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'Mr. Robot' Season 3 Premiere: A Whole New World

New York Times - 12 Oct 2017
Mr. Robot” debuted in 2015 as a captivating and uncanny reflection of not just our fractious times — all those eerie parallels with real-world events — but also of the isolating effects of technology billed and sold as a means of connection. The ...
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'Mr. Robot' Season 3, Episode 9: Introducing Stage 3

New York Times - 07 Dec 2017
After last week's surreal, poignant journey through Elliot's emotional torment, “Mr. Robot” returned the plot to a full boil on Wednesday as onetime partners resumed tense relations. You had Elliot and the Dark Army, plotting each other's demises. Mr ...
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'Mr. Robot' Season 3, Episode 8: We'll Be OK

New York Times - 30 Nov 2017
On Wednesday night a persecuted character in “Mr. Robot” noted: “This country now blames Muslims for everything. There's no room for us here anymore.” That this episode was produced months before President Trump offered his latest offense to Muslims is ...
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'Mr. Robot' Rewind: Pwning the Dark Army in Episode 9

GeekWire - 12 Dec 2017
Only, it seems Mr. Robot is up to some hacks of his own… This is all good news for the Mr. Robot Rewind series, as its express purpose is to analyze the hacking accuracy, or hackuracy, of each episode. With sparse hacks throughout the last few ...
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'Mr. Robot' Season 3, Episode 7: Old Friends Return, Briefly

New York Times - 23 Nov 2017
This week “Mr. Robot” picked up right after the cataclysmic E Corp attack, the worst terrorist strike in the United States, we were told, resulting in perhaps more than 4,000 deaths. Elliot wept, like many of the people around him, but for viewers the ...
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Mr. Robot season 3 finale: shutdown -r

Naked Security - 14 Dec 2017
Mr. Robot said he'd embedded the seed data and the algorithm needed to regenerate the Ecorp data encryption key in a childhood photograph he'd burned onto a CD. (Of course, that photograph was of Elliot and his dad in “Back to the Future” costumes, in ...
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Mr. Robot hits control-Q on a creatively resurgent third season

AV Club - 13 Dec 2017
Here's what's happening in the world of television for Wednesday, December 13. All times are Eastern. Top pick. Mr. Robot (USA, 10 p.m.): Rather than trying to make the rabbit hole even deeper, in its third year Mr. Robot settled on a solid plan of ...
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What's on TV: 'Mr. Robot,' 'PUBG' and 'Okami HD'

Engadget - 12 Dec 2017
This week most series are wrapping up with fall finales, but the biggest TV show making its exit is Mr. Robot. While we wait for the new Star Wars flick this weekend, movie fans can check out Dunkirk via video on-demand services or Moonlight on 4K Blu ...
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'Mr. Robot' Is One Of The Best Shows On Television, Again

UPROXX - 06 Dec 2017
This, kind of, is what happened with Mr. Robot in its second season. The show's first season was wild and innovative and filled with twists. It was unlike anything else on television, and especially unlike anything on USA, a network previously known ...
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'Mr. Robot' Rewind: Phony plane hacking in a shocking Episode 7

GeekWire - 28 Nov 2017
[Spoiler Alert] This article discusses plot points and full technical details from Mr. Robot episode 7 (eps3.6_fredrick+tanya.chk). Stop here if you haven't watched the episode. This episode should be called, The Culling of Fsociety… Wow. I'm sad to ...
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'Mr. Robot' Rewind: Social engineering saves in Episode 8

GeekWire - 01 Dec 2017
Would you like your own copy? You see her email address during that shot. Why not email it and see what happens? Finally, the show's deletion-related title played a big role this week. It has obvious relevance to the way Elliot deleted data and ...
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The Mr. Robot Digital After Show Contest

The Verge - 06 Dec 2017
In honor of next week's finale, we are thrilled to announce a fan art contest! Next week, we're going to have Price and Whiterose here in the studio - or at least the actors who play them, Michael Cristofer and BD Wong. That got us thinking - what if ...

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