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mocha (javascript framework)

How to Test Your JavaScript with Selenium WebDriver and Mocha

SitePoint - 17 Jan 2018
These days, JavaScript is a ubiquitous web language which seems to overcome its 'notorious' past and has become a more solid platform not only for client-side, but for server domains too. Mocha.js, or simply Mocha, is a feature-rich JavaScript test ...
mocha (javascript framework)

10 Must-have VS Code Extensions for JavaScript Developers

SitePoint - 05 Jun 2018
Thanks to the wonderful open-source community, the editor is now capable of supporting almost every programming language, framework and development technology. Support for a library or framework comes in various ways, which mainly includes snippets ...
mocha (javascript framework)

Full Stack React Developers - 05 Jul 2018
Ability to debug and unit test front-end applications with Jest or Jasmine, QUnit/Mocha. Ability to configure front-end build environments with Webpack, Browserify, Gulp/Grunt, NPM scripts, etc. Comfort with one or more application development ...
mocha (javascript framework)

Senior Software Engineer

Built In Chicago - 11 Jul 2018
You seek to build & simplify frameworks, tools & technologies and advocate for architectural improvements to minimize pain points within our infrastructure and code base; You think big! ...
mocha (javascript framework)

7 Open-Source Test Automation Frameworks

SitePoint - 11 Nov 2017
This article was originally published by TestProject. Thank you for supporting the partners who make SitePoint possible. As we enter the last quarter of 2017, TestProject's team decided to round up the best open-source test automation frameworks out ...
mocha (javascript framework)


SitePoint - 01 Jun 2018
In simple terms, Node.js is a program we can use to execute JavaScript on our computers — making it a JavaScript runtime. It's commonly used to run various build tools designed to automate the process of developing a modern JavaScript application.
mocha (javascript framework)

Build a JavaScript Single Page App Without a Framework

SitePoint - 08 Jun 2018
However, there's a flip side: these frameworks come with a degree overhead and can introduce complexity of their own. That's why, in this tutorial, we're going to learn how to build an SPA from scratch, without using a client-side JavaScript framework ...
mocha (javascript framework)

Useful testing tools for API frameworks

Software Testing News - 12 Jun 2018
Additionally, Protractor would work well with any assertion libraries such as Mocha and Jasmine, alongside Cucumber JS, Serenity JS, which allows true flexible integration across the UI automation stack.” To improve the test-reporting process, Ng says ...
mocha (javascript framework)

Framework JavaScript - 22 Jun 2018
JavaScript memiliki framework tersendiri yang tertulis dalam javaScript. Awal pengembangan Framework Javacript dimulai saat memasuki era Web 2.0, generasi kedua dari layanan berbasis web dimana lebih meniktikberatkan pada kolaborasi online, ...
mocha (javascript framework)

Unit Test Your JavaScript Using Mocha and Chai

SitePoint - 26 Jan 2016
In order to run our tests in a browser, we need to set up a simple HTML page to be our test runner page. The page loads Mocha, the testing libraries and our actual test files. To run the tests, we'll simply open the runner in a browser. If you're using ...
mocha (javascript framework)

JavaScript Front End Developer

AIN.UA - 03 Jul 2018
Experience with Ionic Framework; • Experience with testing frameworks (Mocha/Jasmine); • Performance optimizations (memory/CPU usage); • Experience with task runners/module bundlers — Gulp/Webpack. Предлагаем: • Great salary • Exclusive office in ...
mocha (javascript framework)

The best JavaScript testing tools for React

InfoWorld - 31 Jul 2017
Karma is my runner of choice, but many React developers turn to the Mocha CLI for simplicity. We'll discuss Mocha in the section on test frameworks, but for now I'll just mention that the Mocha CLI will easily run your Mocha tests in a Node.js environment.
mocha (javascript framework)

Senior Full Stack Javascript Engineer

Built In Chicago - 11 Nov 2017
Experience with javascript unit testing frameworks like Jasmine, Jest, or Mocha; Experience with automated end-to-end testing and related technologies like Nightwatch.js and Selenium. Experience working with product managers and design professionals ...
mocha (javascript framework)

Telstra ordered to pay $10M over third-party billing service

ARNnet - 26 Apr 2018
Telstra has been ordered by the Federal Court to pay penalties of $10 million for making false or misleading representations to customers in relation to its third-party billing service. The decision comes after the third-party billing service, known as ...
mocha (javascript framework)

Sinon Tutorial: JavaScript Testing with Mocks, Spies & Stubs

SitePoint - 23 Mar 2016
One of the biggest stumbling blocks when writing unit tests is what to do when you have code that's non-trivial. In real life projects, code often does all kinds of things that make testing hard. Ajax requests, timers, dates, accessing other browser ...

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