 to 180+, depending on the species. One way that it can be distinguished from a centipede is that a millipede has two pairs of very short legs per ...

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