The Moscow Central Circle or MCC (Russian: Московское це... -
moscow central circle

The Moscow Central Circle or MCC (Russian: Московское це...

wikipedia - 14 Sep 2016
The Moscow Central Circle or MCC (Russian: Московское центральное кольцо, МЦК), designated Line 14 or just Encircle Line (Russian: Окружная линия) and marked in a strawberry red/white color is a 54-kilometre-long (34 mi) orbital urban/metropolitan rail line that encircles historical Moscow. The line is rebuilt from the Little Ring of the Moscow Railway and opened to passengers on 10 September 2016. and is operated by the Moscow Government owned company MKZD through the Mosco
moscow central circle

Who's On The List? Russia's Elite Nervous About New US Sanctions

RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty - 15 Jan 2018
The new wave to be announced by month's end is expected to be broader, focusing on companies that do business with previously sanctioned entities, closing loopholes that allowed Russia to skirt punishment, and identifying -- and potentially going after ...
moscow central circle

The Secret to Henry Kissinger's Success

POLITICO Magazine - 20 Jan 2018
The graphs depict Richard Nixon's and Henry Kissinger's ego networks, based on their memoirs; the Nixon and Ford administrations' ego network, based on all members' memoirs; and the Nixon and Ford administrations' directed network, depicting how ...
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Struggle with Sochi guest list reflects animosities over Syria

Al-Monitor - 29 Dec 2017
By doing so, Moscow gives the impression that it respects Ankara's red lines but isn't hesitating to display its relations with the Kurds. The latest such display was to invite Sipan Hemo, general commander of the Syrian Kurdish People's Protection ...
moscow central circle

The Specter of a Chinese Mole in America

The Atlantic - 17 Jan 2018
Starting around 2010, the Central Intelligence Agency saw some of its most valuable spies inside China go down. And I don't mean “going down” in a perp-walk-to-the-courthouse sort of way. This is China: They were executed. One was reportedly shot right ...
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Russian Military Intervention in Kazakhstan

American Enterprise Institute - 17 Jan 2018
Such a development would worry Russian leaders, who are comfortable with a division of influence with China in Central Asia as long as Russia continues its primacy in the security sphere—they would be concerned about a Kazakhstani government bent on ...
moscow central circle

Moscow's Makeover Swaps Soviet Grit for Urban Sparkle

Bloomberg - 10 Aug 2017
The sixth annual Moscow Urban Forum in early July featured 419 speakers over two days—finance people, tech visionaries, food entrepreneurs, architects, and urban planners from Russia, along with such international counterparts as Christos Passas from ...
moscow central circle

Leading foe not allowed to run against Putin

The Columbus Dispatch - 26 Dec 2017
MOSCOW — Russian election officials on Monday barred opposition leader Aleksei Navalny from running in next year's presidential election, a widely expected decision that prompted him to call for his supporters to boycott the election and take part in ...
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Revealed: The Secret KGB Manual for Recruiting Spies

Daily Beast - 27 Dec 2017
Not many outside The Professor's rarefied circle, knew who he was or what he studied or where he came from. No doubt that was part of his appeal. In his mid-fifties, he spoke of himself with a braggadocio not uncommon to unheard-of academics insisting ...
moscow central circle

Air Force Magazine

Air Force Magazine - 19 Jan 2018
The Army is conducting major consolidation work on Thule AB, Greenland, which monitors the skies for missiles from its position halfway between Washington and Moscow. Many of the original buildings are still in use, but have become worn, and heating ...
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How to celebrate Moscow City Day like a local

Russia Beyond the Headlines - 26 Aug 2017
Things will kick off at 10 a.m. so make sure not to miss the Mir deep-water submersible station, the Mars and Lunar Roving vehicles, and a model of the solar system. The Stalinist high rises, Pertsov House, Ryabushinsky Mansion (Gorky's House) will all ...
moscow central circle

Security in Central Asia: Parliamentary Conference in Islamabad

Valdai Discussion Club - 29 Dec 2017
The representative circle of participants in the Islamabad parliamentary conference on combating terrorism can be considered one of its positive results. However, it seems advisable to expand further the number of participants in the inter ...

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