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Letter: Trump and company pale in comparison to real Monuments Men

Salt Lake Tribune - 26 Dec 2017
Letter: Trump and company pale in comparison to real Monuments Men. 9. Letter: Trump and company pale in comparison to real Monuments Men. | Courtesy Columbia Pictures George Clooney and Matt Damon (foreground) star in "The Monuments Men," a World War ...
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Midcentury in Glenview on market for first time ever

Crain's Chicago Business - 18 Jan 2018
During World War II, Barancik was one of the Allied Forces' "Monuments Men," assigned to recover and protect works of art stolen by the Nazis. Barancik designed the house for Howard R. Conant Sr., who ran Chicago-area steel and paint firms, and his ...
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'12 Strong' turns historic mission into so-so film

News-Press Now - 20 Jan 2018
There are guarantees in life: death, taxes and horror and military-themed movies in January. Taking its place next to military mission films like “13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi” and “Monuments Men,” “12 Strong” tells another extraordinary ...
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Obama, Clooney First Letterman Guests On Netflix

WVXU - 08 Jan 2018
When promoting "Monuments Men" in 2014, George brought his parents Nick and Nina with him to Letterman's "Late Show" green room. His father had a cameo in the film. Letterman was last seen on TV in November, accepting the Mark Twain Prize for American ...
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Sturgeon Bay man pens book on confederate monuments

Green Bay Press Gazette - 04 Jan 2018
STURGEON BAY - Battle lines over the public display of Confederate statues and symbols were drawn last summer in the seemingly unlikely locale of Madison, far from any Civil War slaughtering grounds. Three hours away, in Sturgeon Bay, retired high ...
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Man complains of 'racist' war memorials

Mount Airy News - 21 Jan 2018
“With the upcoming expenditure of one-million-plus dollars to continue the renovation of the former courthouse, it would seem to be an appropriate time to review the current memorial landscape surrounding the building and to create a plan to deal with ...
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Oh, the places we should go! Foreign travel picks for 2018

Jackson Clarion Ledger - 05 Jan 2018
Carved around the same time and using the same marble the artist used for David, Michelangelo's masterful Madonna of the Bruges depicts a presaging Mother Mary and her consecrated child. The Madonna statue, stolen twice in 223 years, was returned to ...
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Confederate statue supporters troll Memphis online

USA TODAY - 27 Dec 2017
Both men lived at least briefly in the Bluff City. Forrest died here at age 56. The United Daughters of the Confederacy, at the heart of many fund-raising drives in the past century to build Confederate memorials, issued a statement Aug. 21 after the ...
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Memories, monuments, and Martin

Oxfam America (press release) (blog) - 12 Jan 2018
“Selma, Alabama became a shining moment in the conscience of man,” King said to a crowd in Montgomery in 1965. “If the worst in American life lurked in its dark streets, the best of American instincts arose passionately from across the nation to ...
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Jack Burgess

The Times - 28 Dec 2017
They included Bill Leckie, whose work inspired the Hollywood film The Monuments Men, and Derek Martin, a member of the experimental plastic surgeon Archibald McIndoe's Guinea Pig Club. The online library grew and contacts came from all over the world ...
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The inside story of Memphis's Confederate monument heist

Yahoo News - 21 Jan 2018
“The poor deluded negroes would run up to our men fall upon their knees and with uplifted hands scream for mercy but they were ordered to their feet and then shot down,” said one Confederate sergeant of the attack. Forrest, however, noted in his post ...
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Searching for a Monuments Man

Herald Palladium - 12 Nov 2017
He did find a reference to Williams on the Monuments Men Foundation website, dedicated to the men and women who recovered art looted by the Nazis during WWII. That biographical sketch mentioned his membership in the Berrien Artist Guild in St. Joseph ...

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