Monica Samille Lewinsky (born July 23, 1973)[1] is an A... -
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Monica Lewinsky: I was mortified and afraid

CNN - 13 Nov 2018
Monica Lewinsky: I was mortified and afraid. Newsroom. Monica Lewinsky said that she decided to participate in a new documentary series on A&E about her infamous affair with then-President Bill Clinton. Source: CNN ...
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Monica Lewinsky Looks Back

National Review - 14 Nov 2018
Her essay in Vanity Fair reflects a mature understanding of her past that a lot of people involved in a huge national scandal would not have been able to reach, and is well-written too. Comments. Comments. This video file cannot be played.(Error Code: ...
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Monica Lewinsky Wants to Know Who Gets to Be a Victim

Jezebel - 13 Nov 2018
She opens the piece as she cleans out a closet full of artifacts from the 1998 investigation into her affair with then-President Clinton, where she stumbles across a Los Angeles Times headline: “The Full Monica: Victim or Vixen?” In the essay, Lewinsky ...
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Monica Lewinsky: Bill Clinton should want to apologize to me

Yahoo Finance - 13 Nov 2018
Nearly 20 years after Bill Clinton's affair with Monica Lewinsky, which led to his impeachment, a new docuseries, “The Clinton Affair,” looks back at that time — and features commentary from Lewinsky herself. "So, what feels more important to me than ...
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'The Clinton Affair:' FBI First Questions Monica Lewinsky

Hollywood Reporter - 13 Nov 2018
A&E's 'The Clinton Affair' begins Sunday, November 18 at 9pm ET/PT. In this clip from the documentary, Monica Lewinsky and Former Associate Independent Counsel Bruce Udolf discuss the FBI's first meeting with her on January 16, 1998. Read More ...
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Monica Lewinsky, Alan Cumming raise money for LGBTQ

Page Six - 11 Nov 2018
Monica Lewinsky got so many hugs and kisses from male admirers on the red carpet for Hetrick-Martin Institute's gala she laughed, “That was more action than I've had all month.” The former White House intern later honored Alan Cumming and his husband ...
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Trump's Attacks on Stormy Daniels Echo an Uncomfortable Era

The Atlantic - 17 Oct 2018
The season's eight episodes cover much ground: the rise of the hyper-partisanship that helped to occasion the second impeachment trial in U.S. history; the death of Vince Foster; the motivations of Linda Tripp; the feminist reactions to Monica Lewinsky ...
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America failed Monica Lewinsky and it's time for a reckoning

Dallas News - 28 Oct 2018
And yet, in the wake of the #Metoo movement, Clinton's tenure as one of the country's leading feminists deserves to be reconsidered because of one recurring blind spot: Monica Lewinsky. Earlier this month, Clinton gave an interview to CBS' Sunday ...

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