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mocha (javascript framework)

The best JavaScript testing tools for React

InfoWorld - 31 Jul 2017
Several years into widespread JavaScript fatigue, the front-end ecosystem isn't getting any smaller or simpler. The world of front-end testing is also expanding, and the tools tend to be opinionated from framework to framework. This is sort of a double ...
mocha (javascript framework)

DBServer tem vagas abertas

Baguete (liberação de imprensa) - 27 Sep 2017
Linguagem de desenvolvimento Java e frameworks (EJB e JPA); Conhecer OO; Integração continua (Jenkins); Gradle e Maven; Montar arquitetura de sistemas; Trabalhar com sistema de alta performance e escalável; Conhecimento de construção de API e ...
mocha (javascript framework)

Interview with Kris Borchers, JS Foundation Executive Director

SitePoint - 09 Mar 2017
Take two of our projects, Lodash and Mocha, for example. Lodash which is a JavaScript utility library, is the most depended upon package on npm based on dependency count. Mocha, a JavaScript testing framework, is also widely used and though it isn't a ...
mocha (javascript framework)

Automated Accessibility Checking with aXe

SitePoint - 30 Mar 2017
The axe-core library is open source and designed in a way to be used with different testing frameworks, tools, and environments. For example, it can be run in functional tests, browser plugins or straight in the development version of your application.
mocha (javascript framework)

Komodo 10.2 Adds Slack Sharing

iProgrammer - 23 Feb 2017
In Komodo 10.2, unit testing has been rebuilt from the ground up to support a wider variety of frameworks. You can now run tests for major frameworks including PHPUnit (PHP), pytest (Python 2 and 3), Prove (Perl), Mocha (Node.js), RSPec (Ruby) and Go.
mocha (javascript framework)

Front-End Tooling Trends for 2017

SitePoint - 28 Feb 2017
Despite a high number of JavaScript experts, only 21% considered frameworks to be optional and were happy writing native code. Is that a worrying statistic? Do 30% of developers consider their framework-abstracted skill set to be all the knowledge they ...
mocha (javascript framework)

Java vs. JavaScript: What's the Difference?

Business 2 Community - 29 Dec 2016
As it turns out, JavaScript was originally called Mocha upon its conception at Netscape in May 1995, briefly changed its name to LiveScript in September, before finally receiving its current namesake in December that same year upon receiving a license ...
mocha (javascript framework)

JavaScript Testing: Unit vs Functional vs Integration Tests

SitePoint - 25 Apr 2016
Unit tests, integration tests, and functional tests are all types of automated tests which form essential cornerstones of continuous delivery, a development methodology that allows you to safely ship changes to production in days or hours rather than ...
mocha (javascript framework)

ECMAScript, TypeScript lead among JavaScript flavors

InfoWorld - 04 Oct 2016
The Angular 2 JavaScript framework "is still brand new, so in absolute numbers it leads the pack when it comes to technologies people are interested in learning," according to the report. Thirty-six percent of respondents had heard of ...
mocha (javascript framework)

Node.js takes center stage in NetBeans 8.1

InfoWorld - 10 Nov 2015
In the HTM5L/JavaScript realm, NetBeans 8.1 offers new support for the Mocha JavaScript test framework and Selenium browser framework. It features enhancements for the AngularJS JavaScript framework and KnockoutJS library, and Shadow DOM support ...
mocha (javascript framework)

How to Unit Test a RequireJS Application

New York Times (blog) - 15 Jan 2015
Because we built it with Backbone.js and because it is AMD-compliant (each Backbone component or shared service, vendor library or utility class is a RequireJS module), the app was pretty modular even before we considered unit testing. However, even ...
mocha (javascript framework)

Testing DOM Events Using jQuery and Jasmine 2.0

HTML Goodies - 29 Jan 2014
These include button clicks, setting the focus on an element, document loading, unloading, and any other event resulting from a user action or the browser. That's why any good Unit Testing Framework will provide methods to deal with DOM events. Jasmine ...
mocha (javascript framework)

Design and Build Your Own JavaScript Library: Tips & Tricks

SitePoint - 31 May 2016
This article was peer reviewed by Adrian Sandu, Vildan Softic and Dan Prince. Thanks to all of SitePoint's peer reviewers for making SitePoint content the best it can be! Libraries: we use them all the time. A library is packaged code that developers ...
mocha (javascript framework)

A Simple Framework for Complex Product Delivery

DZone News - 08 Mar 2017
Scrum turned into the framework it was always designed to be, a framework upon which people devise their own solutions, create their own working process. A Product Owner brings product ideas to a Development Team. No later than by the end of a Sprint ...

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