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il "Monuments Man" trentino - l'Adige

Quotidiano indipendente del Trentino Alto Adige - 21 Sep 2018
Visto con gli occhi moderni Gerola rammenta per molti aspetti il protagonista del gruppo Monuments Men, il dinamico storico dell'arte Frank Stokes, interpretato da George Cloney, impegnato a recuperare i capolavori trafugati dai nazisti. Giuseppe ...
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'The Book Thieves' at the Oak Ridge Library

Oak Ridger - 22 Aug 2018
With extensive new research, including records saved by the Monuments Men themselves, Rydell uncovers a great literary crime in, “The Book Thieves” (NF 027.040). When Nazi soldiers plundered Europe's libraries and bookshops, the books they stole were ...
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Dallas' 'The Monuments Men' Author Has New TV Show

NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth - 19 Jun 2018
It's called the greatest theft in history: art and cultural property looted from an entire continent and stolen by the Nazis during World War II. The treasure hunt to recover those works of art continues today, and the effort is documented on the show ...
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Sole searching: the Lyke Wake Walk, North York Moors

The Guardian - 20 Sep 2018
All are monuments raised by man, centuries apart – pagan, Christian, secular – yet each with the same twin purpose: hearkening to the universe while leaving some mark upon the Earth. Gerry will leave his mark, too – if only in the record books. Of the ...
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Monuments men: Why the classics sweep is so hard

VeloNews - 03 Apr 2018
GENT, Belgium (VN) — Paolo Bettini tried. So did Johan Museeuw. Oscar Freire won three world titles on a trot but couldn't translate that success into the classics. One of cycling's most treasured milestones — the monument sweep — has stood the test ...
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Monuments Men at CWH

HamiltonNews - 27 Jun 2018
They were a group of 345 men and women from 14 countries who banded together to save cultural treasures from the Nazis and certain destruction during the Second World War. Now the story of the Monuments, Fine Arts and Archives group — better known ...
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Chapter 4: Us vs. Them

New York Times - 20 Sep 2018
In the war on terror, who is it that we're really fighting? “Caliphate” is a documentary audio series from The New York Times that follows Rukmini Callimachi, who covers terrorism for The Times, on her quest to understand ISIS. For more information ...
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Monument serves to honour lost loved ones

Estevan Mercury - 21 Sep 2018
One of the men involved in the plane crash was Len Turtle, and thanks to the dedication and persistence of monument committee member Marie Calder, members of the Turtle family were able to see the monument unveilled, including Turtle's niece, Jennifer ...
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Anne Olivier Bell obituary

The Guardian - 19 Jul 2018
In 1945 she transferred to the Monuments, Fine Arts and Archives Branch of the Control Commission for Germany. She became one of the so-called Monuments Men, the distinguished group of archaeologists and art historians who prevented further damage ...

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