Richard Melville Hall (born September 11, 1965), better known b... -

Richard Melville Hall (born September 11, 1965), better known b...

wikipedia - 15 Sep 2016
Richard Melville Hall (born September 11, 1965), better known by his stage name Moby, is an American DJ, singer, songwriter, musician, photographer and animal rights activist. He is well known for his electronic music, veganism, and support of animal rights. Moby has sold over 20 million records worldwide. AllMusic considers him "one of the most important dance music figures of the early 1990s, helping bring the music to a mainstream audience both in the UK and in America".

Daniel Bellow: Left with the carcass of Moby-Dick

Berkshire Eagle - 17 Nov 2017
But other people saw right away they were being offered the carcass of Moby-Dick. An eight figure increase in funds on deposit is a big day for a much bigger bank than the ones we have here in the Berkshires. The banks would turn around and loan that ...

'Moby Dick' still deserves a read

Centre Daily Times (blog) - 17 Nov 2017
The main theme of “Moby Dick” is the human quest for knowledge. Notions of God, soul and the meaning of life and death are wrapped in politics and religion. “Moby Dick” is nearly plotless. A group of sailors, led by a monomaniacal captain, chase a ...

Missing Moby: On losing a faithful companion

Aleteia EN - 15 Nov 2017
It ended with my sitting cross-legged on the floor of Exam Room # 2, holding my dog Moby's head in my lap, with our two youngest children on either side of him, my son burying his face in the crook of his arm, as the vet put him to sleep. “I'm very ...

A North Carolina Home With Ocean Views Inspired by Moby-Dick

Mansion Global - 27 Oct 2017
The “Moby-Dick”-inspired mansion sits on two lots on Bald Head Island, and its perch on its southern-most tip allows for unobstructed views of the ocean and Cape Fear. It's set about 50-feet above sea level, said listing agent John Munroe of Wendy ...

Fatboy Slim, Moby headline LoveBoat Halloween party

SFGate - 24 Oct 2017
A pair of '90s-era electronic dance music superstars — Fatboy Slim and Moby — will man the decks, along with some 70 other performers and artists rounding out the weekend festivities, including the Polish Ambassador, Soul Clap, Fort Knox Five, Mason ...

How Moby is Changing the World One Vegan Concert at a Time

VegNews - 01 Nov 2017
Some of these gatherings include a charitable component, and some feature a local band or DJ, but nothing compares to Circle V. The concert/food event—which takes place November 18 in LA—is curated by vegan musician/Little Pine owner Moby and will ...

CSU announces clear bag policy at Moby Arena

Rocky Mountain Collegian - 02 Nov 2017
In an effort to further improve game day security, Colorado State's athletic department has announced the enactment of a clear bag policy for all future games at Moby Arena. The policy will commence for Wednesday night's women's basketball exhibition ...

Small Twin Cities theater tackles great white whale in 'Moby Dick'

Minneapolis Star Tribune - 07 Nov 2017
You don't stage “Titanic” without an ocean liner or “King Kong” without a great ape. So anybody's first question about a theatrical version of “Moby Dick” is bound to be: How the heck will they do the whales? The answer to that, like the answer to most ...

The Punisher: The Secret of Frank Castle's Alias

Den of Geek US - 19 Nov 2017
Bearded and haunted, Frank spends his days on a construction site, tirelessly wielding a sledgehammer, and his nights reading Moby Dick. But Punisher historians might find some significance in the alias he chooses to hide from the world: Castiglione.

Esther J. Cepeda: 'Moby-Dick' represents US destiny

Lincoln Journal Star - 05 Nov 2017
"Moby-Dick" is not just a novel about chasing a whale across the high seas-and it's not just a huge metaphor for Americans' often-tragic pursuit of a dream. It is the American epic, containing, in Philbrick's words, "nothing less than the genetic code ...

Moby 3143

Hospitality Design (blog) - 30 Oct 2017
For the inviting interiors of Moby 3143, design firm Golden (formerly Melbourne's We Are Huntly) conceived a scheme where the natural light that floods the space takes center stage. Comprising two floors, 1970s Tuscany served as inspiration, seen in ...

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