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'Mr. Robot' Season 3 Premiere: A Whole New World

New York Times - 12 Oct 2017
Mr. Robot” debuted in 2015 as a captivating and uncanny reflection of not just our fractious times — all those eerie parallels with real-world events — but also of the isolating effects of technology billed and sold as a means of connection. The ...
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Mr. Robot actor had fun filming character's death

EW.com - 19 Oct 2017
After a TV interview, Joanna (Stephanie Corneliussen), her infant child, and the pair's protector, Mr. Sutherland (Jeremy Holm), are followed by a scorned lover, Derek (Chris Conroy), who previously gave a false testimony to get Tyrell Wellick (Martin ...
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'Mr. Robot': What to Remember Before Watching Season 3

New York Times - 09 Oct 2017
Anticapitalist agitprop. Cassandra-esque prophecy of doom. Experimental canvas for the auteurist creator-writer-director Sam Esmail. Surprise-twist generator. Think of “Mr. Robot” as a gadget capable of running all these programs and more ...
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Mr. Robot and Superheroes: The Week in Pop-Culture Writing

The Atlantic - 14 Oct 2017
The world of Mr. Robot, like the world of today, is corrupt and stupid and cruel—and the people who might be able to change things refuse, because the corruption and stupidity and cruelty of the system is what enabled them to reach positions of power ...
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How to Watch Mr. Robot Online

Tom's Guide - 13 Oct 2017
If your schedule syncs up with Mr. Robot's (10pm Eastern on Wednesdays), then you might be best off with Sling Blue, which packages USA and 44 other channels together for $25 per month. That's the lowest price of any of these services, and Sling TV is ...
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Mr. Robot Season 3, Episode 1: watch our digital after show

The Verge - 11 Oct 2017
Mr. Robot returns tonight on USA for season 3, along with your favorite digital aftershow to discuss all the latest twists and turns. Join Nilay Patel, Russell Brandom, and Megan Farokhmanesh (hey, that's me!) as we unpack the show, talk about our ...
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Grace Gummer Talks Masturbating Onscreen in Mr. Robot

InStyle - 11 Oct 2017
On Mr. Robot, Grace Gummer plays a far-from-glamorous FBI agent who's trying to take down an elite ring of hackers. But in real life, the 31-year-old actress couldn't be any more different from her character. Whereas Dominique "Dom" DiPierro is ...
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'Mr. Robot' designer on using sets to evoke a world in chaos

Curbed - 06 Oct 2017
Warning: Spoilers for Mr. Robot seasons 1 and 2 ahead. Anastasia White, Mr. Robot's production designer, is keeping mum about Season 3 of the cult USA Network show. “I will say that it will be very exciting,” she tells me over the phone. “It's more ...

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