Incumbent Mimi Walters Fends Off Democratic Challenger In Orange County's 45th ... -
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Katie Porter Wins the CA45; Mimi Walters Throws a Tantrum

Mother Jones - 16 Nov 2018
The sad part of this is that a couple of days ago, as it became clear which way the wind was blowing, Mimi Walters pulled a Trump and started claiming that the vote count was corrupt. “I'm currently up by 1 point, but the Democrats are already ...
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Katie Porter Leads Mimi Walters in 45th District Midterm Election

New University - 15 Nov 2018
According to recent polls, Democratic candidate Katie Porter overtook Republican incumbent Mimi Walters in election updates on Nov. 14, with the most recent tally reporting Porter at a 1.6 point lead at 50.8 percent to Walter's 49.2 percent. Porter is ...
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45th District: Rep. Mimi Walters and Katie Porter

Los Angeles Times - 25 Oct 2018
California's 45th Congressional District, which covers inland Orange County, has sent a Republican to the House of Representatives every election since it was created in 1983. Two-term incumbent Rep. Mimi Walters of Laguna Beach, who lives just outside ...
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The 2018 midterm races that still aren't over

Vox - 14 Nov 2018
Republican incumbent Rep. Mimi Walters has also seen her edge over Democratic challenger Katie Porter disappear as ballots in California, which allows for mail-in voting, are counted. Porter pulled ahead of Walters on Tuesday, according to Orange ...

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